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Media Temple

LiveChat overtakes phone as a main customer service tool at Media Temple

Media Temple

For businesses, live chat isn’t taking a backseat to email and phone calls anymore. As the speed and ease of use of live chat continue to benefit both website visitors and company reps, live chat is becoming the driver for more and more customer communications.

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A perfect example of this trend is Media Temple, a US-based web hosting and cloud services company that has integrated live chat deeply into its customer service operations. Read on to see how Media Temple uses LiveChat and how the company has benefited.

“We added 24/7 chat support to supplement our 24/7 phone support. Now LiveChat is often our main contact point with customers, and it’s been working out great for us.” – Shiloh Gealogo, Media Temple Project Manager

Choosing chat over phone for great customer service

One of the perks of live chat is its perfect middle ground between email and phone: Company reps can keep the conversation going, while pausing as needed to check information or resolve a case. Instead of a long chain of emails, or a phone call that may require follow-up to fully resolve, live chat offers a persistent presence.

As Media Temple’s VP of Customer Support, Robert Gregory, explains, “With chat, you’re never on hold. It’s easy to use, it’s a consistent experience. Many customers prefer it over a phone call.”

What’s more, customers are starting to think of chat as having the same immediacy and credibility as a phone call. “At this moment, during a normal week, we receive more chats than phone calls. Previously, it was split 50/50,” said Gregory.

Choosing a provider

When choosing a live chat provider, Media Temple was looking for a highly customizable service that didn’t depend on an IM protocol.

“What we really liked about LiveChat was its clean, customizable chat window. It really was a key point, because a simple CSS edit totally changed the way it looks, and it truly feels like a part of our website now,” said Project Manager Shiloh Gealogo. Customizing chat to feel like the rest of your site is an important step for creating trust in visitors, who need to be reassured that they are contacting the right people and that their question will be resolved.

“The separate application was another plus. We looked at solutions based on IM, but they were very difficult to use,” she continued. “The team relies on the Mac application almost entirely, although sometimes they use the web app.”

Though advertised as simple, turnkey solutions, IM-based live chats typically require a lot of configuration before they’re ready to use. Which means jumping through a lot of hoops before even starting your first chat. LiveChat, on the other hand, provides a wide range of desktop, mobile, and web-based applications that let agents chat straight away.

Ultimately, for Media Temple, LiveChat was the only provider that fit the bill. “We also looked at LivePerson, but it was missing a lot of features we wanted to have, while charging a lot more than LiveChat,” said Gealogo.

Making the implementation work

Media Temple uses live chat for two main tasks: sales and, through their customer AccountCenter, support. Because it’s integrated into the Media Temple website, live chat can provide company reps with more information about who they’re talking to.

“Chat is a method of authentication for people in the AccountCenter. Operators know exactly who they’re talking to. They have a lot of information about customers, because once someone has logged in with his credentials, we display that information to the operator,” said Gealogo. This, in turn, benefits site visitors by getting them the answers they need just that much faster.

With over 100 agent accounts handling more than 2300 chats each week, (mt) Media Temple is one of LiveChat’s biggest customers. Making chat an integral part of their service has allowed them to set a new standard in fast and precise communication with their own customers.

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