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GetResponse Decreases Churn with Faster Customer Service

See how they made their offering more appealing by providing 24/7 customer service and improving support availability, response time, and overall customer satisfaction.

GetResponse using LiveChat - case study cover

The challenge

Your business needs to stand out to keep customers interested

You can enter the feature rat race or look to other ways of adding value to your product like quicker, more reliable customer service. You could fare much better compared to your competitors if you began providing 24/7 customer service or if customers didn’t have to wait in a line to get in touch with you.

GetResponse wanted to stand out from its competitors and offer top-notch customer service. They wanted to answer the increasing number of customer questions while keeping the contact quality high. Here’s why they decided to use LiveChat to reach that goal.

We were looking for a solution that provided the appropriate value for the cost. LiveChat is faster and more affordable than other traditional communication tools.

Marcin Łańcucki, GetResponse

The solution

With such a vast customer base, you can imagine the demand for contact is pretty big for GetResponse. And you’d be right. To answer the increasing number of contact requests, GetResponse decided to give LiveChat a try. The GetResponse team also wanted to provide 24/7 customer service to make their offering even more appealing to customers. On top of that, they also wanted to improve support availability, the time of response, and overall customer satisfaction.

Implementation details

Introducing all those improvements to their Customer Success Team wasn’t a small task. Only a large enough team could handle that kind of support demand. This is why GetResponse has 25 concurrent Customer Service Agents working from Canada and Poland. As Łańcucki stated, their agents can chat with three customers at the same time, making it possible to handle a bigger number of questions. That would be impossible with communication channels like phone and email.

Apart from providing an efficient service, Łańcucki said that the data-gathering aspect of LiveChat was also a significant benefit for GetResponse.

LiveChat also helped us to understand customer behavior better. We can view the pages they log into and also tag the problems they experience or report.

Marcin Łańcucki, GetResponse

The customer details — like the current web page, location, or the tagging feature — allow GetResponse to understand their customers’ needs better. Those details also help GetResponse categorize those needs to find out how frequent various cases are.

The GetResponse team prepared an extensive integration of LiveChat and their in-house Customer Support System. The integration makes all chat transcripts available in their system, allowing agents to easily check on various cases. “As a result, we can analyze the quality of the interaction and build and modify detailed statistics to match our current needs,” Łańcucki said.

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Two additional aspects of LiveChat that the GetResponse team uses are the supervision feature and the mobile app. Supervision allows the more experienced agents to jump in and help their colleagues with more challenging chats quickly. Mobile apps enable agents to move freely around the office without worrying that some chats will go unanswered.

The result

Great service leads to better customer retention

Making customer service more available on their website turned out to be a big win for GetResponse. Łańcucki concluded that LiveChat allows them to gather more feedback than any other communication tool, and they’re able to retain more customers and lower customer churn. They learn about customers’ problems and expectations and respond to them quickly. As a result, more customers stay with them longer, and they manage to keep them highly satisfied.

Photo of Kuba Rogalski

Kuba Rogalski


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