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5 min read | Oct 04 |

Understanding the Client vs. Customer Dynamic

The terms client and customer often get tossed around casually. However, understanding the difference between the client and customer is vital for any successful business... read more


19 min read | Oct 02 |

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Analytics

It's the end of the month, and your VP of sales asked you for a monthly round-up of key sales metrics in your team. Since it's something you've never done before, your... read more


7 min read | Oct 02 |

Ron Dod and Olga Rogacka

How to Perfect the Shopping Cart Checkout

Web marketers love to throw around fancy terms like "bounce rates," "click funnels," and "traffic patterns." Sure, they matter, but let's get down to what counts –... read more


11 min read | Oct 02 |

Customer Service Cover Letter Examples You Should Use Right Now

In the sea of job applications, where resumes pile up and interviews seem as elusive as buried treasure, one tool will help you stand out: the customer service cover... read more


9 min read | Sep 26 |

What is a Prospective Customer? Converting Leads into Clients with Live Chat Software

One of the biggest challenges in finding prospective customers is targeting the right audience. There are multiple reasons for that, but lead quality is the one... read more

Inside LiveChat

Inside LiveChat

7 min read | 13 Oct | Kuba Rogalski

Video Shopping and What Does Coffee Have To Do With It?

For some, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences haven’t turned out all that bad. How so? Take a look at shopping. Sure, the way we buy stuff has been transforming... read more

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