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Montway Auto Transport Customers Choose LiveChat Over Phone

Despite being one of the best-rated shipping companies in the US, Montway continually improves its customer service with LiveChat by exploring its features.

Montway Auto Transport using LiveChat - case study cover

The challenge

Why did Montway consider live chat?

Montway was looking for a new and convenient communication channel that would allow them to meet their customer needs. They were aware that customers like different forms of contact, and by placing a chat on their website, they enhanced the opportunities for customers to interact with their company.

While a chat option for customers was a no-brainer, one question persisted. Why did Montway decide to go specifically with LiveChat? Geno M., customer service leader at Montway Auto Transport, said:

LiveChat has an understandable front-end and the reporting capabilities.

Geno M. , Montway Auto Transport

Customers can conveniently contact Montway, and their customer experience agents can follow through with every customer and help them with their end-to-end shipping services.

The solution

How does Montway use LiveChat?

The team at Montway uses the LiveChat web app for sales and support. They’re available 24/7, with a total of 9 customer experience agents helping customers with their questions over chat. 

The team leaders at Montway go through car shipping training with the agents to teach them how to provide the best customer service and optimize their use of the platform. The leaders present LiveChat’s features one by one, and they’re ready to provide support if needed when the agents feel ready to take the first real chat.

Their favorite features

A few of the agents’ favorites include: 

  1. Canned responses – pre-made answers to the most common questions that help them deliver service quicker than if they had to type the same answers repeatedly.

  2. Visitor information – customer data that enables personalized service.

  3. Chat tags – they help the team group chats based on topics and draw insights from the analytics. New agents also find it very useful. When they’re still unsure about solving payment issues related to transporting a vehicle, they can type “payment” into the Chats section and read all the topics tagged as payment. Because of this, they can learn about the most frequently occurring issues with payments.

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The result

The LiveChat outcome

Montway is happy with LiveChat and sees it as a considerable advantage, especially when a customer can’t speak on the phone or doesn’t have a lot of time. On top of that, chat gives them time to think through the answers before they reply.

Montway’s car shipping team operates 24/7, and that’s when LiveChat makes a difference. Customers want to get the answers to their questions immediately, even in the middle of the night. They’re not into calling the services that late. Geno M. explained:

Many people prefer to chat instead of calling at 5 AM. Also, they can get all the information they need via email more quickly.

Geno M., Montway Auto Transport

Even though they are one of the best-rated shipping companies in the US, Montway is trying even harder to improve its customer service with LiveChat by further exploring its features. We wish them good luck with chatting with customers and solving their cases right off the bat.

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