Creative Examples to Say Thank You for Your Order

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Dec 7, 2023
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In sales, it's easy to get caught up in the numbers and transactions, but let's not overlook the heartbeat of every successful venture – loyal customers.

The "Thank you for your order" message is a simple yet powerful way to bridge the gap between a mere transaction and a meaningful connection. Implementing customer appreciation in your sales strategy can help you turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

What's inside this article?

Valued customers build meaningful relationships

In the fast-paced world of commerce, it's easy to view customers as mere transactions. However, understanding that each purchase represents a person with unique preferences, needs, and choices is key to fostering meaningful, long-lasting relationships. But how do you do that?

Look for the human element beyond each transaction.

By expressing gratitude, you acknowledge that each customer is a vital part of your journey, contributing financially, and with their trust and loyalty.

Build trust through genuine appreciation

Trust is the foundation of any meaningful relationship, including the one between a business and its customers. When you express gratitude and make a customer feel valued, you instantly create a bond beyond the business’ transactional nature. That's how you increase the chances of customer retention.

Turning one-time buyers into a loyal customer base

Appreciating customers is not just good manners – it's a strategic move towards customer loyalty. When customers feel appreciated, they are more likely to return. In addition, a satisfied customer becomes an advocate, and word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful lever for your online store.

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Personalization matters

Customers don't want to feel like a faceless entity in a sea of transactions. Personalization gives you a chance to create a long-lasting connection. By appreciating customers individually and considering their preferences and needs, you send a strong signal that customer satisfaction matters and that you look forward to serving them in the future.

“Thank you for your order” card

A personalized touch with handwritten notes

Handwritten notes hold a unique power. It's a personal touch that transcends the virtual realm, making customers feel valued. Handwritten notes on "Thank you for your order" cards add a human element to the transaction, creating a connection beyond the product itself. 

Personalization can be a strength for small businesses, resulting in more customers willing to support local businesses. We'll explore how this personalization can turn a routine purchase into a memorable experience.

Example for a small business: Imagine receiving a package with a heartfelt card, "Thank you for choosing us. You've made our day. Now, let our product make yours!" written in ink. And how about offering some post-purchase discounts? Just saying.

Design and content ideas for “Thank you for your order” cards

The design of your "Thank you for your order" card is a canvas for expressing your brand personality. From color schemes that match your brand identity to graphics that evoke a positive emotional response, make sure the visual elements make your card not just a piece of paper but an extension of your brand. 

Content-wise, use the language that resonates with your audience but keep your brand voice, balancing professionalism and friendliness.

Example: A card with a clean, minimalist design featuring your brand's logo and a warm, appreciative message. The design reflects the simplicity and elegance of your products, while the message conveys genuine gratitude.

thank you for your order cards
source: Etsy

Benefits of including a thank you card with orders

Beyond the warm fuzzies, there are tangible benefits to slipping a “Thank you for your order” card into each shipment:

  1. Brand recognition: A well-designed card reinforces your brand in the customer's mind. It's a subtle yet effective way to increase brand recall.
  2. Social media sharing: Customers often share their unboxing experiences on social media. A thoughtful card can be a share-worthy element, amplifying your brand's visibility.
  3. Bigger chances for repeated business: Positive experience with the brand encourages customers to make the next purchase. The card acts as a reminder of the positive association with your brand.

Let's explore how similar sentiments can be extended through notes in confirmation emails.

“Thank you for your order” emails

Sending confirmation emails

Confirmation emails are like the opening notes of a symphony – they set the tone for the entire customer experience. Including a "Thank you for your order" note at this stage is more than a formality, it's an opportunity to make a lasting impression. Customers talk positively about the brands that build an emotional connection and exceed their expectations.

Gaining loyal customers through personalization

Personalization is the secret sauce for customer loyalty. Using the customer's name, referencing a recent purchase, or suggesting complementary products can create a tailored experience. This personal touch builds a sense of connection, showing that your brand sees each customer as an individual rather than a faceless consumer.

