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Depositphotos Increases the Visitor-to-Buyer Conversion

Read how Depositphotos wants to reach 100% customer satisfaction score for their support by offering real-time customer service over LiveChat.

Depositphotos using LiveChat - case study cover

decrease in the number of emails

The challenge

When you’re writing a press release or an article for your site, you often need a quality picture to go with it. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to look at all the possible options, or you just can’t decide on a specific picture. Depositphotos, a photo agency from Florida, offers a way out of those troublesome situations. Using LiveChat, Depositphotos’ clients can learn about the offering and find something fitting for their projects in minutes. Anna Zakharchenko, Head of Sales Department at Depositphotos, said:

We want to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are the core of success.

Anna Zakharchenko, Depositphotos

Creating new communication channels

A perfect customer satisfaction score is a goal every company should strive for. It sets you on the right track when it comes to what your company should be doing — creating a product that will make all your customers satisfied. Even when your customers might have some problems, you should be there to handle them and make sure their experience isn’t tarnished.

Often simple things can get in the way of achieving your goal. Even if you have an answer to a question, your customer might not be satisfied with the response time. There are also cases where the offered form of communication is not enough.

Our customers often need to solve their problems and get answers to their questions as soon as possible. Since getting in touch with the customer service via email is relatively time-taking, the only way to be assisted right away was by calling our support team. Though this option is very effective, some customers feel too shy or don’t have an opportunity to make a call.

Anna Zakharchenko, Depositphotos

The solution

Zakharchenko commented that implementing LiveChat on their site was a way to handle the questions of those who were reluctant to use the phone to contact support. It also allowed for quicker communication between the Depositphotos team and their clients.

Using LiveChat really helps to solve issues right away, so the users don’t need to wait.

Anna Zakharchenko, Depositphotos

The choice between LiveChat and other providers came down to three areas: easy integration, ease of use, and price. The Depositphotos team found that LiveChat came before the competition in all of those areas.

While testing different vendors, we’ve found LiveChat to be the most cost-effective and the most feature-rich, scalable customer communication platform.

Anna Zakharchenko, Depositphotos

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LiveChat helps garner a larger audience

In their implementation, Depositphotos wanted to improve three aspects of their service that are directly bound to positive customer satisfaction:

  1. Pre-sales customer support

  2. Online sales

  3. Post-sales customer support

The chat function at depositphotos.com allows visitors to quickly get the information they need and choose the right product for their projects. With a team of five operators shifting, there are always two agents online.

The Depositphotos team also makes sure that the quality of the provided information is always high. They use a few features to make sure that clients receive the best possible customer service:

  • Customer queueing lets customers know that someone is on the other side and how long it’ll take to reach an agent.

  • Chat transfers allow operators to transfer chats to other operators. These transfers are useful when the visitor asks for specific information. The operators can transfer the chat to specialists in a particular field of your product to answer the questions. Additionally, it allows operators to shift without dropping any chats.

  • Chat supervision lets supervisors see how operators are doing in their chats. You can use this feature to see how operators go through their chats, what fields to improve, or help less experienced operators.

  • Customer message sneak-peek shows what the visitor is typing in. This feature allows operators to prepare their answers before the visitor finishes typing, which significantly shortens the wait time for operators’ answers.

Multiple language support allows for different chat window languages. It’s useful when handling international customers who can be addressed in their native language.

The result

By combining the above features, Depositphotos created a successful customer support and online sales service. They receive more than 300 chats every week through LiveChat. Zakharchenko reports that LiveChat implementation increased sales and cut down on the number of support inquiries they were receiving by email:

The implementation of LiveChat increased the conversion of visitors to buyers. At the same time, the number of emails sent to our support team decreased by more than 10%.

Anna Zakharchenko, Depositphotos

Zakharchenko also mentions the clients’ positive responses to the new functionality on the site. They’ve received hundreds of inquiries from clients since they installed LiveChat on their website. 

Since they’re an international business, Depositphotos required a tool to make multilingual support possible. Using the LiveChat window in 4 different languages, they can talk with their customers in English, German, French, and Russian.

Great customer reaction to LiveChat

Considering that some visitors prefer chat communication to phone communication, having LiveChat on the site helped generate a portion of completely new leads. Using LiveChat, the Depositphotos team ensures that they answer all the applications.

Customers are very fond of the LiveChat functionality on Depositphotos’ site: “Our users are delighted with the opportunity to have their problems solved right here and right now.” It seems that short response times are crucial for customers. Visitors need relevant information on the spot without resorting to email or phone communication.

When a customer comes to our website, they compare it to our competitors’ websites. They want to know if our license agreement covers their particular use case. Thanks to the real-time support, we can quickly convince those customers of the benefits we offer. What can I say — we make lots of deals directly through LiveChat.

Anna Zakharchenko, Depositphotos
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