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Customer engagement

Every conversation is an opportunity to make a sale. Discover how LiveChat helps you get more chats.

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Engage with your customers with LiveChat

Targeted messages

Engage customers with interactive messages

Share announcements, introduce new products, and get more interactions with the customers who mean the most to your business.

Interact with specific visitors based on their profile and behavior, and send them personalized messages with relevant information.

Rich greetings

Reach out to customers with perfect precision and context. Set up interactive greetings designed to sell, schedule meetings, show customers around your website, and much more.


Introduce new features and products. Keep customers up to date with messages set for specific time periods that are sent only once to each customer.

Automatic greetings in LiveChat

Quick replies

Quickly ask questions and engage customers with clickable, ready-made answers.

Manual greetings in LiveChat


Mix and match text, images, and buttons that take visitors to the right place immediately.

Messaging mode

More flexibility for you and your customers

Use Messaging Mode to allow for asynchronous conversations – customers can leave messages anytime, you can reconnect when convenient. Build lasting connections with customers.

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Grab your visitors’ attention

Have an exciting offer? Want to let everyone know you offer live chat support? With eye-catchers, the chat widget will stand out on your website.

Watch a video

120+ ready to use images

Choose an eye-catcher from our gallery.

Upload your own

Create a unique eye-catcher that matches your brand.

Keep it moving

Your eye-catcher can be animated with GIFs.

Chat buttons

Let your customers decide

Buttons work great for pages where visitors will often ask for help, like in your help center.

LiveChat chat button

Start engaging customers on your website

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URL rules

Connect customers with your team members

Route chats to groups

When visitors start a chat, connect them with the right team based on where they are on your website.

Customize the chat widget

Add an eye-catcher on your pricing page but not in your help center. Your chat widget can look different on every single page.

Add live chat where you need it

Want more sales chats and fewer support chats? You decide on what pages the chat widget is displayed.

Ticket form

Get messages after hours

When you log off, the chat widget on your website is replaced with a ticket form. Visitors can reach out around the clock and you can handle the ticket when it’s convenient for you.

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Ticket form within the Chat Widget Ticket form within the Chat Widget

Chat routing

Handle all chats with ease

Chats can be automatically routed to agents or selected manually from the queue. LiveChat makes sure that you don’t miss out on any conversations.

Automatic routing

Automatic chat routing

Each new chat goes to the first available agent. When all agents have one chat each, the next round is distributed.

Manual routing

Manual chat routing

All agents receive a notification when a visitor wants to start a chat. Agents then can select the unassigned chat from the queue.

Chat routing in LiveChat

Chat history

Reduce repeated questions

Your customers can pick up a chat where they last left off or reread a conversation anytime they need to. It saves time because they don’t need to ask again about something you’ve already answered.

Chat transcripts

Save important conversations

Both you and your customers can keep a chat for future reference by requesting a transcript by email.

Chat transcript visualization

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Syed Balkhi, Co-Founder and CEO at OptinMonster

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