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10 min read | Sep 22 |

Modern Sales Tactics That’ll Make Your Results Soar

It's time to toss the old playbook out. The modern sales landscape is less about selling and more about building genuine relationships, understanding needs, and offering... read more


12 min read | Sep 22 |

How to Launch an Online Store in 8 Steps

Ecommerce doesn’t have to be hard. Having an online store can cost you virtually nothing and put you in touch with customers worldwide. While you still need a strong... read more


11 min read | Sep 13 |

How to Succeed in Sales

There are things in life that when you put too much time into them, and there's no satisfying result, you should give up and move on to something else. Sales is not one... read more


9 min read | Sep 08 |

How to Master Upselling to Increase Average Order Value

Imagine you're in a meeting, and a vendor presents a software solution. It's good, meets your needs — but then they showcase a version that's not just good but stellar.... read more


11 min read | Sep 01 |

8 Essential Types of Sales to Build Your Business

Understanding the nuances of sales types is not just a matter of choice — it's a strategic imperative. The sales processes and roles have evolved significantly,... read more

Inside LiveChat

Inside LiveChat

7 min read | 13 Oct | Kuba Rogalski

Video Shopping and What Does Coffee Have To Do With It?

For some, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences haven’t turned out all that bad. How so? Take a look at shopping. Sure, the way we buy stuff has been transforming... read more

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