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Meet The LiveChat Team

These people work on making LiveChat better.

Jan Pietruszka

Junior Sales Engineer

Jan is an aspiring designer, carpenter, cook and a mechanic. A true renaissance man, he loves to spend his time making furniture, cooking delicious food and restoring old VW Beetles.

Agata Roginska

Leader of Support Heroes

As a chemical engineer, Agata loves getting positive reactions from LiveChat customers she supports. At those few and far between moments when she’s not helping LiveChat customers, she enjoys cooking, reading fantasy books and playing with her three cats.

Grzegorz Wozniczko

Head of Support

Grzegorz is one of our Support Heroes. He makes sure our customers get fast and informative responses to their questions via chat and email. He’s a LARPer (that’s Live Action Role Playing), and one of the co-founders of the Liveform society that offers live role playing experiences. When not killing trolls in the nearby woods, he loves watching cheesy action movies from the 70s-80s era as well as all shark movies, including the Sharknado series, Ghost Shark, Sharktopus vs Whalewolf.

Hania Biec

Support Hero

Hania is the gentle soul of our customer service. She spends her free time reading comic books with her cats. Occasionally, you can spot her at various cosplaying conventions. You need to have a good eye though, because her costumes are killer!

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Dawid Wojtasiak

Product Specialist

When he’s out of the office, Dawid enjoys a good cup of peppermint tea and a cosy blanket over a night out. However, sometimes, you can spot him owning the dancefloor at a party. He’s also an Italian food enthusiast and loves eating anything with cheese. Oh, and he loves road-trips and singing along – anyone up for a ride?

Oliwia Polec

Technical Writer

Most of the times, Oliwia can be spotted with a high-caffeinated drink in her hand, fueling her power to be 150% faster in anything she does. Thanks to this energy, she also has a high-interest in things that other people may find slightly unusual for a hobby. She’s a lover of animated movies, nordic mythology and extreme rollerblading. In her free time, she’s drawing her way up to create her own video game someday in the future, including characters from a fat sketchbook of hers. Pro-tip: you can get (almost) anything from her in exchange for some good, veg food.

Aleksandra Gorska

Customer Education Manager

Ola’s favourite pastime is learning new things. These days it is geek-speak. Previously it was Polish Sign Language, hardstyle kettlebells, and sailing. Her lifelong passion is the English language, in all its native and non-native varieties. Ola’s also a linguist with a keen interest in how people communicate, and ways to make communication better and easier.

Krystian Goscinski

Support Hero

When he’s not thinking about how to help LiveChat customers, Krystian likes to think about the surrounding world and how everything works. He tries to see a positive side of everything and stays calm regardless of the situation. Meditation sessions in his free time are helping him achieve that. He’s a huge esports fan, focusing mostly League of Legend. He likes to play LoL himself when he’s not supporting his favourite teams.

Adam Achtelik

Support Hero

A real team player, ready to help anyone in need. Although he doesn’t look like it, he enjoys team sports quite a lot – an all-out People person. Tonnes of warmth, understanding, empathy, and patience – everything a Support hero should have in one big package. Can be found either at work, hanging around with his friends or exploring the interwebs in search of the freshest memes. Oh, he’s also fixated on his beard.

Justyna Gladysz

Support Hero

Justyna’s spirit animal is a cat. She enjoys her time alone and likes to walk her own path without taking anyone’s advice. She’s independent, yet enjoys social connections. As a cat soul, she loves to be around warm people :) Her spirit of adventure, courage, curiosity, and exploration of the unknown pushes her to improve herself and extend her interests everyday. It’s known that the wisdom of a cat lies in the ability to remain quiet, observe, and then act when the time is right, so Justyna uses those abilities to reach her goals and preserves her energy even in moments of tension and action.

Jedrzej Masternak

Support Hero

By nature Jedrzej identifies himself as chaotic good. In his spare time you can find him enjoying the competitive spirit by playing online multiplayer games. The time of his life? Warm nights spent coding or exploring the city with his energetic husky.

Krzysztof Kraus

Technical Support Hero

When not helping LiveChat customers over chat, Krzysztof snipes the occasional typos and proofreads new Knowledge Base articles. In his free time, Krzysztof doesn’t shy away from a good science fiction or fantasy books, always leaving the less exciting genres for later. Krzysztof also likes multiplayer games he can enjoy with his friends online, including CS-GO, League of Legends and Destiny.

Jakub Ruszkiewicz

Support Hero

“It’s Kuba, not Jakub!” Besides being LiveChat’s Support Hero, Kuba is an ex-professional dancer, who’s in the meantime slaying monsters as a Witcher during LARPs. A kind soul that explores art in various forms after work: graphic, music, movement, movies or literature. He can eat ALL the amounts of mint chocolate chip ice creams, even if the temperature outside is lower than the ice cream itself.

Kacper Wiacek

ChatBot Support Team Lead

How do you recognize a speed racer? You don’t; they go into hiding. Kacper might be seen as a quiet guy who supports customers and daydreams about new graphic designs. But what you don’t know is that he loves speed – whether it’s a bike or a scooter, he puts on his high-speed gloves and breaks all possible road rules!

Wojciech Guminski

Customer Education Specialist

Wojtek is a self-made scholar dabbling in history, sociology and behavioral psychology. When not thinking why people are acting they way they are, Wojtek likes to spend his evenings reading fantasy books and watching movies.

Anika Szeliga

Partner Relations Specialist

At work, Anika tries her best to support and help our customers. After hours, she is a cat lover, gamer girl (she’s a huge fan of the Dark Souls series), artist and a teacher. In love with literature, cleanliness, her cats named Porthos and Aramis, and LARPs where she plays her 8-choir Renaissance lute.

Lukasz Ososinski

Support Hero

As a part of the Support Heroes team, Lukasz always tries his best to pass on his knowledge about LiveChat to the customers. In his free time, he is interested in a variety of activities such as traveling, swimming, yachting, and going outside to camp with his friends, but there are 3 things that Lukasz loves: history, LARPs, and board games. When he was younger, he was even thinking of making his own board game about the history of Poland. Nowadays, he is a part of “Creatio ex Nihilo” organization, which creates LARPs based on local history.

