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7 min read | Jun 17 |

Facebook Chat Plugin Alternative For Your Business

As of May 9, 2024, Facebook discontinued its free Chat Plugin, a popular communication tool for online businesses relying on chat communication. This means businesses can... read more


13 min read | Jun 12 |

How to Provide Proactive Customer Support with Live Chat Scripts

Pre-written chat scripts enable you to deliver warm and effective replies quickly. They save time and cut costs, all while providing proactive customer service.  In... read more


16 min read | Jun 05 |

Conversational Marketing: A Guide to Building Strong Customer Relationships

We all want to understand customers' expectations, and to do so, we need to talk with them. Conversation is the easiest way to do good marketing. It's easier in... read more


10 min read | Jun 05 |

Shopify Bots: The Key to Growing Your Ecommerce Store

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms. With over two million global users, brands and businesses of every size rely on Shopify to build and run... read more


13 min read | Jun 05 |

Is Customer Orientation the Key to Business Success?

Do you believe that having a great product is the key to financial success? Think again. The true secret to long-term business success lies not just in what you sell but... read more

Inside LiveChat

Inside LiveChat

7 min read | 13 Oct | Kuba Rogalski

Video Shopping and What Does Coffee Have To Do With It?

For some, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences haven’t turned out all that bad. How so? Take a look at shopping. Sure, the way we buy stuff has been transforming... read more

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