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LiveChat updates

We like to stay fresh!
1 March 2016

Magento 2.0 integration

Excited to announce that the integration with Magento 2.0 has just been released. Now, you can place LiveChat in your online store and answer your customers’ questions immediately.

Custom params in chat window

Moreover, all the crucial information about your customers’ purchases will be displayed next to your chat window thanks to in-built custom parameters. Having such details at hand will help you to handle the chats faster and more efficiently.

Go to our tutorial page to learn more about this integration.

19 January 2016

Integration with Salesforce

New integration with Salesforce is ready! It enables you to add your customers to Salesforce as Leads or Contacts, and pass related chat transcripts as Cases directly from the LiveChat panel.

Therefore, your agents will be able to view and edit all the essential data about a customer during the chat and stay updated.

Learn more about the integration with Salesforce.

8 January 2016

Integration with ProProfs

New Year, new integration! Now you can add LiveChat to your ProProfs page and assist the users of your documentation.

Proprofs and LiveChat logos

The visitors will be able to ask your team for help when looking for a particular bit of information or get a solution to a problem which is not yet described in your Knowledge Base.

Learn more about the integration with ProProfs.

15 December 2015

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM and LiveChat are now friends. I’m super glad to be the first to tell you about this new integration in our portfolio. I know just how many of you have been asking for it in chats. Well, ask no more – You can now share data between LiveChat and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Want to know the best part? No clicks needed – all is fully automatic. Enjoy!

integrating LiveChat with Dynamics CRM

Learn more…

16 November 2015

Integration with Infusionsoft

We are more than happy to introduce the integration with Infusionsoft. With this integration, you will be able to pass chat transcripts from LiveChat to your Infusionsoft panel.


The transcripts will be attached as a note to your existing Infusionsoft contacts. If you decide to pass a transcript of a chat with a customer who is not registered as your contact, a new contact will be created.

Learn more about Infusionsoft – LiveChat integration.

12 November 2015

Integration with WooCommerce

The list got longer! We have just released WooCommerce – LiveChat integration. Now you can add LiveChat to your WooCommerce site and contact the visitors of your online shop in real time.

LiveChat WooCommerce integration

Moreover, you can pass detailed information about your customers’ orders to the chat window thanks to custom parameters.

Learn more about WooCommerce – LiveChat integration.

11 November 2015

Double Opt-in for Mailchimp

We’ve made a small but important update to the Mailchimp integration that will lift the quality of your mailing lists. You can now ask subscribers to confirm their email addresses using the double opt-in process.

The double opt-in, is not only ethical but also makes your campaigns more effective by targeting only interested readers who actually open and click through your emails. You may not be getting as many subscribers, but the good news is that their engagement is bound to be higher.

The setup is very easy. Simply go to the Mailchimp integration page in your LiveChat panel, tick the double opt-in box and hit save changes to finalize.

From now on, all users who sign up for your newsletters will be sent a follow-up email asking to confirm their subscription.

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14 October 2015

Weebly integration

We’re eager to announce an exciting new integration with Weebly. It allows you to see who is currently on your website and to proactively engage your visitors into chat and turn them into returning customers.

Adding LiveChat to your Weebly website is easy. Follow the integration tutorial and start answering questions from potential customers today.

15 September 2015

Pre-chat survey field mapping in Mailchimp

You can now pass information from your pre-chat surveys to your Mailchimp account by setting up field mapping. For example, if you ask your customers for their order numbers when they sign in to your LiveChat, you can store that information in your Mailchimp list. You can use that information to prepare more personalized email campaigns.

Check out the Mailchimp integration tutorial to see how to enable the integration and set up field mapping.

Pre-chat field mapping in Mailchimp and LiveChat integration
21 August 2015

Mixpanel integration

You can now monitor and record various LiveChat events using your Mixpanel account.

The Mixpanel integration tracks events like chat started, pre-chat survey filled out and more to give you a better understanding about how your LiveChat works.

Check out the Mixpanel integration tutorial for a full list of tracked events and installation instructions.

Tracked LiveChat events using the Mixpanel integration
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