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Focus on growing your business. We will make sure your data is safe.

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LiveChat security features


Encrypted connection

Each connection to LiveChat servers is encrypted with 256bit SSL protocol, both for agents using the application and customers using the chat widget on your website.

Connection encryption

Credit card masking

Hide sensitive data

If you don’t want to process payment information via LiveChat, you can prevent credit card numbers from showing up in the app.

How it works

LiveChat detects when a customer enters their credit card number and masks it. Only the last couple of digits are visible for identification purposes.

Credit card masking

Data storage

Data centers in the US and Europe

Our customers can choose to keep their data in the European Union. It means that their data is protected by the Data Protection Directive and the e-Privacy Directive.

LiveChat data centers

Add a secure live chat on your website

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Access restriction

Limit access to the LiveChat app

Make sure your team logs in to LiveChat only on secure devices by limiting the access to your account to specified IP addresses.

Access restriction

Visitor banning

Get rid of spam chats

Agents can easily deal with disruptive visitors by banning them from starting a chat on your website.

Visitor banning

Logging in with Google

Extra level of security with Google

Google Sign-On

No need to remember yet another password. You can log in to LiveChat using your Google account.

Google sign-on

2-Step Verification

When logging in, your agents need to enter both their credentials and an additional code sent by Google.

2-step verification


Your data is in good hands

We follow security best practices to meet the highest industry standards of compliance.



Privacy Shield


More about security

Single Sign-On

Log in using SSO

Make life easier for your agents and let them use just one set of log-in details for multiple apps.

We support:

  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Auth0
  • Azure Activite Directory

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