Jakub Pyzio

Technical Support Hero

Solving problems with calm approach and unbreakable patience, Jakub makes sure every customer leaves our chat satisfied. When asked, he claims to be neither a dog or cat person, as he simply has sympathy for all living creatures. Hoping to substantially grow his animal family in the future, he currently enjoys spoiling his four furry companions, a cat, a rabbit and two squeaky guinea pigs.

Maciej Kosnik

Support Hero

Maciej is a part of our Support Heroes team, always ready to give them a helping hand. After hours, he creates the magical LARP (Live Action Role Playing) worlds for his players. He’s really passionate about both traditional and experimental food and craft beer he creates in his own brewery, better known as his kitchen. In his spare time, he catches and breeds Water-type Pokémons.

Ziemowit Banaszek

Support Hero

Ziemowit is a part of our Support team and makes sure that no customer question goes unanswered. He’s a very complicated man. On the one hand, he’s a sybarite who likes to indulge in good food, music, movies, books and alcohol. On the other, he’s a masochist that likes to lose time and time again while playing the menacing Dark Souls series. He’s also a father of four, which I guess falls somewhere in the middle.

Kasia Kehl

Support Enablement Specialist

Kasia is one of our support heroes. There are two things she really loves (besides helping customers) LARPs, which are live action role playing sessions, and horseback riding (she even co-owns a Konik). Since both these things take up a lot of time and preparation, Kasia is often forced to choose one over the other when planning her activities for each week.

Dariusz Madetko

Support Hero

Having spent ten years as a teacher, Dariusz decided it was high-time he moved forward. His communication skills and passion for educating couldn’t have been left unattended, therefore it was clear he would best utilize them as a Support Hero. Dariusz is a die-hard fan of our neighbouring radio station – Radio RAM. In love with Boards of Canada and the downtempo genre. Gamer, runner, cyclist, dog person – those are just few of the nouns that could best describe him.

Michal Cichocki

Developer Relations

Kind, symphatetic, entertaining. The only thing Michal doesn’t like in humor are funny cats. He’s a huge fan of LotR and MCU (Tony Stark rocks!). When he is at home, he spends most of his free time on TeamSpeak 3 server that he owns, talking with friends and playing games like League od Legends, CS:GO and kalambury on Kurnik.

Michal Paszowski


Michał is spending both days and nights to consume as many books as possible. These binge-reading sessions are probably the reason why Michal and caffeine are BFFs. All that reading doesn’t leave him a lot of time to do anything else. This is why he knows only three chords after six years of learning to play the guitar!

Lukasz Powazka

Technical Heroes Leader

A real charmer, gentleman and jack of all trades. Lukasz dabbles in many LiveChat projects ranging from sending email newsletters to servicing our affiliate program. He has a heart of gold and never refuses when asked for help, even if he has his hands full.

Paulina Zawadzka

Technical Support Hero

Paulina is a Technical Support Hero by day and an adrenaline lover by night. She loves discovering rollercoaster rides and trying out extreme sports (with varying success). When she wants to relax, she delves into crime books or goes for long walks.

Ziemowit Kaniucki

Customer Success Manager

By all means, this guy is making our customers delighted. He’s a former London’s Cabbie who’s building castles in the air about 993 Turbo S. There’s nothing he enjoys more than a long night ride while blasting the finest tunes. An avid sports fan who likes to stay up late and watch the NBA. Last but not least, he has a jillion sneakers, so you’ll never see him rocking the same pair two days in a row.

Judyta Blum

Account Executive

Judyta is a sales person with a focus on the best customer experience. She believes that there’s no planet B, so when she’s not on a call with customers, she supports the environment by starting from herself, and travels the world to enjoy the various variety of its beauty. She’s an animal lover who eats no meat and has an adopted dog from an animal shelter.

Adrian Puzio

Account Executive

There is nothing more important to Adrian than a satisfied customer and the smell of freshly roasted Colombian supremo coffee beans. When he is not heading off to work, you’ll find him casually jogging or sweating his guts out to finish first during a CrossFit competition. If you ask Adrian what is important in life, he would answer that it’s keeping it simple and ice cream.

Joanna Cholewka

Account Executive

Customer success is her success! Besides LiveChat, Asia is a team member of Thinkle. Using Design Thinking and Service Design methodology she helps companies understand their clients’ needs. Born to create innovations and generate ideas. The ability to convince people to almost everything is her superpower. In her free time, she’s a passionate windsurfer, basketball player and an amateur graphic designer. Hopes one day she will pass the pilot license with flying colors!

Marcin Borowski

Sales Operations Manager

When not helping our customers, Marcin is fighting villains and saving damsels in distress during LARP (live action role playing) sessions. He’s a zealot when it comes to fantasy genre. Marcin is in charge of a LARP association called Fantazjada.

Karolina Pastusiak

Account Manager

When asked for 3 best things in the world, Karolina always answers: sleeping, food and pandas. Don’t be fooled though – she’s an extrovert with huge love for social meetings and music festivals, who can never stay for too long in one place. Before starting her career, she had been working as a waitress. Serving clients never left her heart though, as here in LiveChat she’s also devoted to increasing customers’ satisfaction.

Marshall Hyelhamta

Account Executive

Marshall is a former professional DJ, an engineer, and a salesperson. When he’s not winning over clients with his smile and positive vibes, Marshall enjoys cooking, bartending for friends, listening to audiobooks, and traveling to exotic islands.

Martyna Gajewska

Senior Account Manager

Martyna is one of our dedicated Account Managers, ready to help anyone and anytime. She’s an adrenaline junky. You can usually find her doing all kinds of thrilling activities like snowboarding, cart-racing or performing cooking experiments in the kitchen. Martyna’s also a crossfitter with a special place in her heart for heavy weights. She’s a dog person and a huge fan of bulldogs.

Robert Deleanu

Growth Account Executive

Building trust with clients to help their growth skyrocket is what I do best. What I don’t do so well is selling myself. So, in and out, nobody gets hurt, here are a few quick things about me: 1. I enjoy internet rabbit holes a tad too much. I will Google anything just to find out. 2. I hate cheese passionately. 3. When not at work or out, I like to play basketball. 4. I love a good shirt.

