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PATLive grows their customer base by 48%



Increase number of customers using their service.


LiveChat as an additional communication solution.


Customer growth by 48%.

LiveChat helped PATLive grow their customer base by 48%

PATLive is a 24/7 live answering service and they provide phone support for customers. Being a customer service provider made them realize they needed to increase their presence by adding an optional form of communication for the visitors – live chat.

After doing some research, they decided to go with LiveChat. Here’s what Jamie Lowary, a sales lead at PATLive, says about their choice.

“LiveChat was an easy decision for us because of the dynamic features it offers and we could utilize it across multiple sites. Also, we thought the aesthetics of the chat widget fit nicely with our site design.”

LiveChat as an additional form of communication

PATLive Company uses LiveChat to provide 24/7 support. They have over 100 agents that provide constant support. Their customers are mostly small businesses, so PATLive’s agents try to provide service as personal as possible.

Visitors who reach out to them usually have a few questions, so it gives a chance to build a relationship with them.

LiveChat is also a great medium to increase sales. Here’s what they have to say about the impact LiveChat has on the sales process:

“We frequently have leads chat with us asking some qualifying questions and then they eventually sign up online or over the phone. These are sales that we might not have had if LiveChat wasn’t an option.”

Even though they offer phone services as their product, they know they’re selling to different types of people. And some of them are not particularly phone fans. They might want to buy it, but they don’t want to do it by phone. Luckily, PATLive people are aware of that and they can’t see any other option than to keep providing chat on their website.

PATLive agents receive several chats a week from visitors who have trouble signing up on their site for various reasons. While chatting, they signed up these visitors right away. PATLive believes that without the chat option, these people would probably exit the site.

PATLive on chat

One of the reps recalls that he received several chats a week from visitors who have trouble signing up on their site for various reasons. While chatting, he signed these visitors right away. PATLive believes, these are the people that would probably exit the site without the chat option. “There’s something more inviting and convenient about having a chat option on a site,” Jamie Lowary stated.

Keeping service high and efficient – favourite features

There are a few features PATLive like using! For instance, scheduling allows them to ensure they always have somebody on chat. It also helps to plan support agents’ shifts in advance.

PATLive support agent

They also like Chat Transcripts. They allow agents and employees to reference past conversations for important details and management monitors transcripts for quality control.

“We’re very happy with LiveChat! It allows us to extend our customer support reach even further and engage with visitors on our site who we might not get a chance to converse with otherwise,” said Jamie.

Customer base growth

From 7533 chats PATLive handled, 355 visitors signed up for their services, which means they generated a 4.7% conversion rate. Those signups will contribute a lifetime value of $1.4 million. Overall, LiveChat contributed to the growth of PATLive’s* customer base by 48%.

LiveChat acts as a “warming up” stage for leads interested in PATLive’s service. Since adding LiveChat, their online and phone sign up rate has increased. “We’ve been able to convert some of those leads that weren’t quite ready to call us by being available via chat and impressing them with our awesome service,” stated Jamie.

In the future, they want to keep using LiveChat the most efficient way possible and keep trying new features, as they will surely encourage visitors to start a chat and convert into customers.

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