5 Ways You Can Use Live Chat in Conversion Rate Optimization

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Aug 10, 2016
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Live chat conversion rate

There is this one frustrating moment in every entrepreneur's career. It’s when you put your heart into building a business, create an amazing product, get a lot of website traffic only to get a few customers in the end.

Everything seems to run perfectly: there is traffic on your website, customers are browsing through your products, they are sending emails with product inquiries, but yet - conversion rate is far from perfect.

Average website conversion rates tend to fall between 1 to 5 percent and yours is… Well, below that level.

Luckily, there is a way to track the behavior of your website visitors, offer assistance and prevent them from leaving your shopping cart. Conversion rate optimization is possible thanks to one complex solution: live chat software (want it? try it, it costs nothing).

From this post, you’ll learn five things on how to increase conversions with live chat.

1. Automated chat greetings

Imagine that you want to buy your partner a birthday gift.

You enter a store to check what’s offered, and while you’re browsing through the products, you realize that you have no idea what you’d like to buy. Luckily, the shop assistant was observing you discretely, so once they notice that you need help, they approach you to offer it.

Live chat greetings work the same way. Once your customer enters your website, you can set up your greeting so it invites your customer to chat anytime you think they would like to get help. E.g. after 5 minutes browsing your website.

Visitors invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers than the ones who don’t chat. Also, 61% of those customers convert within the first chat!

2. Personalized customer service

According to the American Express Survey, 78% of consumers don’t make a purchase because of a poor service experience. That’s why you shouldn't deliver best possible customer service only.

You should deliver the best personalized customer service.

It’s very easy to add a personal touch during a chat. The first thing you can do is to add agent’s photos to make the experience more natural and engaging. You can also personalize the greeting message. Targeted offers convert better!

The application also gives you all basic information about your customers: their name, email address, geolocation, the pages they were just browsing and information about their previous chats.

Does it transfer into customer happiness? You bet. According to LiveChat customer happiness report, the average customer happiness for over 8.4 thousands of companies from 21 industries and 118 countries was 86.63%. It means that almost nine people out of 10 were happy with their live chat experience.

3. Chat invitations can deal with cart abandonment

The shopping cart is the worst place to lose a customer because it means that they wanted to make a purchase, but they resigned.

There can be many reasons why your customers don’t buy your products or service. Maybe the shipping costs were too high. Maybe they were not sure if the product will fit their needs. Maybe there’s a different problem you don’t know about.

How could you find out the reason? By using chat invitations.

Chat invitations are short messages encouraging customers to start a chat. You can use them in different situations. For example, you can create a greeting that will start when somebody goes back and forth between two similar products. In such cases, you can offer help that might lead to purchase.

Invitations strongly affect conversion rate optimization. According to our data, using chat invitations result in the average conversion rate of 7.28%!

Conversion rate optimization

4. Post-chat surveys

Another way to find out what customers think about your company, about the quality of your customer service or simply about customer pain points is a post-chat survey.

A great thing about it is that in most cases, you can use default survey questions or customize it to your liking. So if you think that your customers have problems with your billing process, you can ask this question in the post-chat survey.

You can also ask your customers to rate their chats, which could help to indicate how good (or bad) your customer service team is.

Using post-chat surveys is a great opportunity to get feedback that is essential for service or product improvement. Knowing your visitors is also key to providing a great personal service.

5. Team effectiveness tracking

High quality is one of the reasons why your customers will come back and buy from you. And I’m not only speaking about the quality of your products but their overall experience on your website.

If your website is slow, the billing process difficult, landing pages are hard to read, your team doesn’t respond to customers inquiries quickly enough, this all means the customer experience you’re providing is below average.

Luckily, there is a way to track the effectiveness of your chats. You already know that you can use post-chat surveys or ask customers to rate their chat experience. There’s another thing, you can monitor the results of your support team.

The performance statistics can tell you how many chats your agents had, how quickly they’ve responded, how many customers liked the chat and how many chats ended with a purchase.

Live chat as an efficient eCommerce platform

There are plenty of ways which help in conversion rate optimization, but one of them can be installing live chat on your website.

In most cases live chat lead generation software is not only another point of contact for your customers. It can also be a powerful eCommerce platform that can help you reach your goals, get to know your customers and train your team better.

Once you can offer assistance to your customers when they’re on your website and you’ll deliver personalized customer service, plus you will track the happiness of your customers - you can be sure that your conversion rates will go up.

And that’s because exceptional customer service sells.

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