Malwina Klimczak

Event Specialist

Privately, Malwina is Baloo’s – her dream Shih Tzu dog – mommy. After hours, she is a wannabe beautician: care treatments are her hobby. When summer comes around, she spends her free time rollerblading or riding a bike. When there’s snow outside, she loves painting, getting on with her DIY projects, and drinking hot cocoa. Multitasking is her superpower.

Jolanta Koniuszy

People Partner

Jolanta is our People Partner who has started her career at LiveChat as a Senior Recruiter focused on matching candidates to the company culture. These days, she supports the LiveChat people from the first to the last day of their journey and gives our leaders expert advice on all people-related aspects. As you can see in the photo, she’s addicted to traveling around the world, preferably solo. Her favorite place to be? An airport, where all adventures begin.

Kamila Zdrenka-Szostak

People Partners Lead

Kamila is a classic HR freak who feels best when surrounded by people, and she takes all her energy and inspiration from them. Her natural environment is a conference room/conference call. This is where she usually starts saving the world, or at least the company, from danger! Don't be mislead by her tiny body and cheerful smile because she can be a tiger when she needs to be. Speaking of tigers, she is also a huge animal lover. If she were to choose, she would definitely be a cat in her next life. Want to know why she's a pirate deep at heart? Join us, and find out for yourself!

Aneta Giza

Recruitment Lead

Aneta is the recruiter on a never-ending mission of attracting best talents to LiveChat. Her goal is to build the best team in the world, and she will most likely succeed as she has winning coursing through her veins. She loves team activities and challenges, and probably that’s why she devoted herself to HR and basketball!

Anna Bien-Jawulska

People Operation Specialist

Anna is part of the People Team and is the master of operations. She is also interested in internal communication and candidate experience. After hours, she’s a big fan of books and permanently in love with her bunny.

Szymon Graczyk

Front-end Lead

Szymon is our Front-end guy taking care of the Agent App. At work, he shows his pedantic approach towards code quality and application’s architecture, which sometimes leads to long discussions. Privately, he’s known for his very wide and niche music taste, as he finds pleasure in the sounds of 8bit chiptunes or 90s screamo. Besides that, he’s a fan of Magic the Gathering, postapocalyptic culture and traveling in DIY mode.

Jakub Sikora

Front-end Developer

Jakub is a Front-end Developer working on our Developers Program. He is passionate about all aspects of web development from Agile project planning to the deployment process. Jakub loves to travel with his wife and tries to visit new places every year. In his free time, he enjoys good movies, football, and speedway. He also likes to collect soundtracks.

Maciej Szwarc

QA Engineer

Maciej takes care of the quality of the product by finding bugs, automating repeatable work, and improving processes. He's interested in software development and technologies in general. Maciej enjoys sharing his knowledge with other team members but also loves to expand his current knowledgebase. He gets bored easily, therefore he continuously keeps his tasks diverse. Besides collecting Lego Technic sets and quality memes, Maciej spends his free time playing games, working out in the gym, and petting his cat. Every now and then, he finds a new, interesting topic to dive into, whether it’s lock picking, criminal psychology, or the theory of music.

Dominik Slawkowski

Front-end Developer

Dominik is a working student of computer science. His owes his passion for programming to the CodersCrew society. In his free time, when he is not helping with the Developer Program, he is keen on skateboarding, chilling with techno music and playing Gothic 2: Night of the Raven.

Lukasz Krolak

Front-end developer

Lukasz loves spending time on learning new front-end technologies. He is responsible for fixing bugs that will be found in the Agent App and also expanding the application by writing new functionalities. In his free time, he loves to do and explore new sports. Recently, he’s found playing squash very entertaining. If he’s not found doing sports, then he’s probably playing some games on his console, reading an amusing book or playing some board game.

Marek Reszke

Full-stack Developer

Marek is a Full-stack Developer working on our Agent Application. In his daily job, he appreciates good communication and code quality. Despite his introverted nature, he can’t stop talking about things he loves the most: hiking, jogging & traveling. A solo mountain expedition sounds like a perfect plan for the upcoming weekend or a lazy afternoon. He’s on a ninja level when it comes to finding possibly the cheapest airline tickets. Besides that, he’s also a big fan of board games and fast cars.

Dobrochna Przybylek

Front-end Developer

Dobrochna is a Front-end Developer and Agile enthusiast. She loves hiking and sailing, both at the same time if it’s possible. That’s why she’s crazy about Norway. She also starts her first steps in photography, so keep your fingers crossed!

Pawel Koperdowski

Product Manager

Paweł is a Product Manager who loves releasing new features and observing how customers react to them using qualitative and quantitative data. He loves food and vinyl recordings, and he usually tries to connect those two things during his travels when he visits local restaurants and vinyl shops. When he comes back from a trip, he burns additional calories during squash matches.

Marcin Sawicki

Front-end Developer

Marcin is a part of the Front-end Development team working on the Agent App. He joined LiveChat to improve his skills and to be a part of a company that solves customers’ problems. In his free time he enjoys playing online games with his friends, and as a born team member, he does his best to achieve the team victory.

Maciej Walaszczyk

Front-end Developer

Maciej is a web development and coffee enthusiast. He likes experimenting with both stacks but there is nothing he loves more than frontend. Making web apps and implementing great UI/UX or hacking all day in JavaScript this is what drives him. If you want to talk about some web related tech, he is always available and open for conversation. In his free time, he likes traveling, mountain hiking and playing games.

Krystian Ogierman

Back-end Developer

Being half-man/half-meme, Krystian has a joke up his sleeve for almost every occasion. He’s a true follower of "XD" philosophy. He likes fast and expensive cars and hopes that his programming skills and dedication to coding will one day allow him to own one. In his free time, Krystian masters the art of cooking and making food look Instagram worthy. He’s a huge fan of animated shows, and he has probably seen more episodes of them than lines of code in his life. His spirit animal is Bojack Horseman.

Bartlomiej Kubiak

Leader of API One Team

Bartlomiej, or Bartek for short, is a man of great passion. Whether he displays it on a football field or when developing our API and web application, he always gives his all. The proud father of our ticketing system and a dedicated fan of FC Barcelona.

