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LiveChat updates

We like to stay fresh!
Livechat: We’re on now!
25 March 2020

We’re on now!

We’ve migrated LiveChat’s website to a new domain name: This is a historic event for us and our whole team has been waiting for this moment for such a long time!

In the next couple of months, we’re going to migrate all of our services to, including the LiveChat Agent App. We’ll let you know about the specific timeline and all the other details in advance.

Yesterday’s changes shouldn’t affect most of our customers. However, if you’re experiencing any issues, please consider taking these actions:

👉 Make sure that the domain name is whitelisted or added to your trusted domains. Please don’t remove from your whitelist, as the Agent App continues to utilize for now.

👉 If you can’t log in to the LiveChat desktop app, please make sure you are using the latest version.

If you have any questions, we’re here to assist you.

Livechat: Check out our Interactive 2020 Customer Service Report!
25 February 2020

Check out our Interactive 2020 Customer Service Report!

Interactive Customer Service Report

Our new Customer Service Report is interactive. It’s based on data from 23,487 LiveChat customers across 30 industries and 150 countries. There are at least three reasons why you’ll love it. We’ve prepared various dashboards with the most important sales and customer service metrics.

Additionally, you can use filters to see the results in your industry and area and see how you stack up against your competition. You can save the dashboards and come back to the report anytime you want.

We’ve created custom sets for agents or managers and other ones concentrating on specific aspects, like time efficiency or effectiveness regarding ecommerce. We also prepared a dashboard specifically for comparing metrics from 2018 and 2019. Have fun with it!

View the report now!

Livechat: Improved bubble icon is here!
12 February 2020

Improved bubble icon is here!

We present you with the new and improved bubble icon. The new icon moves when visitors hover over it, immediately showing that the element is interactive.

minimized chat widget

We’ve seen how important such small details are for engaging visitors, so we’re thrilled to add this delightful new touch to the Chat Widget. We hope you and your customers will enjoy it!

Livechat: Get more out of the customers list
29 January 2020

Get more out of the customers list

We’ve added a few changes to the Customers tab so it’s easier to use and personalize to your needs.

Customize your view

Turn on and off any column, including Name and Email address, so only the information that matters the most is displayed. You can also reorder columns, and change their width, which makes working with the list more comfortable.

LiveChat customize customer list

To change the width of the column, simply drag the boundary of the column heading until the column is the width that you want.

Exclude bots and IP addresses

Now, you can filter out crawlers, bots, and IP addresses (like the one belonging to your company) so you see only real visitors that you can start a chat with.

Exclude bots and ip addresses from the LiveChat customers list

Multiple actions in one go

When you click on any action button, like Start chat or Supervise, the action will be performed but you’re not automatically taken to the Chats tab. This way you can start more than one chat at the same time without switching back and forth between tabs.

What do you think about the changes? Check out your customer list and let us know.

Livechat: All performance metrics in one place
19 December 2019

All performance metrics in one place

This morning we released the agents performance report that lets you check how well your team and individual agents are doing. All important info is stored in one report, so you can forget about skipping between tabs and setting filters over and over again.

LiveChat agents perfromance report

Just by looking at the list, you can easily spot top performers and teammates who need to improve certain areas of their work.

Other than the metrics you already know, like customer satisfaction or first response time, you can also track a new one called efficiency—the number of chats per hour for each agent.

Livechat: Personalize your customers list view
17 December 2019

Personalize your customers list view

Now, you can change the width of columns on the customers list simply by dragging the column boundary.

Resize column width LiveChat

It lets you change the view so it shows only the info you need, the way that is most useful to you.

Livechat: Adding LiveChat to PrestaShop just got easier
14 November 2019

Adding LiveChat to PrestaShop just got easier

Good news! Now, you can add LiveChat both from the PrestaShop Back Office and PrestaShop Addons Marketplace. It makes that installation process quicker. With the chat widget in your online store, you can proactively engage your customers to drive more sales.

LiveChat chat widget in PrestaShop

It also opens the door for us to add more ecommerce features to this integration. Stay tuned for more updates!

Learn more

Visit our Marketplace to read more and connect LiveChat to PrestaShop.

Livechat: Increase your greeting conversion rate
31 October 2019

Increase your greeting conversion rate

We’ve recently added a data breakdown to the greetings conversion report so it’s easier to decide which greeting needs some tweaking to bring more chats.

Greetings breakdown in LiveChat reports

Now, all greetings are displayed in a table with information about the conversion rate and the number of chats. You can also select a few of them from the list to compare their stats.

Want to see how it works? Log in to LiveChat and go to the greetings conversion report.

Livechat: Check your live chat performance against the industry standard
2 October 2019

Check your live chat performance against the industry standard

Now you can track how you stack up against your competitors. To do it, view the benchmark data in the following reports: total chats, chat satisfaction, chat duration, response times.

One glance and you know if your chat satisfaction or first response time are up to customers’ expectations. Or if you need to work on some areas of live chat support in your business.

To see benchmark data, open one of the mentioned reports and flip on the toggle switch in the top right.

Please note that this feature will be available only on Business and Enterprise plans from November 1, 2019.

Livechat: Get in touch with customers who left the queue
9 September 2019

Get in touch with customers who left the queue

Now, you can send an email to a customer who left the queue right from the queue abandonment report. No more switching between tabs.

Send messages from the queue abandonment report in LiveChat

How it works

Go to the queue abandonment report and click on the Message button placed next to the customer’s name. Then, edit the message and send it. You can see both your messages and your customer’s replies in Tickets.

Please note that this feature is available with Business and Enterprise plans. To updgrade your plan, go to Subscription.

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