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LiveChat for enterprise

Trusted by 30,000+ companies worldwide

LiveChat customers

All-in-one enterprise solution

Increased ROI and AOV

Adding live chat to a website allows you to gain up to 50% more sales inquiries. Close more sales during the chat, boost your average order value and gain even 30% revenue increase.

Support team’s

Chatting with customers on your website can save a lot of precious time, compared to email and phone. You can also integrate LiveChat with apps your team uses daily, automating your support tasks.

Improved customer satisfaction

Modern-day customers don't want to call you or waste their time on emails. LiveChat makes it easy to communicate, send files, or share your screen during the chat, making for an exquisite customer service and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Maximum security and compliance

LiveChat makes sure that your and your customer's data remains secure and compliant with industry standards. These are the certifications and regulations we’re compliant with.

  • GDPR Compliance
  • Privacy Shield Certified
  • EU Datacenter
  • HIPAA Readiness
  • SAML-Based SSO
  • CSA STAR Certification

LiveChat delivers real life results

We transform and help to grow businesses all over the world.

Proven product you can count on

LiveChat is used by over 30,000 businesses from 150 countries, including these Fortune 500 companies:

Fortune 500 companies that use LiveChat

Help your customers and grow with LiveChat

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Open and flexible chat app

Efficiency and speed

Get in touch with your website visitors, solve their problems in real-time, and close more sales on the go. Save time and money by chatting with several customers at a time.

LiveChat enterprise app

Scalable solution

Scale and automate your workflow by connecting tools and data you use across all departments. Choose from over 170 integrations or build your own solutions on top of LiveChat.

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Clear look at your performance

Have all the most important metrics at hand, track your progress and never stop improving the quality of your customer service.

LiveChat reports and analytics

24/7/365 concierge service

You can count on us from day one. We’ll arrange 1-on-1 sessions to discuss your expectations and find solutions that suit you best.

You’ll be provided with the assistance of a dedicated account manager, who will guide you through the product and share with you best practices specific to your industry. They can also help you to onboard your live chat agents as well as monitor and improve their performance.

Successful implementation is not the finish line. Together, we will customize and personalize your live chat support to improve the online experience of your customers.

Central Desktop’s chat grows with the company

Heavy duty product

In 2018 LiveChat customers conducted over 437 million chats. Whatever customer service issue you might want to solve, there’s a chance we’ve already tackled it in the past. Our company was established in 2002 and gained over 30,000 customers since.

Solving a great number of cases requires a dependable product. LiveChat fits right in and comes with:

  • enterprise-ready and scalable infrastructure
  • secure and reliable solution in the cloud
  • 24/7/365 customer support

Enterprise-scale solution

All these companies run their 50-people or larger customer service departments through LiveChat

Five star quality

Hundreds of agents and managers already shared their experience about LiveChat. There must be a good reason why they are raving so much about it!

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