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Transform your chats into an engaging experience

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Route LiveChat groups to Slack channels
Seamless communication. Whatever happens in LiveChat is instantly reflected on Slack.
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Get help from your coworkers on Slack
Connect multiple Slack workspaces. Customize notifications to fit your workflow.
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Google Analytics


Track the impact of website chats on online sales and gather marketing data.

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Facebook Messenger


Integrate your LiveChat with Facebook Messenger and have your Facebook and website communication in one place - for free.

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Build internal knowledge base for your LiveChat agents and public help center for customers.

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Grow your newsletter subscriber base and make it easy to follow up after a chat.

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Integrate LiveChat with ChatBot to get a customer service chat bot!

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Send contacts, leads and cases from LiveChat to Salesforce.


Google Analytics, Chat Translator

Monitor website traffic, measure info on visitor engagement, and track LiveChat-related events. Leverage your business by making effective use of marketing data.

CMS Integrations

WHMCS, WordPress

A wide range of LiveChat integrations with various CMS's. Choose the right integration, and enjoy having LiveChat on your website!


BigCommerce, Shopify

Coming forward to e-commerce business owners, we gathered a whole collection of LiveChat integrations dedicated to online sale platforms.

Email Marketing

Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign

Integrate LiveChat with email marketing software, and include your visitors in your future email campaigns.

CRM Connectors

Salesforce, HubSpot

Connect your LiveChat customers with the CRM of your choice. Keep your customer's data synced at all times.

Help Desk

KnowledgeBase, Zendesk

Keep all your communication in one place by integrating LiveChat with your favorite help desk software. Save chats as tickets and much more!

Connecting LiveChat with Developers
LiveChat simply works with +170 servicesPower up your workflow with apps and services.Browse all apps
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