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What is Lead Conversion and How Can Chat Increase It?

"Why bother with lead conversion? Isn't showcasing my product enough?" Well, simply presenting your product is like baking a cake but forgetting the frosting. Sure, it's there, but the magic lies in that irresistible layer that turns a passerby into a delighted customer. Read on... read more

9 minutes
Feb 7, 2024

Sales Metrics and KPIs You Should Track

Curious about what makes some sales teams thrive while others struggle? Sales metrics might be the answer. Without a plan for which sales metrics to track, you could be shooting in the dark. You need a plan, a strategy, and a follow-through. See what key sales metrics to track,... read more

15 minutes
Nov 3, 2023

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How to Perfect the Shopping Cart Checkout

Web marketers love to throw around fancy terms like "bounce rates," "click funnels," and "traffic patterns." Sure, they matter, but let's get down to what counts – closing the deal. Think of your website as a blockbuster movie and the shopping cart checkout is the grand finale.... read more

Ron Dod and Olga Rogacka
7 minutes
Oct 2, 2023

How Ecommerce Chatbots Can Become a Game Changer This Holiday Season

The holiday season is going to be different this year. Big players, like Walmart and Target, decided to close on Thanksgiving so they don’t give customers a reason to gather in crowds. Also, many customers are now buying different goods than they normally do, and they’re making... read more

7 minutes
Nov 16, 2020

Ecommerce CRO: How to Properly Measure and Increase Site Conversion

If you are on an e-commerce business, then the conversion is your ultimate goal. All your marketing initiatives are then centered on conversion rate optimization. Improving your conversion rate is very important because it tells how effective you are in transforming mere visitors... read more

Andi Croft
10 minutes
Dec 21, 2018

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How to Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

Having an online business is challenging. You need to staff your website with the high-quality content and great graphics or photos. You need to come up with ideas to bring people to your website - from social media, other websites and mostly, from search engines. You want people... read more

6 minutes
Mar 13, 2018

6 Tools That Will Help You Increase Your Customer Acquisition Rate

Acquiring new customers is never easy. It is a huge battlefield and every day there is a new enemy trying to take your piece of the cake. Thankfully, there are several tools that can help you increase customer acquisition rates by helping you understand your market as well as... read more

Khyati Sehgal
9 minutes
Jul 12, 2017

Customer Retention Tactics to Keep Customers Coming Back

Do you remember your first sale? Of course you do. You remember the hard work you put into finding the perfect customer. You remember the hoops you jumped through to get them to convert. You remember the elation you felt after they agreed to buy from you. And you remember feeling... read more

Josh Brown
12 minutes
Apr 10, 2017

User Onboarding Tips That Raised LiveChat’s Conversion 3x Times

If there’s one thing that can ruin your work in a heartbeat, it’s poor user onboarding. All the hard work you’ve put into getting people to start a trial of your service will be for nothing if they can’t figure out how to use it. It won’t matter that your product is a perfect fit... read more

6 minutes
Feb 4, 2016