Connecting with customers means good communication – for advertising, marketing, social media, and even among your team. In Connect we dig into the most important strategies, methods, and trends and tell you how to better get your point across.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective Email Autoresponders

Are autoresponders underrated in marketing strategies? They are not so-much underrated as they are underused. Plus, they have had a bad rap because of the number of spammers who have perverted their use. There is no need to believe the horror stories you read about autoresponder... read more

Silvia Woolard
9 minutes
Aug 29, 2018

Slack Best Practices from LiveChat Team

Every time I sit down to write this post, I’m distracted by a message from my colleague about this thing I need to hear, a notification about the package that came, or a bot scaring me about the debt on my food credit card. My food card debt. Who is responsible for all of this... read more

7 minutes
Aug 16, 2018

4 Customer-Focused Master Strokes that Winning Companies Get Right

It’s easy to envy great brands for their loyal customer base or their fabulous products. However beneath that sheen of success, we don’t get to see the thousands of hours spent in building businesses that are ready to weather any storm, withstand intense competition, and please... read more

7 minutes
Aug 3, 2018

9 Tips to Write Re-Engagement Emails that Get Results

Over time you will build up a list of inactive subscribers. These are people who, for a variety of reasons, haven’t engaged in a while. It’s worth your time to boot up a re-engagement campaign every now and then. If you go about it effectively, you can re-engage quite a few... read more

Grace Carter
7 minutes
Jul 27, 2018

How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience Using Cognitive Solutions

Customers run any business today. They have the power to evangelize and grow your brand organically to the next level. This demands pure persuasion in terms of learning from your customers, understanding their behaviours, their attitudes, their lifestyles that can influence their... read more

Meenakshi Krishnan
7 minutes
Jul 24, 2018

How to Turn Dunning Process into a Positive Customer Experience

“Dunning” is a word that can send cold thrills down your spine. For business owners, it’s a rather unpleasant process of trying to collect the receivable amount. For customers, dunning is associated with getting intimidating calls from weird people. Business owners think that... read more

Justyna Polaczyk
6 minutes
Jul 12, 2018

How Trends Are Changing with Unified Communication

Cloud-based unified communication is a platform that has all the possible ways of making communication. It includes phone calls, emails, chat or plain text messaging. It is a virtualized software platform that uses the cloud technology. A wire-based networking infrastructure... read more

6 minutes
Jun 26, 2018

How Typography Can Change the Fate of Your Email Campaigns

Here are 3 beautiful emails. Can you see the common thread between all the three of them? You’ll notice that all 3 emails have different fonts and the emotions induced by the fonts too are different. While colors play an important role in conveying emotions, Typography too plays... read more

8 minutes
Jun 15, 2018

YouTube SEO Tips: How to Rank Your Video Higher

YouTube is the second largest search engine and videos are the most engaging content on the web nowadays. Ecommerce can definitely harness that power showing products in an impactful way. Is it the same to look at a picture than to watch a short video of a product? Video content... read more

Victor Blasco
8 minutes
Jun 12, 2018

How We Reached 100,000 Unique Views a Month on LiveChat Blog

4 years ago, I was given the challenge to write my first article for the LiveChat Blog. The subject of the post was supposed to be about customer service. I dug a little to come up with something worth reading. What came to my mind was that customers behave like kids sometimes.... read more

10 minutes
May 25, 2018

8 Lead Nurturing Email Alternatives Worth Exploring

Lead nurturing is commonly associated with email outreach. However, long gone are the days when sending emails was the only way to reach out to your leads directly. Today there are roughly 269 billion emails sent every day, making your lead nurturing email just another drop in... read more

11 minutes
May 25, 2018

5 Tips for Improving Online Communication with Customers (And 5 Traps to Avoid)

How many of you have ever argued online about politics, religion or lifestyle (or whether it's Laurel or Yanny)? I bet that most of you did that. What were your feelings after these discussions? Did you enjoy it? Did you and your interlocutors come to one conclusion? Or maybe you... read more

Justyna Polaczyk
8 minutes
May 18, 2018

How the Company Retreat Can REALLY Bring People Together

A mixture of different cultures, classical monuments, and parks on every corner with a clean flavour of malt and hops during the weekend. Ah, Vienna. That’s the place we chose for another LiveChat retreat. Even if a trip to one of the most entertaining capitals in Europe sounds... read more

Agata Lesniak
7 minutes
May 15, 2018

The Structure of a Successful Email Campaign

Your marketing emails can be the best friend who shows up with a surprise bottle of wine and hot pizza just when you need it. They can also be the guy who disrupts your dinner trying to sell magazine subscriptions. If you want to fall into the first category, make sure your... read more

Luisa Brenton
6 minutes
Apr 24, 2018