Olek Piekarz

Back-end Developer

As Back-end Developer, Olek is responsible for what happens behind the scenes of LiveChat. After work, he enjoys genre TV shows and sporting events – supporting Polish athletes in whatever sports they compete in. Avid cyclist. His spirit animal is a dolphin.

Kacper Frackowski

QA Engineer

Kacper likes when things are running smooth, no matter if it's software he's testing or a bicycle that he rides on. He’s a big fan of, in no particular order, nature (especially mountains and plants), arch Linux, 20th-century fiction novels, and tenement buildings.

Michal Sokolowski

Back-end Developer

Michal is a Back-end Developer and proud father with a passion for event-driven communication. When he’s not swimming in the digital ocean, he crafts some badass riffs on his guitar. He also loves to play football as it helps him to develop team skills even further.

Tomasz Ratajczyk

QA Engineer

TaliBUG hill fighter club member. In LiveChat, he can be found as Quality Staff Sgt. An experienced QA Test Engineer with a strong interest in projects that require both conceptual and analytical thinking. Fully committed to eliminating bugs, fully satisfied when got one. In private life absolutely addicted to military equipment.

Marcin Debski

Test Automation Engineer

Marcin is responsible for developing and deploying automated testing solutions that help to find bugs in software. Apart from testing, he is passionate about travelling. A few times a year, he grabs backpack and goes someplace he has never been before. He thinks that the most exciting moment in journey is a departure into unknown lands. His favourite travel destination is Southeast Asia.

Sebastian Kamieniarz

Test Automation Engineer

A down-to-earth guy in a constant balancing act of searching the golden mean in life. Sebastian’s primary duty is to make hundreds of test cases magically performed on their own. Outside work, when the weather is favorable, he is probably hiking or climbing. When it’s not, presumably he watches Friends for the nth time, has a good read or plays indie video games. Salted peanuts addict.

Bartlomiej Czop

QA Engineer

During the day, Bartek looks for bugs and makes sure that the statement “you’ll be happy with it” is not a result of a miracle, but a positive coincidence of unfortunate events. Sometimes at night, he’s in search of new stars and galaxies in the sky. He also won’t say no to good sci-fi books, games, and films.

Jakub Fedyczak

Back-end Developer

Jakub is responsible for intricate details of HelpDesk’s API. Atavistically compelled to overthink worst-case scenarios. When not occupied by work, his mind wanders towards everything even remotely connected to new technologies. Loves sci-fi, PlayStation, soldering things, and commuting on his bike. Got questions about Apple products? He has the answers.

Kaja Chade

QA Enginner

Kaja was born to break things, and that’s why she became a tester. Every bug she finds gives her a disturbing satisfaction. In her free time, she ruins her health with exhausting travels with millions of transfers. She would like to be everywhere at the same time. Kaja also loves sophisticated memes and ironic humor, so when she tells a creepy joke over a coffee, stone-faced, don’t be surprised. Sometimes she looks like she wants to murder everyone, but don’t be afraid – it’s just her face in the morning. To win people over, she uses her dog, Izu. Izu is the coolest, isn’t she?

Marcin Grzywaczewski

Senior Front-end Developer

Marcin loves programming, and he’s all about creating quality user experience in HelpDesk. Building cool stuff with code is his big love. From small applications to big businesses, Marcin aims to be the go-to expert when it comes to technical solutions and making stuff “real”. Out of work, you can probably see him lifting weights, talking about philosophy, animals, new fancy tech, or playing computer games. Talk to him, and you’re going to learn about a new sea creature (or two) you’ve never heard of.

Krystian Kozak

Senior Software Tester

Krystian is known for his thorough and meticulous work as a software tester. He dedicates himself to his work to achieve the best possible results. Although he keeps his tasks in perfect order, in his spare time, he likes to mess around a little. He relaxes by listening to techno and gives himself over to his passions. One of his main hobbies is climbing. He likes to keep his body fit and mind healthy by solving boulder problems. Of course, as a geek person, Krystian is interested in astronomy and loves to play video games. Known for his perfection, he masters them to the highest level!

Wojciech Lyskawa

QA Engineer

At work, he makes sure that our products quality is tip-top. At home, he cares about the quality of the food. Apart from that, keen cyclist that likes watching movies from his couch.

Kacper Klarzynski

Senior QA Engineer

Although Kacper is rather calm on a daily basis, he can turn into a real beast when searching for bugs! He is a huge fan of the shift-left approach to testing: one should not only know their enemy but their software as well. At LiveChat, he takes care of our chat widget, making sure that the chatting is a top-notch experience for our customers. When not focusing on work, Kacper is a jack of all trades and a master of none, reading about philosophy and psychology or watching football in his spare time. When the weather is nice, he loves to go for a run. However, his most loved activity is skiing. He dreams about becoming a digital nomad and hiding inside a mountain cabin somewhere in the Alps.

Paulina Grzybek

QA Engineer

Paulina is a native Silesian. Apart from working in IT for over three years, sports were always a part of her life. She was a Latin and ballroom dancer for 12 years. After that, she moved to Wrocław for studies and replaced dancing with strength training. An unusual move, but it worked perfectly for her. She is a decorated powerlifting competitor with many Polish records under her belt. She believes that you can achieve anything you want, but you have to work hard for it. Hard work and consistency always wins with genes! In her free time, she likes cooking and baking as a way to relax. She is also a lover of nature.

Mateusz Cichon

System Administrator

Music makes people more passionate about other things in their lives. Researchers found that listening to 10 of your favorite songs before work improves productivity, creativity, and makes you more open-minded. Mateusz uses this technique to enhance his performance. Besides music, his favorite discipline is cloud computing. He puts all his effort into making all LiveChat’s cloud services run smoothly.

Adam Dudzic

System Administrator

After studying physics, Adam decided that his calling is system administration. After hours, he likes to work on his own homelab whenever he’s not out climbing in a gym or at local crags.

Lukasz Michalik

C++ Developer

Lukasz loves astronomy, and therefore when working on the LiveChat’s backends, he focuses on efficiency, performance, and simplicity.

