What is Lead Conversion and How Can Chat Increase It?

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Feb 7, 2024
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"Why bother with lead conversion? Isn't showcasing my product enough?" Well, simply presenting your product is like baking a cake but forgetting the frosting. Sure, it's there, but the magic lies in that irresistible layer that turns a passerby into a delighted customer.

Read on to learn the lead conversion process, lead conversion strategies, and how you can get better at generating leads.

What is lead conversion?

Lead conversion is when a potential customer decides, "Yep, I'm in!" and graduates from being a casual browser to a card-carrying member of your customer club. No fancy terms are needed – it's just making those "maybes" commit to a solid "yes."

Why is ecommerce lead conversion so crucial? 

1. Revenue boost: What's the point of having a killer online store if it's not converting visitors into customers? Lead conversion is the fuel that powers your revenue engine, ensuring your virtual cash register keeps ringing.

2. Customer retention: Converting leads into customers isn't the endgame. It's the beginning of a potentially long and profitable relationship. Satisfied customers are more likely to return for future purchases. Building a solid base of repeat customers is far more cost-effective than constantly chasing new leads.

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3. Data collection: Every interaction in the ecommerce journey provides valuable data. From the moment a lead lands on your website to the point of purchase, you gather insights into customer behavior. Understanding this data helps you optimize your online store, enhance user experience, and tailor your offerings to meet customer needs.

4. Competitive edge: A seamless and persuasive conversion process sets you apart from others, making your ecommerce platform more appealing to potential customers compared to competitors who might struggle in this aspect.

5. Marketing efficiency: Effective lead conversion allows you to fine-tune your marketing strategies. Knowing what works in turning leads into customers helps you allocate resources more efficiently and optimize your conversion funnel to make the most out of the traffic you already have.

What does the lead conversion process look like?

chat conversion

Lead conversion process in ecommerce

1. Awareness

2. Interest

3. Engagement

4. Decision

5. Conversion

6. Post-purchase engagement

Is the lead conversion process the same for other industries, for instance, real estate?

While there are common elements in the lead conversion process across industries, the dynamics can vary significantly based on the nature of the industry, whether it's online or offline, the nature of the products or services, the sales cycle length, and the customer decision-making process.

How to calculate lead conversion rate

Calculating lead conversion gives you insights into the effectiveness of your sales efforts. Let's break it down in simple terms:

The formula for lead conversion rate:

lead conversion rate formula

This formula tells you what portion of your leads turned into customers. If you have 100 leads and 10 sales, the lead conversion rate is 10%.

Insights on a good lead conversion rate

You may wonder, what is a good lead conversion rate? There's no simple answer to that, as the ideal rate varies across industries and companies. Here are some general insights you should consider:

  1. Benchmark against industry averages

    2. Consider your business model

3. Understand customer behavior

4. Continuous improvement

Remember, the goal is not just to have a high conversion rate but to have a sustainable rate that aligns with your business goals. It's a balance between quantity and quality - converting the right leads in a way that makes sense for your business.

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Factors that affect conversion rates the most

Let's dive into the factors that can make or break your lead conversion game:

1. Website user experience

2. Compelling content

3. Clear call-to-action (CTA)

4. Trust signals

5. Responsive customer support

Optimizing these factors for a better conversion rate:

lead conversion strategies

Lead conversion strategy

Now, let's talk tactics. Here are some lead conversion strategies to crank up your conversion volume:

1. Personalized marketing

2. Targeted email campaigns

3. Limited-time offers

4. Streamlined checkout process

5. Remarketing magic

Conversion is a delicate dance, but you can lead your audience straight to the checkout with the right moves.

Unveiling the world of conversion chat

For ecommerce, the integration with live chat is a game-changer. It helps with lead generation and lead conversion at the same time.

Live chat is that little chat bubble that pops up on websites, inviting visitors to engage in real-time conversations. Think of it as your online salesperson but without the awkward small talk. It's your virtual concierge, your 24/7 guide through the digital aisles.

When a lead stumbles onto your website, instead of wandering around aimlessly, your support or sales team greets them with a friendly welcome message. They answer queries, provide instant assistance, and turn hesitant visitors into customers who are likely to come back.

Most of its magic lies in its real-time nature. LiveChat doesn't wait for leads to come knocking, it actively engages them when they need it the most. 

How live chat improves conversion rates

Live chat stats from a study conducted by Kayako show that customers expect live chat to be available on a website. 52% of customers prefer a business that provides live chat support, and 51% of online consumers are more likely to make a digital purchase from a brand that offers live chat customer service.

What’s more, 63% of those who spend between $250 and $500 a month online are more likely to buy from companies with live chat and stay loyal to them.

Sephora has a service called “Expert Chat” which offers advice from make-up and skincare experts. It’s hard to compare a chat to an in-store experience, but the consultants ensure the level of customer care is identical to that in real life. Customers mainly use the chat to get advice on products they want to buy. Chats asking for support are a minority. 

Sephora has seen a significant uptick in sales on their website compared to sales before implementing LiveChat. Sales generated from online consultations account for 1.7% of the company's digital channel revenue.

Sephora welcome message

Implementing live chat is one of the strategies to generate leads and convert them into loyal customers who drive your business forward.

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Convert leads faster than ever

Recognizing the importance of lead conversion rates is a key step in driving success for sales and marketing teams. It's all about understanding your audience, adapting strategies, and fine-tuning your approach for optimal results. 

The journey to converting leads faster than ever is an exciting challenge that keeps successful companies ahead of the game. Good luck with mastering the art of swift lead conversion!

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