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University of Windsor Library Delights Students and Reaches 96% Customer Satisfaction

Since the library’s visitors reported that using the catalog to find the resources had been confusing, the Paul Martin Law Library installed LiveChat to make the process smoother.

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customer satisfaction

The challenge

Since the library’s visitors reported that using the catalog to find the resources they needed had been confusing at times, the Paul Martin Law Library decided to install LiveChat on its website to make the process smoother. Annette Demers, librarian, said:

We use LiveChat in our library to ensure that the people who visit our website can get help even when they’re not with us in person.

Annette Demers, University of Windsor

The solution

Meeting customer needs by providing help online

The library has over 6000 monthly website visits. The visitors may need reference services, so the agents wanted to have the possibility to reach out to visitors anyway. They liked LiveChat’s look, feel, and user interface, which they believe was the most user-friendly out of all the live chat vendors they looked at. Demers deemed LiveChat’s customer support terrific, and admitted that the platform was extremely easy to implement.

Favorite features

Four full-time employees and four part-timers work shifts to monitor incoming chats. They appreciate message sneak peek that enables them to see customers’ messages in the chat window before they’re sent over. Because of that, the agents can prepare answers in advance. If a customer doesn’t send their message, the agents can still discover issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.

On another note, chat tags and archives come in handy with a new level of customer data. The Law Library employees can look up statistics for questions like “password help” or “adding agents.” 

The agents also monitor customer satisfaction; if it’s too low, they know there’s room for improvement in their service. While tracking key performance indicators is essential, the agents have a lot of fun customizing LiveChat on their website, especially when they can try other eye-catchers suitable for their website and the season of the year, like Christmas or Halloween.

It is fun to have customizable chat window themes, and the eye-catchers are terrific. We actually try to change the eye-catchers regularly to improve visibility.

Annette Demers, University of Windsor

Let’s not forget about pre- and post-chat surveys. With the former, they can gather visitor information, including name, email, and the essence of the actual issue. This reduces average response time and helps the agents to get to the root of the problem more quickly because they can skip asking, “Hello, how can I help you?” The Paul Martin Law Library gathers feedback by asking a specific question or letting visitors rate the service they received with the post-chat survey after each chat.

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The result

96% customer satisfaction is a feat to be proud of

The University of Windsor’s employees are delighted with LiveChat. The possibility of providing efficient help for everyone, even outside of the library provides them with satisfaction.

They plan to keep discovering all the available LiveChat features to make their workflow even smoother. Most importantly, they boast a 96% customer satisfaction and plan to maintain the same level at least. With visitors so happy with having a live chat option on the website, it can’t be any other way.

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