Grzegorz Luszczyk

C++ Developer

Grzegorz is by nature a lazy creature. Being young and naive he tried to fight it but with time, he learned to embrace it. Nowadays he channels his inner laziness to fight his one true nemesis – repetition. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mundane everyday task or a part of code that looks suspiciously familiar. If it can be automated or generalised it will end up that way sooner or later. Preferably much sooner since having to repeat something takes away precious time. Time that can be spent on a good book or tv show or even better on playing games and theorycrafting.

Pawel Zuczkowski

Test Automation Engineer

Pawel uses Python to automate test cases and makes sure that everything works as it should. He always appreciates constructive feedback that contributes to a positive outcome. Pawel has loved sports since childhood, especially swimming, cycling, hiking, and lifting weights. Apart from that, he is teaching his new dog, Alex, new tricks.

Jedrzej Bogacki

Full-Stack Developer

An economy major with a love for web development. He likes to travel so much that he went on a six-month trip to Portugal where he divided his time between sightseeing, photography and freelance web development projects. No hour is too late for Jedrzej to do some coding. He often stays up until the wee hours of the day whenever he finds a particularly fun coding challenge. A dedicated meat eater, Jedrzej likes to cook and eat burgers.

Konrad Kruk

Product Manager

Konrad is responsible for the continuous development of our chat widget. A JavaScript magician by trade and a huge railroad transport buff privately. Konrad could spend hours talking about trains, the railroad, urban planning and transit. That is if you can catch him between his coding and trainspotting sessions.

Filip Jaskolski

Chief Innovation Officer

Filip is a software developer with particular interest towards front end and design. While he’s no stranger to any CSS, he’s keen on data crunching too. He takes care of developers’ experience and relations at LiveChat. When offline, Filip enjoys producing creepy noises on his digital piano or tinkering with microchips. In the spare time he runs a photo contest for youngsters in Poland or plays a side role as Marv.

Jakub Derda

Platform Manager

At work, Kuba's main focus is finding solutions and turning them into projects. Privately, he's a huge Battlefield franchise fan and secretly playing Call of Duty. He also likes fantasy and science fiction books. If not at home, he likes spending time playing Magic: The Gathering or climbing.

Darek Zabrzenski

Head of ChatBot

Darek is at the helm of our Research and Development team working on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Thanks to his surgeon-like precision and attention to details, you will soon be able to have a conversation over LiveChat with a chat bot. After hours, Darek explores topics like modern medicine and computer-assisted diagnostics. He also likes to test how steady his hands are by constructing electronics and to chill out a bit by watching a movie.

Marcin Dojwa

Leader of API Two Team

Server guru, who never gives up and is a very goal-oriented person. Cares about system reliability and stability. Your software depends on his work and great experience.

Pawel Karoluk

System Administrator

Pawel is our virtualization specialist. Apart from fidgeting with our server structure, matrices and data centers, he’s making sure that everything runs smoothly. He’d want to virtualize everything, from servers and networks to matrices and desktops. When we tell him that this much virtualization is madness, he only says: “Madness…? THIS IS XAAS!”. When not freaking out about virtualization, Pawel trains crossfit and tries his hand in long distance running.

Jan Owsiany

Back-end Developer

His first programming adventure was all about building Flash/ActionScript apps. Passionate about software craftsmanship. Avid learner, always eager to explore the unknown. Dedicated to platform APIs development. Cache invalidation is his middle name. After hours, he loves spending time with his family, hiking, or reading historical fiction novels.

Krzysztof Gorski

Database Administrator

Works with passion on all the activities of product development cycle. He is a savvy sailing master and great leader. In his free time, Krzysztof sings in academic choir and plays bass.

Filip Szczechowiak

Software Developer

Filip is a member of our ChatBot team that takes on the latest and most innovative projects. Concepts like NLP or machine learning are his bread and butter. He likes to blow off steam by cooking (did I mention he’s a pro cook?) and watching a good movie. He likes a good challenge, but the puzzles he solves are unlike the typical crosswords you normally see.

Lukasz Nowicki

System Administrator

Lukasz makes sure that our network infrastructure is operating at optimal levels. A Linux whisperer, Lukasz brought a lot of server administration experience acquired during multiple EU projects to the table. He likes to spend his free time shoving chips across the table to surprise opponents who think he’s holding a low pair when he’s got a full house.

Hubert Staniszewski

Software Developer

Hubert is a member of our ChatBot team who came to LiveChat after a very successful run at our hackathon. Hubert takes on concepts related to NLP and tries to introduce them to LiveChat. He’s also responsible for preparing clean and friendly user interfaces. His out-of-the-box thinking helps him offer the optimal solutions in both these areas. In his free time, Hubert likes to read a good horror story, preferably from Stephen King. He’s also a big movie buff, especially when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy flicks. As you can see, Hubert is also really fond of cooking. However, it’s usually some kind of delicious food and not crystal meth.

Aleksandra Kacperczyk

Developer Education Lead

Once worked with bacteria, now still enjoys breaking things down and explaining the difficult. English is her favorite programming language. When not at home watching Gilmore Girls or sewing, she’s probably hanging out with friends, buying another plant, or on the tennis court trying to hit the ball.

Marta Granisz

Product Designer

A UX designer by day, a quantum physics and astronomy freak… also by day. A woman needs her sleep. As an economy Master with designing and React coding skills, Marta loves making digital products as close to perfection as possible. It could be so easy, but finding too many things just a little too interesting is her biggest guilty pleasure. After hours, you can find her playing calming guitar tunes, kicking asses on the squash court, or passing across mountain chains. Most welcoming with a snowboard affixed to her like-to-be-lazy feet.

Justyna Janowska

UX Designer

Justyna is a wacky UXI designer with a passion for great customer experience. As a true hipster at heart, she loves good cuisine, vintage fashion, analog photography and sad songs. She plans to buy a camper, travel and become a true citizen of the world.

Patrycja Urban

Product Design Lead

Patrycja is an experienced problem hunter and a design mastermind. She combines these skills to come up with simple, user-oriented interfaces and no bug can deceive her! In her free time, she takes long walks (she has walked across almost whole Australia) and hunts stars falling from the night sky.

Michal Jawinski

Product Designer

Michal is focused on designing interactions of the chat widget. He’s passionate about animations and experimental electronic music which he also produces at nights. In his free time, he loves to play basketball, watch audiovisual performances, and read sci-fi books.

