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PureVPN Increases Sales by 20% and Hits 94% Customer Satisfaction

Customers use it to browse websites without facing hurdles and safely download files while avoiding geo-tagging by third parties and being monitored by internet service providers.

PureVPN using LiveChat - case study cover

sales increase

customer satisfaction

The challenge

Why did they decide to go with LiveChat?

When it comes to customer service, PureVPN always had a customer-centric approach from the get-go. To better serve its users, PureVPN wanted a communication product that’s easy to use for its users. That’s why they decided to try out LiveChat, which offers a real-time communication channel on a website.

Sarmad Hussain, customer service team manager at PureVPN, explained that the initial tools they tested didn’t provide adequate features to meet their requirements. They wanted to assist their growing subscriber base, and most tools lacked the critical element of mapping internal metrics for their customer success agents. Hussain added:

LiveChat not only fulfilled our requirements but also provided guidance and metrics on how to create a great, value-filled experience for our users.

Sarmad Hussain, PureVPN

PureVPN uses LiveChat to assist their website visitors, including existing and new customers. Their support team is now more than 30 people strong.

The solution

PureVPN’s favorite LiveChat features

PureVPN’s Customer Success Agents use many of LiveChat’s features to help them provide better customer service and measure their sales.  

They particularly like Reports. One of the reports is monitoring the agents’ performance, a feature they claim they can’t do without. They monitor the effectiveness of chats and customer satisfaction to improve their processes.

They also use the Goals feature to track all the chats that led to a sale.

PureVPN agents set a goal to see how many visitors checked out successfully. Based on the data, they can improve website usability or start a chat during checkout to guide users to a sale.

They also like the Sales tracker feature to measure the revenue they generate from chats. That’s how they know they were able to increase overall sales by 15-20% with LiveChat.

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Besides analytics and reports, PureVPN customized its chat window by displaying the company logo. They also gave the chat window a custom color to match their brand theme. This way, website visitors are sure they’re contacting the right people. This additional layer of trust is important, especially in the software industry.

To contact PureVPN agents, a website visitor needs to fill out a form to choose the department they want to reach: pre-sales or support.

While talking with their users, agents use canned responses — pre-made answers to popular questions that can be recalled with just a few keystrokes. It saves agents’ time.

To encourage visitors to chat, they use automatic and personal greetings that invite visitors to chat, for instance:

”Having second thoughts before purchasing our service? Let me help you out.“

“Are you finding it hard to understand a particular feature? Allow me to help you out.”

The result

Hussain said that they have a lot of conversations via LiveChat every day. These situations impact the bottom line with customer retention. What stands out is that they achieved some of their biggest wins in generating new business using LiveChat.

20% sales increase and improved customer satisfaction

Hussain emphasized that customers appreciate a live chat option on the website. They receive great feedback for having live chat available on their website 24/7. Customers find it very convenient to reach out to them for pre- or post-sales queries, and they prefer it over emails and voice calls.

He added that LiveChat has increased customer satisfaction by 34% and caused an increase in overall sales by 15-20%.

PureVPN and LiveChat — there’s more

PureVPN agents also appreciate the LiveChat team’s work in developing and innovating the product. Hussain concluded:

We’re delighted with LiveChat, especially because LiveChat itself has a very great team behind it, who are eagerly pushing out new and innovative features.

Sarmad Hussain, PureVPN
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