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Cabins of the Smoky Mountains Uses LiveChat to Speed Up Its Customer Service

The company greatly improved its sales by giving their guests and representatives an additional outlet to book reservations and ask questions.

Cabins of the Smoky Mountains using LiveChat - case study cover

Pursuing excellence in hospitality

The landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains is one of the most beautiful in the Southeastern United States. Named after the blue haze surrounding the mountains, the Smokies are a popular vacation spot visited by ten million tourists annually. This is also where the Cabins of the Smoky Mountains is located.

The company’s main focus is providing extraordinary customer service. Its mission statement tells a lot about its idea of good service: “Enriching lives and serving others while pursuing excellence in hospitality.” Dustin Burke, IT Coordinator at Cabins of the Smoky Mountains, said they live up to that mission daily throughout the year by simply following these core values.

The challenge

Time is the key factor in the travel industry 

The ability to book a trip quickly is crucial for promotional offers and popular holiday locations. Instant help from a lodging or travel agency is vital for customers’ decisions.

Cabins of the Smoky Mountains, a cabin rental company, found out the importance of short response times and 24/7 support for their customers. Implementing LiveChat supercharged their customer service and the number of reservations they get.

LiveChat software has helped us immensely in quickly helping our guests with any questions or issues they may have in the most efficient and professional manner.

Dustin Burke, Cabins of the Smoky Mountains

The company rents cabins of all sizes, ranging from tiny, one-bedroom houses to colossal 12-bedroom mansions. They also provide wedding and conference facilities for free, cater to different types of occasions, and ensure that all visitors feel at home when visiting the Smokies.

Cabins of the Smoky Mountains understands the importance of being able to resolve customers’ questions quickly. As phone support wasn’t efficient enough to meet customers’ expectations, the company decided to open an additional communication channel — live chat.

Although the company was doing well in customer service, the introduction of LiveChat opened a new world of possibilities for fantastic support. By answering customers’ questions quickly, they can save customers’ time, improve their satisfaction, and increase sales.

The solution

Time-saving features

Cabins of the Smoky Mountains chose LiveChat over other chat solutions.

We went with LiveChat due to its wonderful reviews, ease of use, and integration with our websites. We also found that LiveChat’s online support is kind, quick, and courteous in solving any issues we may have.

Dustin Burke, Cabins of the Smoky Mountains

The company was looking for a simple and quick way to allow their agents to interact with website visitors, but it turned out that they could save even more time thanks to a couple of LiveChat’s features. One of their favorite feature – canned responses – allows agents to use pre-made messages to respond to questions immediately. For example, when a customer asks a popular question about rental costs, agents can send the response by using only a couple of keyboard shortcuts.

Using a canned response takes only a couple of seconds, so it’s a huge time-saver. By combining it with message sneak-peek, a feature that allows agents to see what visitors are typing in real time, they managed to shorten response time even more.

Free 14-day trial No credit card required Easy setup

The company managers use goals and reports to supervise agents’ schedules and workflow effectively. Goals are a great way of measuring chat effectiveness because you can see how many chats end with the desired effect, like a sale. Reports help keep track of chat duration, response times, or chat satisfaction, which makes them crucial for effective customer service management.

The company’s management uses the LiveChat mobile app to keep up to date with the reports and agents’ performance. They can check what is happening on their LiveChat anytime, without using the web or desktop app.

The result

Efficient and swift

Opening a new communication channel for customers was beneficial for the company.

LiveChat has greatly improved our sales by giving our guests and representatives an additional outlet to book reservations and ask questions. We have seen a noticeable rise in our number and profits from using LiveChat.

Dustin Burke, Cabins of the Smoky Mountains

Cabins of the Smoky Mountains set up a new team of eight Guest Care Specialists who handle over 2000 chats per month. Their visitors appreciate that they can ask about their reservations online and immediately receive a reply.

Ever since we integrated LiveChat into our website, our guests have had favorable reactions. Customers appreciate being able to ask a quick question without leaving their computer.

Dustin Burke, Cabins of the Smoky Mountains

Since installing LiveChat, the customer service team can respond to questions immediately. It also turned out that the additional product features helped save even more time for customers and measure the effectiveness of customer service.

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