Piotr Podgorski

Head of LiveChat

A product guy with a strong focus on business and metrics. People believer. In his free time he likes to read books and check new food places around the city.

Malgorzata Swierczak

Product Manager

Gosia can snipe difficult tech problems with the same proficiency and skill she displays when hitting targets at an archery range. In her spare time, Gosia drinks mead, wears leather armor and hunts goblins during outdoor LARP sessions.

Sylwia Sobolewska

Product Manager

If LiveChat was hiring for the incredible sense of humor, she would be a CEO. In the meantime LiveChat values skills, experience, and positive attitude more so she works as a Product Manager. She is ready to solve the most complex and cross-team prob… ummmm… opportunities :). Sylwia is also passionate about coffee, does latte art like a pro and she has a happy soul of a backpacker. All that in one body!

Milosz Zarzycki

Product Manager

Milosz is a certified philosopher, father of two cats and 19 plants. He’s in love with traveling for a long time. Milosz is on a mission to build useful and usable products for clients. That’s why he uses a mix of analytical thinking and digital trends knowledge to understand their needs and problems better. In his work, he also focuses on the atmosphere in his team to fully develop their talents and happiness.

Bartosz Skrabka

Product Designer

Bartek is a Product Designer who strives for simplicity and usability in the UI. He’s looking at the product from a bird’s-eye perspective to ensure his designs fit the larger vision of the product. When not working, he loves cruising down the powder slopes, skating around the city, or paddling on nearby lakes.

Jacob Firuta

Data Analyst

An apprentice wordsmith with quite a temper and a passion for writing. A spitfire that gets pulled into arguments easily but always has a laugh about it afterwards. When not writing, Jacob spends far too much time gaming, watching B class asian movies and riding his road bicycle.

Ania Haczkowska

UX Researcher

Ania is a (UX) Researcher, translating challenges into questions and answers into actionable insights. She can spend hours listening to people and analysing a subject without her brain getting overheated. When she finds the answers, Ania dresses them up in ironic humor and lots of funky numbers. She says that’s thanks to her knack for balancing between art and science, psychology and business, digging deep and looking wide. In her free time, she is usually staring at power sockets in modern art museums, wandering around abandoned buildings, and hunting items with souls on flea markets.

Marek Stepien

Head of Data and Research

Marek makes sure our data and research insights turn into actions. He is a real data freak, whether at work or during workouts. After trying many various sports, he is now into triathlons, where every watt generated during cycling and every stroke during swimming is being recorded. When not training, or sometimes even while training, you can meet him in the mountains hiking with his wife and two adopted dogs.

Lucyna Matyja-Kajor

Data Analyst

Graduated from Spanish philology to quickly learn that her boundless patience is perfect for working on endless SQL queries. She’s into getting as many break-through insights as possible, data visualization, and data warehouses. In her spare time, Lucy plays lacrosse, board games, participates in Pub Quizzes, and takes care of Brenda—her beloved Labrador. At night, she dreams of watching every TV show ever created.

Radek Zarzecki

Data Analyst

Radek is an intro-extravert. If he was in the Apollo 11 mission, he’d be Michael Collins. He’s a fan of British music and American physicists. Radek seeks patterns in day-to-day life and tries to fit our world into data. At the same time, he strongly believes in individual privacy. He’s fascinated by Nintendo's design philosophy.

Agnieszka Jaskiewicz

Head of Social Media

Agnieszka takes care of our social media channels and makes sure that our followers receive a healthy dose of interesting stuff every day. She spends way more time talking to people online than she does with us in the office. When we do manage to talk to her, it’s always about amazingly cheap travel deals, the new hot kale diet and the occasional dry joke (so, so dry). Even though this may sound like a strange combination of topics, she probably has us all figured out since she majored in psychology.

Jakub Fidala

SEM Specialist

Knows dark sorcery of PPC Ads, Analytics and Tag Manager. +15 Google Analytics skills, +40 magical power to data-driven marketing, +25 experience to quick conversion setup and +30 wisdom to spreadsheets scripts. In free time, he’s playing games (has been running esports team for a year), riding a motorcycle, walking in Tatry mountains and gaining more knowledge about online marketing.

Szymon Bialas

Social Media Specialist

Szymon is a Social Media Specialist, which means that he knows every single meme and piece of digital content before it goes viral. It's almost impossible, so his attention is focused on handling social media profiles and spreading the word about our products' awesomeness. In the meantime, he tries to master the unique skill of multitasking, which includes dealing with a temperamental dog (Oh, hello there, Loki!), getting lost in new video games, finding cheap flight tickets, and the never-ending search for a magnificent app which will help him organize everything above.

Lukasz Wardega

Community Specialist

Whether it’s brewing coffee, playing table tennis, watching a movie, reading a book, dancing or writing a poem, Łukasz always tries to enjoy and find value in what he’s currently doing. He claims that life is not about enjoying a certain hobby – life is about enjoying life, whatever we might be doing. At work, he’s making sure that members of online communities will find our products suitable for their needs.

Daria Zaboj

Content Specialist

Daria loves interacting with online communities and answering questions concerning chats and bots. She is a former English teacher and sharing knowledge is in her blood. After work, she enjoys taking pictures of industrial cities and using Zenit lenses while doing that. And from time to time, she plays some Indie Folk melodies on her best-loved ukulele.

Olga Rogacka

Content Writer

Olga is a Content Writer, who can also do some buzz in Social Media. She loves connecting to new people via social media. She’s amazed by the power of 140 characters. Passionate about travels, compulsive shopper and good food lover. She loves spending free time on tennis court.

Kuba Rogalski

Content Marketer

Kuba once thought he'd become a pro soccer player. He's not sure how that started, but he became a pro content marketer instead. It's worked out pretty well so far. Outside of work, he and his wife spend most of their free time are busy raising their little boy, and it’s a fun ride. If it's not evident from his picture, Kuba circles back to watching and playing soccer matches when he has a moment to himself.

Justyna Polaczyk

Content Writer

Justyna is a rebellious spirit that will either knock you out with her writing or with her fist. When not working, Justyna practices her roller derby skills under the name of ‘Bad Devil’. She’s also a part of the first polish national team that played part in Roller Derby World Cup. Yikes!

