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Benchmark Closes More Sales and Retains Customers With Livechat

Benchmark needs to support its users 24/7. They can create groups to route all of their chats to the correct department and language automatically.

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customer satisfaction

The challenge

Why were they looking for a live chat tool?

Benchmark uses LiveChat to give its users an additional communication channel with its team. Before they chose LiveChat, they tried other providers along the way. Daniel Miller, marketing director at Benchmark, said:

We were using ProvideSupport at the time, and they had limited features. As we grew to more languages and into 24/7 support, we needed chat software to handle our growth without breaking the bank. We tested LiveChat, Olark, and LivePerson, and LiveChat won by a long shot!

Daniel Miller, Benchmark

Two more reasons for choosing LiveChat were a competitive price and a long list of features, including automated chat routing, chat groups and languages, and pop-up message automation. These things may sound common now, but Miller said they were exclusive when they were looking for chat software.

The solution

How Benchmark uses LiveChat

For customers, LiveChat is another channel of communication with Benchmark’s team. If users run into an issue or need help with something, they know they can jump on chat to get help within seconds. As a global company, Benchmark needs to support its users 24/7. With LiveChat, they can easily create groups to properly route all of their chats to the correct department and language automatically.

Benchmark recognizes the importance of being represented locally and hires native speakers to assist in support. They have offices in 15 countries and speak nine different languages. Additionally, the LiveChat window translates into 45 languages, including right-to-left Arabic and Hebrew. That allows agents to greet international customers in their mother tongue. Miller added:

Without LiveChat groups and languages, we would be lost! The ability to set a language for each group has given us maximum flexibility!

Daniel Miller, Benchmark

Benchmark’s customer service agents also like the pop-up messages and reporting. With the reports, they can easily see conversion goals, trends, and improvement opportunities.

Miller admitted that LiveChat has also proved helpful with sales. They can route all chats to the sales department to increase the chances of getting a customer. Dividing LiveChat into sales and support groups also enables filtering chat archives and reports to show data for those groups and provide better and personalized service.

Customer service agent training

Benchmark employees are given a crash course in using LiveChat with instructions on how to use it. The company introduced a buddy system where a senior employee supervises chats to ensure that a new employee is up to speed and provides accurate answers.

The result

LiveChat helped Benchmark close more sales and retain customers

Having been a LiveChat customer since 2011, Miller admits that it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. They had minor issues when they first signed up, but LiveChat’s team has done an excellent job responding to their needs by fixing bugs, adding new features, and keeping the product up to date with the industry changes and requirements.

Since they’ve used LiveChat, the customer satisfaction rating has gone up by 25%. Now, they have 90% of satisfied customers.

LiveChat helped Benchmark close sales, improve its site, and retain customers. Miller said about the latter:

For a customer to cancel their account, they need to speak with us over chat or phone. Most customers choose to chat. With LiveChat, we can understand the customers’ issues and, in most cases, get to a resolution that saves the account.

Daniel Miller, Benchmark

LiveChat is Benchmark’s most common communication channel with its customers. It’s easy to use, non-intrusive, and responsive. They are happy with how everything works, and so are we. We wish them many more years of chatting.

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