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Prijsvergelijken Grows Sales by 20% by Using LiveChat

See how Prijsvergelijken uses LiveChat to build trust among its customers and offer real — not sponsored — advice.

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more revenue

The challenge

Trusting the advice you get from companies that make money by suggesting various products to users is hard. After all, the more they recommend, the more they can sell. Thankfully, companies like Prijsvergelijken place customers above affiliate revenue. Edwin Jonker, CEO at Prijsvergelijken, said:

Online consumers today expect support within minutes while buying online. Prijsvergelijken uses LiveChat to give users a quick and free response.

Edwin Jonker, Prijsvergelijken

A trustworthy product comparison tool

The company offers its services to a wide group of individual consumers and businesses. No matter who the company services, it aims to help find the best deals with these complex products used daily.

Customers can use the service to discover the differences between certain providers and ask about the details associated with transferring their accounts. The differences can often be fractional, making it challenging for customers to decide. This is where Prijsvergelijken comes in to make the decision easier.

Sometimes, it’s in the customer’s best interest not to change providers. Interestingly, Prijsvergelijken doesn’t shy away from letting their customers know this. Jonker said:

“We want to give people the feeling that Prijsvergelijken isn’t a machine but a website with helpful people behind it. The policy is to provide the fairest possible advice. Sometimes that means not to move, which also produces no revenue.”

Edwin Jonker, Prijsvergelijken

This loyal, customer-centric approach makes Prijsvergelijken unique in the market of product comparison tools and earns their customers’ trust.

The solution

Offering personal customer service

Prijsvergelijkenl implemented LiveChat to speed up their response time to customers. Four agents handle all incoming chats. At one time, two agents are logged in to answer chats from customers.

The company also uses LiveChat to gather customer feedback and learn more about customer needs. According to Jonker, LiveChat goes further than Google Analytics, which only tells where the customers leave the website. LiveChat goes beyond that and allows Prijsvergelijken to learn why customers leave. Popular questions can be answered by making a design change or adding additional information to the FAQ.

One additional advantage of live chat over phone is its accessibility. Jonker mentioned that people are surprised that LiveChat is so easy to use. Prijsvergelijkenl’s website is also more accessible, so even people with hearing loss can get the answers they need.

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The result

A personal approach is paramount

Prijsvergelijken managed to win its customers over with its personal service through LiveChat. Customers who receive product comparison advice leave many positive reviews on Trustpilot, a service dedicated to company reviews.

According to Jonkers, LiveChat is a good investment for the company because it helps remove customer doubts. This seems to work out perfectly for the company because it has seen 10-20% more revenue after installing LiveChat on its website.

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Kuba Rogalski


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