Weronika Masternak

Content Marketer

Words have great power and so does Weronika. She loves to answer the burning questions and not just when she's creating a new piece of content. She has the heaps of energy, curiosity, and empathy necessary to understand this crazy world. Also, Weronika is a great fan of sociology, weightlifting, and music from the '90s. She's unstoppable, and she wants it that way.

Dawid Gawel

Senior Web Developer

Dawid takes care of our website and makes sure everything works and looks as good as it does now. Dawid’s fluent in a dozen or so programming languages and likes to automate everything he feasibly can. In his free time, he’s a loving husband and a father. He’s also a huge jazzhead and a big proponent of the free market economy. He could talk about these two things all day (and probably all night if you let him).

Michal Szczyglowski

Partner Acquisition Specialist

Michal helps us find more and more Partners for our Affiliate Program. He’s quite the traveller and Europe is slowly getting too small for him. Right now, Michal has his sights on a far bigger goals: Asia, South America and Africa. To blow off steam, he likes to play games – both on the football pitch as well as on his gaming console.

Bartlomiej Otlowski

Motion Graphic Designer

His favorite color is black. Why? For the glory of Satan, of course! Bart is a minimalist.

Maciek Pankiewicz

Product Designer

(Web)Surfer since 1996, Maciej wrote his first line of code two years later. During his BSc in Computer Science, he merged an engineer’s mind with a creative soul and took the design path. His style comes from precision and symmetry, where every detail matters. Maciej brings designs to real-life while exploring users’ needs and blends meaningful values with a business strategy. He loves cars and racing them at night. Surfer wannabe who also longboards, watches Formula 1, and casually plays basketball.

Marcos Bravo

Brand Ambassador/Video Host

For the last 20 years, Marcos has held basically every position in the sales and marketing world, from a junior sales to a CMO. Now, he shines in LiveChat as our brand ambassador and the face of our knowledge-sharing project Success. He is a one of a kind public speaker and truly enjoys helping and getting the best out of the people around him. He is originally from Chile but made the world his oyster.

Rafal Kloc

Product Marketing Manager

He thinks that stopping bullets is way easier than building meaningful products. That’s why he always tries to see a broader perspective of his work. He’s a strategist who loves the process of discovering and creating new things. In his free time, he likes taking photos and listening to audiobooks. He’s also a sports enthusiast.

Patrycja Bratkowska

Web Developer

Patrycja takes care of our LiveChat and HelpDesk websites by giving them new designs. She graduated from branding studies and was a marketing specialist before she started working as a web developer. She even founded her branding magazine, yay! She is a pleasant and empathic person, always focused on understanding other perspectives. In her free time, she reads books about science and psychology. She loves traveling and experiencing new countries.

Jakub Gogola

Junior Full-Stack Developer

Jakub works on integrating LiveChat with other platforms. It’s thanks to him that you can easily install LiveChat on your website’s online shop or in your fridge. After hours, he studies computer science at “Polibuda”, reads a lot of fantasy books (especially those written by Polish authors), and rides a bike. He is powered by a black coffee engine. Without sugar, of course.

Marcin Nawrocki

Design Lead

Responsible for the visual layer of the LiveChat product. Interested in the areas of UI, usability and motion design. Knows how to transform business needs into a visual layer satisfying the needs of users. Marcin is always looking for the best way to solve a problem. He loves bringing projects to life with prototyping. In his free time, he explores the world from above with a drone. A huge fan of the “Saw” movie.

Szymon Biegas

Product Marketing Manager

Being responsible for LiveChat campaigns and promotion, Szymon tries to put marketing pieces together into a well-oiled machine. He believes that simple solutions are the best in both work and in life. Away from work, he dives into soccer and business news to follow transfer gossip, results, and companies’ success stories. During his studies, he was a soccer commentator and radio journalist. He’s a regular reader of Forbes, a cyclist, squash player, and traveler (especially to countries from Eastern Europe).

Daniel Zielinski

Marketplace Specialist

Customer-focused guy. Daniel is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. A rebel to the status quo. He loves a challenge. Known to be a book freak and avid long distance runner.

Kamil Zajac

Integrations Developer

Imagine a guy that travels to all the places that you’ve always wanted to go to. A guy that skis down the world’s highest peaks, climbs the most difficult walls and wins marathons. He’s sensitive to the beauty of art, music, and poems. A guy that is always there for you, ready to listen to your problems. Well, Kamil is not him. Kamil is just another creepy dude from IT.

Michal Sypko

Integrations Developer

Impossible? Michal believes in six impossible things before breakfast! As a former game designer, he tries to solve any problem with creativity to find the best solution. At odd times he becomes a full nerd and starts a coding marathon, which usually results in new LiveChat integration or internal tool. In his spare time, Michal is an active member of Dziobak Larp Studio and TURBOLARP, where he is a Technician Guru for various extraordinary experiences. He loves music (both listening and producing), and music loves him.

Przemyslaw Barski

Web Developer

Przemek is responsible for the development and maintenance of the LiveChat website in its evolving beauty. With a soul of a hacker, he perceives life as a series of happy little problems waiting to be solved, yet still knows when to relax. Apart from LiveChat, he is a bassist, singer, and operations manager in the Bleeding Moses band. He also has an electronic workshop where he designs and constructs guitar stompbox effects and MIDI controllers. On top of that, he has a blog about rock band logistics, management, and technical tips and tricks.

Pawel Halas

Partner Program Manager

Pawel is responsible for finding places where people talk about LiveChat and participate in those conversations to spread our brand even further. As a typical NBA fan living in Europe, Pawel goes to sleep really late and is barely conscious in the morning. That’s why a cup of joe is the first thing he thinks about when he comes to the office in the morning. You can usually find him with his headphones on, listening to some weird stuff or, to his all time favorites, the Beastie Boys.

Malgorzata Buksinska

Graphic Designer

If you wonder who is crazy about typography and stopped using Comic Sans in elementary school – it’s Gosia. She uses the language of visual communication on a daily basis by combining illustrations, editorial and information design with a pinch of humor and a splash of color. When she’s not performing her graphic voodoo, you can probably find her listening to music unless she has her nose in a book. She’s also a cat lover with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Arkadiusz Syrowiec

Video Editor

At LiveChat, most of the motion pictures are Ari’s job. He rides a skateboard and snowboard but also grooves on Sci-Fi movies, astronomy, and quantum physics. After work, he takes his videography only as a form of personal expression. Secret weapon – color grading.

