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Turn your software into an experience

From signing up to upgrading and beyond, use smooth customer service to make customers fall in love with your technology.

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Over 36,000 businesses use LiveChat

Logos of LiveChat customers from IT industry Logos of LiveChat customers from IT industry Logos of LiveChat customers from IT industry

Acquire. Onboard. Nurture.

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Spot leads in real time

Interact with prospective customers while they’re still on your website.

Live chat interactions

Drive interest in your product

Reach out to visitors on high-intent pages using proactive greetings.

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Automate with a human touch

Let tailor-made chatbots handle repetitive questions to save time on support.

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Jonny Everett, The Chat Shop
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With our understanding of what makes a successful customer engagement strategy and your platform, we achieve engagement rates 150% higher than the industry average.
Jonny Everett, Director of Customer Development at The Chat Shop
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higher conversion rate


more leads

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higher average session value

Be on top of your game

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Be where your customers are

Let customers connect via their favorite online channels like Messenger or SMS.

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Support around the clock

Allow conversations to start at any time, and reply when convenient.

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Reply in a flash

Use message sneak peeks and templates to answer with just a single click.

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Need optimization?

Boost your rankings with stellar customer service and outrun your competition in minutes!

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Get to know your customers

Fill your CRM with customer data from pre-chat surveys, interactions, and more.

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Support smarter, not harder

Let chatbots guide customers on your website through signup, purchase, and launch.

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Keep track of your performance

Use 20+ comprehensive reports to stay on top of your data and growth metrics.

Everything within a single app

Choose from 200+ integrations and create a personalized hub to manage all your customer interactions.

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Logos of LiveChat integrations for software companies: ChatBot, Team viewer, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Zapier, Wordpress, Trello, Slack, Dropbox, and more

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Put data to use

Collect a variety of data with enterprise-level security standards to improve your workflow.

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Streamline your support

Use a built-in ticketing system to handle complex cases with ease.

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Identify repetitive cases

Tag recurring conversations to identify patterns and gather insights that help you improve.

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Dig into the know‑how of a SaaS developed for over 20 years

36,000+ businesses in over 150+ countries grow with our products

These software brands already use LiveChat These software brands already use LiveChat: Adobe, Atlassian, 1Password, TP Link, Motorola, and more

From B2B SaaS to on-premise, we’ve got your back.

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