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Team management

Help your team get more efficient with LiveChat.

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Team management in LiveChat

LiveChat university

Make your support team run like clockwork

Agent accounts

All hands on board

Create as many agent accounts as you need.

Customizable profiles

Change the name, job title, photo, and many more.

Learn how to customize

Agent reports

Check how each one of your agents performs.

See agent reports


Work in teams

Divide your agents into groups to separate different kinds of customer service activities like sales and support.

Route chats to specific departments

Thanks to URL rules you can set chats to be automatically assigned to a particular group when starting on a specific page.

Chat routing

Set agent priority in a group

You can set secondary priority for agents who play a backup role, so they only get chats when no agents with primary priority are available.

Agent priority feature

Filter reports

Compare metrics between groups to see what the strengths and weaknesses of your teams are.

Reports filtering

Chat supervision

Help your teammates

Use supervision to oversee your agents’ work and help them when they need you.

Leave private comments in a chat

Give advice to other agents while they’re talking to customers.

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Agent roles

Decide who’s in charge

Define roles and privileges for people on your team.


There’s only one owner. This person is in charge of your account and has access to all features.


Admins have access to most features, like the reports, so they can make sure your team is efficient.


Agents focus on handling chats. They have limited access to the settings and the reports.

Chart of agent roles in LiveChat

Chat limit

Set a chat limit

You can set the maximum number of chats an agent can have at the same time. This way, you can make sure that new agents don’t get overwhelmed with too many chats.

Work scheduler

Schedule shifts with ease

Control when your agents accept chats with the work scheduler.

Work scheduler

Automatic status change

With the work scheduler on, the status of your agents changes when they start and end their shifts.

Easy shift planning

The work scheduler allows you to set shifts for weekdays, weekends, or each day separately. You can also configure night shifts.

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