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EasyCompanies Simplifies the Way Customers Get the Support They Need

EasyCompanies is all about convenience — both when it comes to setting up a business and answering customer questions.

EasyCompanies using LiveChat - case study cover

The challenge

EasyCompanies helps its customers deal with all the formalities of setting up a business. Alex Whiteside, managing director at EasyCompanies, knows it can be a real bother. Dealing with all the bureaucracy can take up to 2 weeks to register a company. EasyCompanies takes care of all the hassle and makes it possible to register a company within 2-3 minutes.

Every time you call support, you need to provide some identification. The answers you need are delayed with each identification question. EasyCompanies discovered this kind of inefficiency in their customer support.

We had many of our bigger clients start using chat instead of calling us, which was better for them as they could speak to us sooner rather than waiting on the phone.

Alex Whiteside, EasyCompanies

The solution

Reducing the number of calls

To offer the same level of convenience for customers contacting them, EasyCompanies decided to move some of its customer support to LiveChat to reduce the number of phone calls while still providing a time-sensitive support method.

This switch helped EasyCompanies in two ways:

  1. Agents can offer help to several customers at the same time when chatting.

  2. Basic information about the customer’s whereabouts on the website is readily available.

Even though phone support has its merits, it’s one of the least scalable customer service channels. When agents answer a call, they can’t do anything else without sacrificing support quality. With LiveChat, agents can easily hold multiple chats at a time. Multi-tasking is also a benefit since the agents can answer more live chats at once, and the company can hire fewer support agents.

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Just as EasyCompanies takes out the hassle of setting up a business, LiveChat can eliminate the need to get the customers’ information. Data like the page a customer’s at or their email are available in the LiveChat app. According to Whiteside, this makes support easier since agents can see what page the customer is on in addition to finding their current session and application.

Another feature the EasyCompanies team relies on is a message sneak peek. It allows agents to see what customers are typing before they send it over so that agents can start writing their responses in advance, making for a quick chat.

The result

Implementation results

EasyCompanies simplified the way customers get their support. Many of their more prominent clients switched to using chat instead of phone, which was better for them as they could speak to support sooner rather than waiting on the phone. The company also reached its original goal of reducing the number of calls they were getting.

We have found by split testing that we receive more calls on the days that live chat is off. Therefore we notice that more customers will attempt live chat before reaching for the phone.

Alex Whiteside, EasyCompanies

In the future, EasyCompanies wants to use LiveChat to scale customer support in their other brands, using the grouping option.

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