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Your website as a lead generation factory

Chats, emails, apps, self-service, automation. Set up an efficient multi-channel pipeline that will lead customers right to your company's digital doors.

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Lead generation funnel
with LiveChat

An effective eCommerce factory needs proper tools. Luckily LiveChat has precisely what you need. Just like a multitool, it resolves many problems while taking only a little bit of space in your pocket.


A lot of attention

Regardless if you like automation or a more human approach, LiveChat has a solution for you. For example, greetings messages - attract a lot of attention by automatically popping up on customers' screens.

On the other hand, your agents can manually invite chosen prospects with custom notes, offering the personal approach where it’s most beneficial.

discount for a red shoes from ecommerce website via Live Chat customer window

Rich content

Host your valuable content on KnowledgeBase, a platform for help center articles, FAQs, and self-service. Let your texts enhance the top of the lead generation funnel by attracting online leads. automation or a more human approach, LiveChat has a solution for you. For example, greetings messages - attract a lot of attention by automatically popping up on customers' screens.

website enriched content with KnowledgeBase of subscription offers for online software

From email to lead

Are newsletters your bread and butter? Welcome a fresh stream of subscribers coming straight from chat leads. With our email marketing integrations, like Mailchimp or Autopilot, you can let customers subscribe to your campaigns seamlessly while talking to them.

transformation from chat window with customer to email notification with Mailchimp


Tag, categorize, resolve

Keep up high levels of customer engagement with HelpDesk, a simple ticketing system that provides the right tools for the job. Save time with automated Workflows. Resolve multiple cases with bulk actions. Tag, categorize, and prioritize them with ease. Let your agents nurture customers with the personal approach they deserve, while automation takes chores away.

business customer tickets automation system by HelpDesk

Rich messages

If you know your marketing well, you know that clear CTAs are what drives leads to purchase your goods. We know them, we love them. LiveChat Rich Messages and Chatobot Moments are proof of that.

smartwatch ecommerce web offer with buy button for 99$ by Livechat Rich Website Messages


The way you treat people tells a lot about you and your company. Why wouldn’t you show customers respect with a nice-looking email, custom chat widget, or a tailored bot conversation? Qualify leads by showing effort and gaining their trust with beautifully designed messages.

customization presentation process of Live Chat web conversation window

Messaging mode

Is achieving 24/7 availability a struggle? Not on our watch! Reach the round the clock accessibility with automated bots, offline forms, or even asynchronous communication. Let your lead generation machine work nonstop while you sleep!

dark and light modes for web chat window


Plug in

Set up a transition of data from LiveChat to your CRM systems with our integrations. Utilizing a custom backend system at your company? Our devs created full technical documentation for you to seamlessly integrate LiveChat into your backend data warehouses. Boost your sales team and let them manage customers quicker and better than ever.


Have a hot deal just waiting to get converted? Jump on a quick call directly from a chat or email, or hit the business lead with a text message. Benefit from flawless LiveChat Marketplace integrations. Cover the communication channels your customers prefer.


Taking it a step further with video calls? That’s the spirit! Start a session from any device from the LiveChat app. Present them with a face they can relate to your business and close that deal.



Appeal to your marketing leads by providing pre-and post-purchase premium support services. Our tools are developed, tested, and used by real-life support heroes so you can be sure that you get top-level gear to delight them 24/7.


Let your leads voice their feedback through customizable forms tailored to your website's lead generation funnel. Collect their reviews and comments, adapt to their needs, and win them by showing your commitment.

Social media

Social media channels are an irreplaceable part of the lead generation funnel. Our integrations let you manage all of them conveniently in one place. Respond to your followers from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter directly from the LiveChat app.

Organizations with successful
lead generation stories

Product used:

2,000 conversations with customers each week

Nju Mobile improves efficiency by implementing a number of customized greetings across the website. The strategic placement of the greetings allows them to provide help in any situation and actively encourage eCommerce clients to place an order. Greetings also increase the number of chats the company receives. Currently, Nju Mobile agents have around 2,000 conversations with customers each week.

Product used:

15‑20% boost overall product sales due to LiveChat interactions

PureVPN uses goals on their PWA to see how many visitors successfully concluded their checkout. Their model is built on page application stats: buyer behavior and cart data.

This data improves website usability, UX and helps with guiding users to sales during the checkout process.

Sales tracker feature proved to be handy in measuring the revenue generated from the chats. That’s how they know they were able to boost overall product sales by 15-20% due to LiveChat interactions.

Product used:

94% customer satisfaction rate

VDS chatbot has an average response time of three seconds. This allows the company to operate 24/7 while providing super quick responses. Staffing a contact center or a brick-and-mortar location 24/7 would be quite a financial undertaking, but ChatBot gives the school that availability at a fraction of the cost. Many clients have shared their satisfaction with the quality and speed of service they received. The company is delighted with its 94% customer satisfaction rate.

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Professional help in every lead generation stage/phase

Setting up a whole eCommerce lead generation funnel can be exhausting. We get that, and that’s why every tool and integration we offer is thoroughly described in Help Center articles. Moreover, each one has a dedicated support team with expert knowledge about their products.

These support heroes are here to save the day and guide you on every step of the funnel.

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