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Logical Position Increases Sales by Over 30%

Logical Position’s agents use desktop and mobile apps to chat with potential customers. The mobile apps allow them to be inches away from leads at all times.

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inbound leads increase

increase in inbound sales

The challenge

Getting your company out there

More than 1200 customers use Logical Position’s services to get more bang for their buck when doing AdWords campaigns, making Logical Position one of the biggest Google Partners in the United States. Tony Palazzo, VP of Marketing, said:

We’re committed to increasing our clients' online revenue and brand strength through search engine and social media marketing.

Tony Palazzo, Logical Position

In the highly competitive world of online marketing, you need all the help you can get to gain new clients. Hundreds of marketing agencies, masters in influencing people, battle over potential clients every day. Logical Position, a major player on the online marketing scene, managed to get ahead using LiveChat to capture new leads. Palazzo said that they wanted something that would give them an edge in lead capture over their competitors, and LiveChat did just that.

The solution

Overcoming tough competition

Online marketing agencies spend thousands of dollars on lead generation to reach potential customers. According to Palazzo, converting a website visitor to a customer costs Logical Position around $30. All those agencies are experts at getting people to websites and getting them to convert online, so competition is very stiff.

When facing this kind of competition, you want to make every possible chance count, and LiveChat was a way to do that. Logical Position installed LiveChat on their website to offer immediate help for clients looking at their site and 10 other competitor sites.

We thought LiveChat would slightly increase the number of leads we get but didn’t expect it to revolutionize how we capture leads.

Tony Palazzo, Logical Position

Logical Position’s agents use desktop and mobile apps to chat with potential customers. The iOS and Android LiveChat apps allow them to be inches away from leads at all times.

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The result

The implementation of LiveChat turned out to be a big hit

You have no idea how impressed visitors are when it’s late at night, and an auto message pops up and says, ‘Hi, what can I help you with?’ and your agents quickly answer a couple of questions and schedule a call for the morning.

Tony Palazzo, Logical Position

This allows Logical Position’s agents to chat with website visitors even late at night while watching TV and relaxing. The clients are always delighted with the service they get, as they were expecting a chat system with automated responses.

The numbers also speak for themselves — since installing LiveChat, the number of inbound leads Logical Position receives increased by 150%. This growth has translated to a 30-40% increase in inbound sales, which vastly exceeded Logical Position’s initial expectations.

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