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10 min read | Aug 12 |

Problems with Online Communication: Things You Should Remember

Most of today’s communication happens online. It’s happening whether you’re asking your coworker when they’ll finish their task or if you’re chatting with a support agent... read more


6 min read | Aug 07 |

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Servant Leader?

Are you a leader? Do you want to become one in the future? Becoming a leader is a process. Once you begin your journey, you’ll see that it takes constant learning to stay... read more

Inside LiveChat

4 min read | Aug 06 |

Malgorzata Sikora

Brand Matters: How to Use Branding and Protect It at the Same Time

Branding is what defines your company. It's a message sent to customers, your visual representation, and everything that your company uses to say, “this is us,” and “this... read more


7 min read | Aug 03 |

8 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience Using Chatbots

Did you know that US businesses lose as much as $62 billion each year because of poor customer service? In fact, poor customer experience is one of the main reasons why... read more


6 min read | Jul 30 |

Leadership Styles and How They Can Make or Break Your Team

Being a leader is not an easy task. After you become one, you’re no longer responsible for just your own work. You’re accountable for your team as a whole and every team... read more

Inside LiveChat

Inside LiveChat

6 min read | 01 Jul | Malgorzata Sikora

How to Survive Risk Assessment: LiveChat Tips and Tricks

If you’re here, most likely you have an interest in best practices for the management of legal documents. You may wonder if all these compliance documents, NDAs, DPAs,... read more

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AI and Machine Learning in the Healthcare Industry

Finding new medical therapies for existing diseases is becoming more and more challenging. Safe drugs for many common illnesses have already been found. Now, scientists are looking for new ways of treating incurable conditions. But this search isn’t easy. Nine out of 10 drugs... read more

7 minutes
Jun 3, 2020

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