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Kinguin Reaches 97% of Customer Satisfaction with LiveChat

With over 6 million customers, Kinguin's mission is to deliver customers a top-notch experience. They believe they can do that by giving their users easy access to customer service.

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customer satisfaction

The challenge

Let’s take a step back

Before Kinguin decided to use LiveChat, it assisted users through tickets. While it was quite effective, Kinguin still wanted to provide help more quickly. Head of Customer Experience at Kinguin, Michal Haze, explained:

We were looking for the most appropriate software. It was crucial for us that LiveChat is easy to use and convenient for customers.

Michal Haze, Kinguin

Apart from that, Kinguin paid attention to the following aspects:

  • measuring customer satisfaction

  • collecting information about users

  • chat integration

  • the look and design 

  • customer engagement options

  • customization options

After testing numerous chat vendors, Kinguin tried LiveChat, which suited its needs best. 

The solution

How does Kinguin improve customer satisfaction?

Today, chat is the main source of contact for Kinguin’s customers. Their team consists of approximately 30 LiveChat agents available every day. Those agents serve around 6,000 chats weekly, 24/7. They provide help in 16 languages so users worldwide can easily talk about their issues.

Kinguin decided to create departments inside their customer service team. Customers can pick the type of issue from the pre-chat survey, and they immediately get to the right agent specialized in the case.

Kinguin’s agents have constantly decreased first response time to improve the customer experience, and they created Dave the Chatbot to do that. Haze explained:

It has significantly helped us assist more customers and received mostly positive feedback from the users. We will certainly put more effort into this area and keep on developing bots — we want to make them more advanced, more human-like. We also want to improve their satisfaction rate.

Michal Haze, Kinguin

How Kinguin utilizes LiveChat

Kinguin’s team uses LiveChat on desktop, and they’ve also implemented it inside the Kinguin mobile app available on Android and iOS. As far as specific features go, they use chat tags to label their chats. This allows them to look up statistics for types of questions from customers. 

Kinguin also uses automatic greetings. They’re prewritten, customized messages that invite visitors to chat. When it comes to keeping track of key metrics, they have a whole team dedicated to monitoring them. Haze told us:

“We can easily assign employees to the proper channels. On top of that, we can set the number of conversations that an agent can have at the same time or assist other agents when they require help from a more experienced colleague.”

Michal Haze, Kinguin

Keeping customer satisfaction high

To provide an excellent customer experience, companies need to gather feedback about their service. Kinguin’s team uses chat ratings, post-chat surveys, and satisfaction statistics to monitor customer happiness.

Thanks to these functions, they find areas for improvement. At the same time, they learn how to improve their procedures to meet user expectations.

The result

How high can you go with customer satisfaction?

As LiveChat is their main contact channel, Kinguin’s team is happy that most users are delighted with the level of support they get.

Kinguin’s agents help more than 25,000 users each month and maintain a 97% customer satisfaction rating. According to the LiveChat Customer Service Report, that’s way above 78.5% — the global average customer satisfaction per business in 2021

As you read at the beginning of this case study, Kinguin’s ultimate goal is to provide the best customer experience possible, so they plan to attempt to reach 100% of customer satisfaction.

At the moment, LiveChat is the main way to contact our support team. We help over 750 users daily with an average satisfaction of 96%. We made it so easy for users to reach us.

Michal Haze, Kinguin

Kinguin’s customers also like sharing their positive feedback. Here are a few messages they wrote:

“Great! Fast responses from you guys keep me coming back!”

“Awesome Support! Thank you for keeping my orders safe!”

“Extremely nice and patient. Smoothly and gets the job done fast! Overall GREAT support agent!”

“The BEST Customer Support I have received in a while. Good to actually get customer service like this — it is a rarity!”

“110% SERVICE LEVEL, will not ever shop for games elsewhere!”

Since we rarely use “can’t” and “won’t” at LiveChat, we’re honestly keeping our fingers crossed for the Kinguin team.

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