#1 “Thank you for your order” email template for an online store

Subject: Your [Company Name] Order Confirmation 🌟

Hi [Customer's Name],

Your order (#123456) is confirmed and coming to you! 🎉

Item(s) Ordered:

  1. [Product Name 1]
  2. [Product Name 2]
  3. [Product Name 3]

Total Amount: $XX.XX

Thank You for shopping with us! We're grateful you chose [Brand Name]. Your order is more than a transaction, it's an opportunity to brighten your day. Stay tuned for shipping updates!

Best, [Brand Name] Team

P.S. Share your joy with us! Tag us on social media or leave a review.

#2 “Thank you for your order” email template for a party equipment

Subject: [Customer's Name], Your [Company Name] Fiesta is in the Works! 🎉

Hola [Customer's Name],

¡Fiesta alert! Your order (#123456) is currently practicing its salsa moves and gearing up to samba its way to your casa! 💃🕺

Order Extravaganza:

Star-studded Lineup:

  1. [Product Name 1]
  2. [Product Name 2]
  3. [Product Name 3]

Total Party Investment: $XX.XX (because parties this good come at a price!)

Gracias for Choosing Us! Your order isn't just a package – it's a VIP ticket to the [Brand Name] extravaganza. Stay tuned for shipping confetti – it’s on its way!

Tracking number: 1Z9999999999999999

Cheers, The [Brand Name] Party Squad

P.S. Capture the fiesta! Share your unboxing pics, or drop us a review bomb. Let's keep the celebration alive!

Wouldn’t you be curious about the next email? Or recommend this online store to your friends?

“Thank you for your order” stickers

Enhancing packaging with branded stickers

Stickers are more than just decorations – they're brand ambassadors. Make your branded stickers a vital part of your packaging. Ensure your stickers align with your brand's color scheme, logo, and overall aesthetic. Consistency builds brand recognition. 

Use stickers to seal packages or as a focal point on the box. Their placement should enhance the unboxing experience. Include a short and sweet thank you message or a catchy slogan on the sticker to reinforce appreciation.

Another creative way to enhance customer experience and make it easier for customers to reach you is to use LiveChat's stickers with QR codes. Whether it’s on packaging, promotional materials inside the package, or even your in-store products, customers can scan the code and connect with you. 

QR chat code on the package
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Creative and eye-catching sticker designs

Creativity grabs attention. Make your stickers stand out by using unique shapes and illustrations. Experiment with matte, glossy, or textured finishes to make your stickers visually appealing and touch-worthy.

thank you for your order sticker
Source: Etsy

“Thank you for your order” quotes

You can incorporate brand values in these quotes to create a narrative that resonates with your audience. Here are examples tailored to different values:

  1. Innovation: "In every order, we see the canvas for innovation. Thank you for joining us on this creative journey."
  2. Sustainability: "With each purchase, you contribute to our shared commitment to a greener tomorrow. Thank you for choosing sustainability with us."
  3. Quality: "Crafting excellence in every product, we are grateful for customers who appreciate quality artistry. Thank you for being a connoisseur of excellence."
  4. Community: "Together, we're not just customers and sellers – we're a community. Thank you for being an integral part of ours."
  5. Passion: "Passion is the heartbeat of our brand, and your order is its melody. Thank you for keeping the passion alive."

If you're into quotes, look at these Sales Quotes to Help You Keep a Positive Attitude!

thank you for your order messages

“Thank you for your order” message templates

It's always refreshing to switch up your messaging. Check out the alternative messages you can use instead of the classic "Thank you for your order. Here are the shipping details."

