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LiveChat updates

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21 September 2017

LiveChat for osCommerce Is Here!

LiveChat for osCommerce is here! Build a strong relationship with your clients by amazing them with the excellent customer service.

LiveChat for osCommerce is here!

LiveChat for osCommerce will make your e-commerce journey much easier!

Adding LiveChat to your osCommerce have never been easier. With no need to edit any lines of code, you can focus on what’s important – providing your visitors with excellent customer service, available on the spot!

Add chat to your osCommerce with just a few easy steps!

But there’s more! Out of the box, our plugin allows you to:

  • See your customer’s cart details;
  • Decide where to show your chat window;
  • Disable LiveChat for guest users of your store.

Our plugin comes with additional features, straight out of the box!

Our official tutorial is available here, so don’t hesitate to check it out. Also, don’t hesitate to leave us feedback at – we’d love to hear from you!

18 September 2017

LiveChat Integrates with Pipedrive!

Using both Pipedrive and LiveChat? Great news! Now you can work smarter and close even more deals while chatting with your customers. All of that without leaving your LiveChat app.

LiveChat Integrates with Pipedrive!

Pipedrive integration – what about those deals?

Knowledge is power, so it always better to know more about your customers when trying to close a deal.
Now, instead of leaving your LiveChat app to check your customer details yourself, we will do that for you – straight during a chat.

Check your customers' details during a chat!

Not only that, our integration allows you to add chat transcript to your Notes. Save the vital information about your clients for later, and use them during future chat conversations!

Add your chat transcripts to Notes in Pipedrive!

Check out our official tutorial and see how easy it is to integrate LiveChat with Pipedrive. Also, don’t hesitate to leave us feedback in the comment section – we appreciate each and every note!

26 August 2017

Build Your Chat Window with our Visitor Chat SDK!

Build your unique chat window and integrate it with your product in a way you have never imagined. All of that with our brand new Visitor Chat SDK!

Our redesigned Visitor Chat SDK is here!

New possibilities!

Our redesigned Visitor SDK allows you to focus on what’s important – building your chat window and equipping it with all the right tools. Straight out of the box, you can:

  • Develop and design your chat window;
  • Integrate it with your own product;
  • Set up your visitor’s data.

Not only that, we also took care of maintaining the chat session between you and your customer. And there’s much more to come!

Click here to check out the full-blown documentation of our Visitor Chat SDK. Be aware though – the developer’s paradise awaits!

14 August 2017

Constant Contact integration is here!

If you ever thought about automating the growth of your Leads, now is a great time to do so! With our new, native integration you can do just that – Constant Contact is here!

LiveChat integrates with Constant Contact!

Grow your Leads straight from the chat!

With the use of our integration, you can gather your customers’ emails straight from the chat, saving them in your Constant Contact account. All of that with the pre-chat survey and a few easy steps, allowing you to link LiveChat with your Constant Contact.

LiveChat integrates with Constant Contact

Check out our official tutorial and see how easy it is for the magic to happen! Also, don’t hesitate to leave us feedback at – each and every opinion matters!

19 July 2017

LiveChat for PrestaShop – redesigned, so you can achieve even more

LiveChat for PrestaShop is here – completely redesigned and better than ever!

PrestaShop integration – redesigned, so you can achieve even more

Close more deals by targeting your customers’ exact needs!

With our redesigned integration, you can now see products and the total value of your customers’ carts.

PrestaShop integration

With that in mind, imagine how easily you can target your customers’ needs, providing them with the quality support that we all except in case of having any questions.

Save time on implementation and dedicate it to Customer Service!

With this release, we made sure that you can implement LiveChat with just a few clicks. What’s more, without editing LiveChat’s code, you can now switch on and off options like:

  • Hiding chat window on the mobile version of your store;
  • Disabling the chat window sounds for your customers.

All of that with just a click of a button!

Add transcript to Contact

Click here to check out our PrestaShop tutorial and see how the magic works! Also, don’t hesitate to leave us feedback at feedback@livechatinc.comwe can’t wait to see what you have got to say!

