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Valley Driving School Makes Decisions Faster with Insights

Valley Driving School navigates through thousands of chats with Insights — a weekly summary with the most popular questions from LiveChat messages.

Valley Driving School using LiveChat - case study cover

The challenge

Melissa Hannam, Marketing Director at Valley Driving School, shared her unexpected success in implementing LiveChat on their website. Initially skeptical about the demand for chat services in a driving school, Hannam quickly realized the need for additional staff as the number of chats increased. The convenience and integration of LiveChat proved to be a valuable tool for their business. But navigating thousands of weekly chats has been a struggle.

Initially it was just me and one other agent supporting our customers. Very quickly the demand for service via LiveChat increased and as a result the team has grown to 20 team members now! It's helped us immensely to support our customers.

Melissa Hannam, Valley Driving School

The solution

The archives are a valuable resource for reviewing past chat conversations, while Insights provides a convenient summary of the week’s activities. Although it can be time-consuming to go through hundreds of chats in the archives, Insights offers a quick overview of the top questions and information requests received through chat.

(Source: Insights)

Instead of reading every archive, Hannam can rely on Insights to identify popular topics or new trends and plan accordingly.

There's so much information, so many reports, all the transcripts, but at times, it's a little overwhelming what to do with all that information. So the Insights can be like: ‘Hey, look at these three things! They were pretty important to your customers last week.

Melissa Hannam, Valley Driving School

For example, she may need to update the website, provide additional training to staff, or create canned responses. Insights helps Valley Driving School narrow down the information overload that comes with the vast amount of data available from chat interactions. Focusing on key insights allows them to develop a plan for the future without feeling overwhelmed.

The great thing about Insights is that it sends you weekly emails. Even if you forget to check the tab or any other place, you will receive an email reminder about important information.

Melissa Hannam, Valley Driving School

The Insights email summarizes what’s being tagged, what’s popular based on the assigned tags, and your frequently asked questions.

Typically, Hannam immediately focuses on the top three questions to see what clients ask. For example, last week, one of the top questions asked was regarding a program start date. Initially, she found it odd that this was a top question as they have a calendar on the website that displays all the start dates. It made her wonder if clients were having difficulty finding the information quickly. Insights prompted her to review the website’s presentation and consider if they needed to provide more links to that information. If clients are asking that question, it is essential to them, and Hannam wants to make it easier for them to find the answer.

Receiving the Insights email weekly allows you to review the information efficiently and react effectively to capture relevant and current information that is trending over time, and not overreacting to information as it comes in daily or hourly.

The result

The alerts feature in Insights allows Hannam and supervisors to monitor important metrics such as chat satisfaction, response time, and queue abandonment. By setting up alerts for substantial shifts in these metrics, supervisors can provide quick coaching to agents and address any issues or training gaps before they become bigger problems.

“As a manager, it really helps me make quick and informed decisions and provide valuable coaching to the team.”

Melissa Hannam, Valley Driving School

Coaching agents on the importance of responding promptly to customer inquiries improves their understanding and prioritization. Setting targets for average response time and providing coaching sessions helps agents stay focused and meet the targets, ensuring that essential tasks like customer service and support are top of mind.

Insights has helped Hannam improve staffing allocation for LiveChat, reducing agent stress and improving response times and client satisfaction. This has resulted in improved metrics across the board.

By using Insights, Hannam can make data-driven decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and effectively manage her team. 

The insights provided help her identify trends, prioritize tasks, and allocate resources more efficiently. Insights has been instrumental in streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction at Valley Driving School.

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