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Movember Hits 97% Customer Satisfaction Over 13,000 with LiveChat

See how Movember handled over 13,000 chats during their campaign and got an astonishing result of 97% customer satisfaction with LiveChat.

Movember using LiveChat - case study cover

The challenge

Helping with men’s health issues

Modern charity organizations have the opportunity to use channels like the internet and social media to raise awareness, encourage donations, and make a bigger difference. These channels help organizations like Movember get more people interested in helping with various causes.

Movember is a global organization that raises funds and awareness for critical men’s health issues. Alana Tozer from the Movember team commented:

Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $710 million and funding over 1,000 programs focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide prevention.

Alana Tozer, Movember

According to Tozer, the organization wants to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. With increased popularity comes a greater number of questions and contact requests. Movember and other charity organizations can use customer service platforms like LiveChat to address the increased demand for contact and develop better relationships with members.

The solution

Developing a community through LiveChat

To achieve the impact on men’s health Tozer mentioned above, Movember cultivates the Mo Community, where they answer questions from their members and encourage them to actively engage with other members. Movember uses LiveChat to keep in touch with the community they have created.

Our Mo Community loves LiveChat! Some of our long-time supporters mentioned it was their new favorite feature on the website.

Alana Tozer, Movember

The idea is to offer quick and reliable help to anyone that may have a question about Movember. According to Tozer, LiveChat was recommended by another company they work with.

When implementing LiveChat, the organization wanted to facilitate more efficient communication, which, in turn, would change into more people working for the cause. The company understands that their Mo Community leads busy lives, so they wanted to introduce a way to receive help as soon as the community needed it.

Tozer added that they wanted to improve the overall experience of the Mo Community whenever it reached the Movember website. Being able to chat to community members while they’re on their site makes it easier to highlight all the ways they can get involved and support the Movember Foundation.

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More contacts, less clutter

Movember has six agents handling chats during the “off-season.” When November comes, and the campaign is in full swing, 25 agents offer 24/7 customer service.

We are looking to provide a 24/7 LiveChat service globally by having our agents service all territories when they are online during local business hours. Currently, we have LiveChat as an option to contact us in Australia, Canada, USA, and the UK.

Alana Tozer, Movember

Implementing LiveChat changed the way Movember supporters contact the organization. Instead of going for the phone or email, they can choose a real-time live chat.

LiveChat was the preferred option for our Mo Community for communication during the campaign as we noticed a drop in calls and emails. They’re both time-consuming because an agent can only be helping one person at a time.

Alana Tozer, Movember

The fact that a single agent can have multiple conversations at a time places live chat well above phone and email in terms of effectiveness. The foundation can help more of its community members at the same time.

What also changed was the dynamic between agents and followers. Before LiveChat, agents had to wait to get emails or answer calls. Now, they can proactively reach out to followers on the Movember website.

Apart from proactive chats, the team also uses a desk.com integration. The integration allows them to keep the flow of information between desk.com tickets and LiveChat chats going. The agents can push chats into desk.com if they need further information and more detailed responses from a different department within Movember.

One of Movember’s favorite features is the real-time monitoring of agents. It allows the foundation to check up on new agents and offer them guidance, which is extremely helpful for managers. Additionally, the Movember team also likes the geolocation feature that notifies agents about the location of website visitors. This allows them to create a more personal experience and direct the visitors to local Movember events.

The result

Movember results and plans for the future

Quick communication over LiveChat allowed Movember to improve its customer service on several levels. First off, there’s the increased efficiency with decreased costs.

By implementing LiveChat, we became more efficient, which resulted in smaller teams being recruited without affecting our customer service goal of delivering a remarkable experience

Alana Tozer, Movember

LiveChat also allowed the Movember team to build closer relations with their followers. Long-time supporters of the foundation said that chat was their new favorite feature on the website because they were able to get help as soon as they needed it.

Tozer added that relationship-building is easier because if an agent is online and has already chatted with one of their community members, they are automatically sent to them for help the next time a chat is created.

Ultimately, Movember raised their overall satisfaction levels to a fantastic 97% across 13,155 chats during the campaign.

In the future, Movember plans to expand its LiveChat use by adding mobile applications to complement the well-received desktop apps. When November comes, stop by their website and hop on their LiveChat to ask how you can participate.

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