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Chat widget customization

Connect with your customers through a personalized, fully accessible chat widget.

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Chat Widget customization
Chat Widget customization
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Keep your branding consistent

Adjust the look and feel of your chat widget.

With the live editor, you can set the theme, colors, and position of the Chat Widget on the fly. No need to keep jumping back and forth between LiveChat settings and your website.

Make it work across all devices.

Choose how you display the Chat Widget on your website to provide a tailored customer experience on desktop and mobile.

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Add a human touch

Make the chat conversations more personal.

Set your name, title, and profile picture in the chat widget. Choose a pic from our gallery or upload a photo of yourself.

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Be there for everyone

Offer help to all your customers with a fully accessible chat widget.

Screen reader support, keyboard navigation, contrast adjustments, it’s all there. The chat widget is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.


Interact in 45+ languages

Engage your customers in their native language.

Both the chat widget and greetings are translated into 45+ languages, including right-to-left Arabic and Hebrew.

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Chat boosters

Offer instant answers

Let customers find answers to their questions right in the chat widget.

Sync your chat widget with KnowledgeBase to offer self-help before chatting.

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Turn the chat widget into your brand asset

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LiveChat’s user interface is clean and approachable, and the platform itself was easy to integrate with our website.

Vari Vilson, Assistant Marketing Manager at Green Retreats

37,000+ customers can't be wrong

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