Use these messages in your emails, on chat, with handwritten notes, or on thank you cards:

  1. "You've made our day!"
  2. "Hooray! Your [Product] adventure begins!"
  3. "You're officially part of the [Brand name] club!"
  4. "Brace yourself – [customer's name]'s package is en route!"
  5. "You just unleashed a wave of [product] awesomeness!"
  6. "Let the [product] party commence!"
  7. "You've ignited the [brand name] magic!"
  8. "High-fives for choosing [brand name] – you're awesome!"
  9. "Get ready to dive into the world of [product] perfection!"
  10. "Your [product] passport is stamped and ready for adventure!"
  11. "Buckle up, [customer's name] – Your [product] joyride is here!"
  12. "We can't contain our excitement – Your [product] is coming!"
  13. "Prepare for [product] bliss – coming soon to your doorstep!"
  14. "Bringing [product] happiness to your world – thanks for choosing Us!"
  15. "Congratulations – you're now the proud owner of [product] excellence!"
  16. "Ready, set, [product] – your unforgettable experience is underway!"
  17. "Drumroll, please! Your [product] extravaganza is coming your way!"
  18. "Hold the phone – Your [product] delight is just around the corner!"
  19. "Guess what? You just ordered a ticket to [product] paradise!"

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If you're into something even more memorable and funny, check out these messages:

  1. "Congrats! Your [product] is breaking free from our office zoo!"
  2. "Hold onto your hat, [customer's name] - your [product] is on a rollercoaster ride to you!"
  3. "Breaking news: Your [product] is ditching the couch and heading your way!"
  4. "Ready to welcome your new [product] overlord? It's en route!"
  5. "Good news: Your [product] is officially out of witness protection and headed to your place!"
  6. "Your [product] just got its pilot's license. Prepare for landing!"
  7. "Hold tight! Your [product] is on a rocket-powered skateboard to your door!"
  8. "Buckle up, [customer's name] - your [product] is about to slide into your life like a penguin on ice!"
  9. "Your [product] is like a kid on a sugar high - it's on its way, and there's no stopping it!"
  10. "Warning: Your [product] is armed with charm and headed straight for your heart!"
  11. "Get ready for a surprise visit from your new best friend: [product]!"
  12. "We're sending your [product] on a solo mission to be the life of your living room party!"
  13. "Your [product] is practicing its stand-up routine on the journey to your doorstep. Get ready to laugh!"
  14. "Your [product] just learned how to breakdance. Prepare for some funky moves!"

Feel free to use these thank you messages to make your customers' day brighter.

Thank you for your order - Scentsy example

In 2023, Scentsy ranked No. 18 in the DSN Global 100 list for direct-selling companies. Scentsy is a company known for its line of fragrance products, particularly its scented wax warmers. 

One of the unique aspects of Scentsy is its direct selling model. The company relies on independent consultants, known as Scentsy Consultants, who sell Scentsy products directly to consumers through home parties, online sales, and other channels.

Scentsy's unique approach to customer appreciation

Scentsy goes beyond selling scents. It offers a personalized fragrance journey for each customer. The brand emphasizes the personal touch by connecting customers with Scentsy Consultants for tailored recommendations.

Scentsy also incorporated gratitude into its business model. They use thoughtful packaging, include thank you notes for each purchase, and are very generous with the free samples. They include scent samples or limited-edition items in orders as a token of appreciation. Besides that, they acknowledge customer milestones, like anniversaries with the brand.

These practices highlight Scentsy's commitment to a personalized and gratitude-driven customer experience, setting it apart in fragrance and lifestyle brands. The experience with the brand is so good it increases the chances of customers making the next purchase. All over again.

Look how Scentsy sellers take "Thank you for your order" to the next level. These examples can be incorporated into any online business.

A valued customer is a repeat customer

By investing in the appreciation of customers, you unlock the gateway to a cycle of loyalty. A satisfied customer becomes a returning customer, and a returning customer becomes your brand advocate.

So, business owners, remember to value your customers, express gratitude for each new purchase, and witness the magic of making customers not just satisfied but devoted partners in the continuous support of your business. 

After all, the customer who truly appreciates your business becomes the most valuable asset.

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