5 June 2017

HubSpot Integration Is Getting an Update!

You can now close even more sales and save even more time with our updated HubSpot integration! Grow a full-blown Sales team and work even smarter than before!

HubSpot Integration Is Getting an Update!

Add chat transcripts and manage your Notes!

You can already view and add new Contacts to your HubSpot, without leaving your LiveChat application. To make your work-flow even smoother, you can now save a chat transcript as a note and attach it directly to your contact.

Add transcript to Contact

What’s more, you can use the updated integration to Edit or Delete your note, if you feel like something needs to be changed.

Click here to check out our updated HubSpot tutorial and see how easy it is to use our integration. Also, don’t hesitate to leave us feedback at – we will truly appreciate it!

10 May 2017

LiveChat integrates with OpenCart

Targeting your customers’ needs is exactly what gives you a head start over your competition. Now you can achieve that by integrating LiveChat with OpenCart – a free and powerful eCommerce platform!

LiveChat integrates with OpenCart!

Target your customers’ exact needs!

See the details of your customers’ cart during a chat or long before that – right on the Visitors section of your LiveChat. Gather the details like:

  • Cart value
  • Product link
  • Product details

and use this opportunity to close more deals by providing your customers with the offer that will target their exact needs!

Target the exact needs of your customers!

Click here to check out our official OpenCart tutorial and see how easy it is to add LiveChat to your OpenCart store. And, as we always love hearing from you, don’t forget to leave us feedback at – we will truly appreciate it!

7 April 2017

LiveChat integrates with HubSpot!

Whether running an excellent Customer Support or a full-blown Sales Team, at LiveChat we know that working smart is a great way to improve your team’s results. That is why we are introducing our new native integration – HubSpot!

Integrate LiveChat with Zapier

Close more deals with less work!

HubSpot is a free, #1 CRM solution that allows you to manage your connections without the busywork. With the use of our integration, you can check the information about your customers in real-time. Also, because we like to make your life easier, you can add your customers as Contacts straight from the chat – all of that without the need to leave your LiveChat application!

HubSpot - display your customers info straight during a chat

Click here to check out our official HubSpot tutorial and see how easy it is to use our integration. Also, don’t forget to use the saved time to close more deals or dedicate it to your friends and family! Don’t hesitate to leave us feedback at – we will truly appreciate it!

25 January 2017

Integrate LiveChat with Zapier and gain endless possibilities!

At LiveChat, our goal is to provide you with endless possibilities. With over 750+ available Zap integrations, you can connect LiveChat with everyday tools used in your company, like Slack or Google Sheets.

Today, we are introducing a new and more convenient way to use your Zaps.

Use your Zaps more conveniently

Integrate LiveChat with Zapier

From now on, you can use new Zaps without the need to leave your LiveChat application. Simply visit our new Integrate using Zapier tab and choose a Zap from the list. No more switching through tabs when integrating LiveChat with Zapier!

Endless possibilities

LiveChat with Zapier gives you endless possibilities!

We’ve prepared a tutorial that will guide you through all available Zaps. Click here to check it out and start using your LiveChat in a way you have never imagined!

21 April 2016

Updated integration with Zapier

Wanna pass data from LiveChat to 3rd party app? Well, good news – you can do that thanks to Zapier integration.

Zapier offers a rich database of the apps that can be integrated with LiveChat.

Zapier - LiveChat logos

The idea is very simple: use one of the five triggers (as a finished chat or a new ticket) and decide which data about your visitor or chat will be passed to your CRM, to-do list or wherever else you wish!

With such an automation set, there’s no need to transfer the data manually and that will save you and your team plenty of time.

What’s new:

We added two more events that you can use as triggers: chat changed and ticket created.
You can also save additional information about your chat visitors: visitor’s location, timezone, language and the page on which the chat started.

Feel free to test it!

Read more about this integration and take a look at the most popular Zaps.

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