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9 min read | Feb 23 |

What’s the Voice of the Customer and Why Will It Kill Your Sales if You Don’t Have It?

Do you remember the last time you bought something online? Can you remember what convinced you to choose a particular product or service over other options? We’re swamped... read more


19 min read | Feb 18 |

Jacob Firuta and Weronika Masternak

How to Write a Customer Service Email

The longevity of email communication is a heavily debated topic. I'm sure you've heard claims that "email is dead" and that you should drop it for new technologies and... read more


12 min read | Feb 11 |

Phil Forbes

Effective Business Strategies for Selling on a Marketplace

Marketplaces are a powerful tool in the ecommerce world. Whether you need a place to test the popularity of your product or you're looking to tap into a new audience with... read more

Inside LiveChat

3 min read | Feb 05 |

Malgorzata Sikora

Best Practices for Pre-Chat and Post-Chat Surveys and Data Collection

Knowing your customers is a must, and that’s what LiveChat is all about. To deliver valuable support and address your customers’ needs, you should first know who you’re... read more


9 min read | Jan 26 |

Ben Goodey

5 Rules for Turning Customers Into Brand Advocates: An Analysis of 300k+ Customer Reviews

Brand advocates boost your growth exponentially. A customer who only buys from you once is valuable. But one that keeps coming back for more and brings their friends with... read more

Inside LiveChat

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