Mateusz Rzysko

Product Marketing Manager

Mateusz is a Product Marketing Manager in the Partnership Team. His primary responsibility is to communicate the awesomeness of our partner program. Besides that, he’s into dad jokes and memes. Also, he likes turtles.

Wojciech Peterman

Full-Stack Developer

Wojtek is responsible for the technical part of the LiveChat Partner Program. He’s a very goal-focused person who loves to spend his free time on traveling and meeting new people while he’s at it. His attitude to work and spending free time can be pretty well summed up with his favorite motto: “Real life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Agnieszka Nowak


Agnieszka is our dedicated special tasks agent. She makes sure that we don’t forget to eat and helps us to put 100% of our time into preparing the best live chat out there. On one hand Agnieszka is an avid climber. She loves spending her free time scaling steep rock walls along Via ferratas. On the other hand, she likes sailing and is an certified inland skipper. Between her climbing and sailing adventures, she likes to work on DIY projects like rejuvenating old furniture.

Anna Kaiser


Ania is a financial whiz. On a daily basis, settles accounts, takes care of tons of important documents, approves payments and assigns the heap of invoices to collective payments! Quite challenging, right?! Offstage, Ania is a happy mother who dreams about becoming an astronaut and going into space.

Justyna Martyna


Normally Justyna takes care of invoices to be entered and accounted on time. In a nutshell, she cares about the satisfaction of our contractors. Any questions about finances? Go ahead! In her free time she loves skiing, it’s a part of her life. She also enjoys traveling around the world, especially to Italy :)

Katarzyna Janiszewska

Attorney at Law

Katarzyna helps LiveChat with all legal issues. Instead of using C++, NodeJS, GO or HTML she strongly prefers to use “real words”. Active, always busy, likes challenges and adrenaline. In her free time she likes traveling, sports and good movies but her true addiction is dancing. As a professional lawyer, she never loses her appeal.

Marcin Droba

Investor Relations Manager

At LiveChat, Marcin cares about our shareholders and investors. When he doesn’t answer their questions, he cultivates his inner-geekiness (by playing games such as Mass Effect, reading books by Lem, Tolkien, Dukaj, Martin, and others, or watching TV shows such as Babylon 5, Expanse or Firefly). Some time ago, he and his wife, Ania, were adopted by a dog named Maja, who agreed to move out of the shelter and live with them.

Katarzyna Rogowska

Head of Legal

Kasia supports the LiveChat legal department with her extensive knowledge of intellectual property law. She is proactive, naturally energetic and invigorated by new law challenges in a fast-paced IT environment. In LiveChat, she tackles contracts and IP life-cycle management with tenacity and an analytical mindset. Well-versed in identifying projects risk and keeping deadlines. Diligent, self-driven lawyer and, at the same time, warm, smiling, passionate about family life. An avid reader, lover of design, board-games, and food.

Katarzyna Jankiewicz


She became an accountant because the association she was a member of needed a treasurer. A scout guide, LARP organizer and player. She loves both team and individual sports, like basketball and aerial hoop. And boogie-woogie, the only dance in the world that matters. Also mountains, dogs, books, and TV series. And she thinks that someone should invent Time-Turner because the day is definitely too short.

Bartosz Olchowka

LiveChat fellow. Maker. The innovation man.

Urszula Jarzebowska

Member of the Board

An integral member of LiveChat from day one, Urszula heads up the company’s finance and administration activities as CFO. She has 12 years of financial experience with both public and venture-backed companies. Urszula holds a Master of Arts degree in accounting.

Piotr Bednarek

Chief Operating Officer

Making the company operating at full throttle is Piotr’s main focus. He does his best to reforge LiveChat’s strategy into action. Huge people believer and a sports enthusiast – he loves squash and bicycling.

Joanna Alwin

Chief Financial Officer

Well versed in the art of accounting, Joanna makes sure that every invoice, declaration or any other important piece of paper is double-checked, signed and archived. When not mastering her paper-fu, Joanna likes to skid dangerously fast on snowy mountain slopes or conquer muddy and forgotten paths on her bike.

Maciej Malesa

Chief Technical Officer

Responsible for our backend infrastructure. He has vertical responsibilities and full understanding of servers and web services.

Karolina Popow

Chief Product Officer

With so many product development ideas flying around, Karolina is the person who makes sure that all of them end up serving our customers. As a Product Manager, she researches new features, makes sure they get to our customers ASAP and then checks how big of an impact they make. As an avid cyclist, Karolina likes to spend her free time on a bike, going up and down the hills and enjoying the scenery.

Szymon Klimczak

Chief Marketing Officer

As LiveChat’s CMO, Szymon focuses on expanding product visibility and reach through SEO, integrations, partner programs and more. Szymon is a Certified Google Adwords Professional and worked in the domain/hosting industry before joining LiveChat in 2006. He earned a master’s degree in international economic relations. In his free time, he’s on the basketball court, follows the NBA on a daily basis, occasionally tweets (@SKlimczak) and writes on the LiveChat blog.

Agnieszka Susidko

Chief People Officer

Agnieszka is responsible for HR at LiveChat and generally makes sure that we don’t want to kill each other on a daily basis. That takes a lot character and Agnieszka has no shortage of that. She’s a real rock’n’roller who enjoys live performances at music festivals. She also has a calmer side: she likes photographing everything, reading up on mountain-climbing expeditions and training her dog.

Mariusz Cieply

Chief Executive Officer

Mariusz has been with LiveChat since its founding in 2002 – first as software developer, later as project manager and now as its CEO. Mariusz is LiveChat’s product lead and evangelizer, driving product creation that is changing the face of ecommerce. He holds an MSc in Computer Science. When he’s not at LiveChat, Mariusz runs marathons, plays tennis, and enjoys his latest passion… wakeboarding.

Maciej Serafinowicz

Chief Creative Officer

The creative force behind all LiveChat graphics that manifested into human form. With his mighty brush and the power of colors, he paints the world a much more exciting place.

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