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Sales is more than transactions. Each sale is an opportunity to create a lasting connection. In Sell we give you tips for online sales, lead generation, and customer retention. But we also want to show how sales is a part of outstanding customer service.

The Best Sales Tools to Help You Close More Deals

In many organizations, sales teams are often the driving force behind customer engagement and business success. Yet, sales is not just about charm anymore; it's about strategy. Sales tools have become essential companions, guiding sales managers through the complexities of the... read more

7 minutes
Oct 19, 2023

What Is a Sales Funnel and How to Build One

Imagine you've successfully piqued the interest of potential customers in your product or service. They've shown curiosity, even enthusiasm, but when it comes to sealing the deal, they hesitate or worse, slip away. Converting that initial spark of interest into actual sales can... read more

10 minutes
Oct 13, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Analytics

It's the end of the month, and your VP of sales asked you for a monthly round-up of key sales metrics in your team. Since it's something you've never done before, your palms start sweating like you're B-Rabbit from 8 Mile.  What metrics do you look at? What formulas do you... read more

19 minutes
Oct 2, 2023

How to Perfect the Shopping Cart Checkout

Web marketers love to throw around fancy terms like "bounce rates," "click funnels," and "traffic patterns." Sure, they matter, but let's get down to what counts – closing the deal. Think of your website as a blockbuster movie and the shopping cart checkout is the grand finale.... read more

Ron Dod and Olga Rogacka
7 minutes
Oct 2, 2023

Modern Sales Tactics That’ll Make Your Results Soar

It's time to toss the old playbook out. The modern sales landscape is less about selling and more about building genuine relationships, understanding needs, and offering real solutions. You'll fall behind quickly if you're still relying on age-old tactics. Adapting to modern... read more

10 minutes
Sep 22, 2023

How to Launch an Online Store in 8 Steps

Ecommerce doesn’t have to be hard. Having an online store can cost you virtually nothing and put you in touch with customers worldwide. While you still need a strong marketing strategy and a great product to sell, there is much less to lose when you opt for a digital store over a... read more

12 minutes
Sep 22, 2023

How to Succeed in Sales

There are things in life that when you put too much time into them, and there's no satisfying result, you should give up and move on to something else. Sales is not one of those things. Sales can be challenging, and success often comes from a combination of factors, including... read more

11 minutes
Sep 13, 2023

How to Master Upselling to Increase Average Order Value

Imagine you're in a meeting, and a vendor presents a software solution. It's good, meets your needs — but then they showcase a version that's not just good but stellar. It has features you didn't know you needed but now can't imagine living without. That's upselling.  But... read more

9 minutes
Sep 8, 2023

8 Essential Types of Sales to Build Your Business

Understanding the nuances of sales types is not just a matter of choice — it's a strategic imperative. The sales processes and roles have evolved significantly, reflecting the shifting consumer behaviors, technology advancements, and market demands. Businesses and sales... read more

11 minutes
Sep 1, 2023

Motivational Sales Quotes to Help You Keep a Positive Attitude!

In sales, most people fail because they give up too quickly. Some people get discouraged by denials. Others lack the discipline to make follow–up calls. As a result, almost half of all salespeople quit after the first call. This is way too soon. Studies reveal that only 2%... read more

11 minutes
Sep 1, 2023

Types of Leads: Warm, Cold, and Everything in Between

There are two types of leads in this world — warm and cold — right? Wrong. Just like life isn't black and white, it's the same when it comes to lead generation. Sure, warm and cold leads are the fundamental division, but there's so much more to lead qualification.  What are... read more

11 minutes
Aug 24, 2023

How to Improve Your Sales Cycle to Get More Leads

Can you imagine that companies lose at least $1 trillion annually because of poor sales cycle management? This can be avoided or at least reduced with a clearly defined sales cycle, which should be analyzed and optimized regularly. Not only does it help companies generate more... read more

Ania Rubkiewicz and Kasia Kowalska
14 minutes
Jul 13, 2023