Sales is more than transactions. Each sale is an opportunity to create a lasting connection. In Sell we give you tips for online sales, lead generation, and customer retention. But we also want to show how sales is a part of outstanding customer service.

Increase Sales through Ingenious Product Content – Here’s Your Guide

Think product descriptions don’t matter? Think again. According to a recent study by Salsify, 87% of online shoppers say that product description is either extremely or very important as they consider purchasing decisions. And Overstock reported that once it began using... read more

Marie Fincher
7 minutes
Jan 11, 2019

10 Lead Magnets that Will Help You Grow Lead Database

There are four reasons to use lead magnets. In the beginning, we use them to make contact with a potential customer. Another thing is giving away free stuff to establish a bond with users. The third reason is e-mail address gathering and the last, but the most important one: we... read more

Sylwester Karnuszewicz
10 minutes
Jan 4, 2019

Ecommerce CRO: How to Properly Measure and Increase Site Conversion

If you are on an e-commerce business, then the conversion is your ultimate goal. All your marketing initiatives are then centered on conversion rate optimization. Improving your conversion rate is very important because it tells how effective you are in transforming mere visitors... read more

Andi Croft
10 minutes
Dec 21, 2018

It’s Christmas Time – Best Christmas Ads of 2018

The Christmas time is coming! Among us, there are two kinds of people: those who love Christmas and… Yes, Grinches. Grinches like to grumble about the holiday decorations and songs, about crowds of people, about the fact that they need to buy gifts, or because they hate cleaning.... read more

Justyna Polaczyk
5 minutes
Dec 11, 2018

Amazon vs. eBay: Which Is Better For Selling Online?

Gone are the days where you need a brick and mortar store to thrive in the retail business. Online marketplaces provide the best alternative and are perfect platforms for eCommerce entrepreneurs. By registering as a seller in any one of these online marketplaces, e-commerce... read more

Nathan Sharpe
9 minutes
Dec 4, 2018

7 Signs Your Digital CX Strategy is About to Backfire

Keeping your customers unhappy for long is bound to affect your business in a negative way. Do you know that U.S. companies lose over $62 billion annually, simply because of poor customer support? You might find it quite alarming that just after one negative experience, 51% of... read more

Jedda Cain
8 minutes
Nov 30, 2018

Blueprint Your Customer: How to Generate Leads in Insurance Industry

Leads. Leads. Leads. Working in any eCommerce, sales or SaaS organization, this is the only word that gets thrown around the company like a stuck record. Not only is generating leads the lifeblood of any organization but converting them means that everyone in your company can... read more

Dave Schneider
8 minutes
Nov 23, 2018

How the Internet of Things is Transforming Customer Experience

The IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most popular phrases in the tech industry at the moment. The technology is rapidly expanding and so are the number of devices. In fact, IHS Markit expects that by 2030, 125 billion devices could be connected via the IoT. So what exactly... read more

8 minutes
Nov 20, 2018

8 Ways to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

Picture this – you are heading a brick and mortar store and watching customers lined up at the cash counter makes for a delightful sight until they abruptly change their minds and leave without making a purchase. Ouch. Now, that’s a ‘so close, yet so far’ kind of a situation.... read more

Adela Belin
7 minutes
Nov 9, 2018

Compared E-commerce Platforms for Building a Perfect Site That Converts

Running a successful online business is never an easy task. Whether a business will succeed or not depends on numerous factors, some of which aren’t even in your control. Luckily, this means that there are factors that you can control and it means that choosing the best... read more

Nina Ritz
7 minutes
Nov 6, 2018

How to Increase Conversions and Leads With LiveChat

The main problem faced by customers during online shopping is they do not have someone to answer their questions right away. And they want to have someone to address their concerns and help them in real time. 51% of customers think that businesses should not only be available,... read more

5 minutes
Nov 2, 2018

How to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate with Live Chat

I like to dig out marketing insights like a gold miner digs for gold. Uncovering a new marketing insight is like discovering a gold nugget that has the potential to increase ecommerce conversion rate. Conversion is where the money is. Recently, as I was digging through data for a... read more

Michael Cooney
7 minutes
Oct 12, 2018

6 Email Personalization Techniques You Can Start Using in Your Campaigns

As sophisticated digital marketing strategies continue to evolve and produce impressive results, a question that often comes up is: “is email marketing still relevant?” It is. Its average ROI of $44 for every $1 spent shouldn’t and will not go away anytime soon. Thanks to its... read more

Pauline Farris
7 minutes
Sep 7, 2018

How to Create Product Demos That Sell Better

Recording or hosting live product demos are a great way for inbound sales teams to better connect with customers. No matter what you sell, the product demo can move a lead along by showing the range of features and benefits in one comprehensive experience. A demo isn’t... read more

Win Risner
6 minutes
Sep 5, 2018

Companies Offering Convenience Are Taking Over The World

I think that there is a revolution taking place in the world of business. I call it The Convenience Revolution, and I’ve written an entire book about it and how you can use convenience to take your customer service to the next level. This revolution is affecting all kinds of... read more

Shep Hyken
5 minutes
Aug 31, 2018