Sales is more than transactions. Each sale is an opportunity to create a lasting connection. In Sell we give you tips for online sales, lead generation, and customer retention. But we also want to show how sales is a part of outstanding customer service.

5 Omnichannel Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Sales

Omnichannel marketing has been a buzzword for some time now, and for good reason. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket and concentrating solely on, say, email campaigns, omnichannel marketing uses multiple channels to provide your customers with an immersive,... read more

Karolina Petraškienė
8 minutes
Dec 16, 2020

Finding Your Brand Voice. With Helen Peatfield. [Video]

How customer data should shape everything from your UVP and copy, through the way your team will speak to your customers? A great chat with Helen Peatfield. Here are some of her resources: Justin Blackman: Joel Klettke’s newsletter:... watch now

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LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales

How to Write Better Subject Lines and Increase Your Email Open Rates

What’s the most important part of an email? At first, you might think that it’s obviously what you find inside after you open that email. The truth is, nothing is more important than your email’s subject line. It’s like the headline of an article. An article needs to have a good... read more

9 minutes
Dec 11, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Ecommerce Sales Every Holiday Season [Video]

2020 is proving to be a holiday like no other but It doesn’t matter what holiday is coming up, customers are always ready to spend more money than they should on those days. You should be ready to get some of that! In our “Non-denominational, one-size-fits-all,... watch now

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6 Copywriting Tips To Help You Sell More

If you had to choose the most fundamental skill of a good marketer, which one would you pick? I’d go with copywriting. If you know how to write good copy, copy that will spark your customers to take the desired action, you’re on your way to success. Whether it’s buying your... read more

8 minutes
Nov 25, 2020

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How Ecommerce Chatbots Can Become a Game Changer This Holiday Season

The holiday season is going to be different this year. Big players, like Walmart and Target, decided to close on Thanksgiving so they don’t give customers a reason to gather in crowds. Also, many customers are now buying different goods than they normally do, and they’re making... read more

7 minutes
Nov 16, 2020

Content Strategy and More. With Erik Totten [Video]

Marcos and Erik discuss the evolution of content and its relevance to marketing and business today. AI, best practices, and the journey of a content writer and editor. watch now

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Rock Linkedin Part I [Video]

We wanted to share the things that we’ve learned investing half-year on Linkedin. Do some of these, we know they work! watch now

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How to Cultivate Loyal Customers [Video]

They’ll root for you, they’ll spread the word, and follow your brand until the end of the world. How do you develop loyal customers? watch now

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