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What’s a Canned Response and Should You Use It?

You start your shift and before you realize it, you're swamped with so many chats you don't even have time to make a cup of coffee. And the worst part? Most of those chats are about the same thing, and you have to type the same message over and over again.  Customer service... read more

Wojciech Guminski
9 minutes
Apr 25, 2022

Legal Is a Product: How To Segment Your Customers and Offer Them Legal Support

If you run an online business, most likely you receive a number of requests concerning documents that your customers would like to sign. We know it’s a demanding process and, at LiveChat, we really care about helping your business. At the end of the day, your legal agreements are... read more

Malgorzata Sikora
4 minutes
Dec 3, 2020

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SaaS and Legal: What Documents You Do, and Don’t, Need

At LiveChat, we work with customers and legal documents on a daily basis. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned is that it’s easy to get lost with all of these types of documents and demands from our customers. This article will explain what legal documents are the most... read more

Malgorzata Sikora
5 minutes
Sep 16, 2020

How to Survive Risk Assessment: LiveChat Tips and Tricks

If you’re here, most likely you have an interest in best practices for the management of legal documents. You may wonder if all these compliance documents, NDAs, DPAs, and SLAs provide risk for your business and the data processing it does. Regardless of your location, there are... read more

Malgorzata Sikora
6 minutes
Jul 1, 2020

LiveChat Legal: How to Build an Efficient and Well-Maintained Subprocessor List

As you probably know, transparency in data processing is a must right now. GDPR and other privacy-related regulations require companies to inform who can access different sets of data. Because of this obligation, you’ve most likely heard about subprocessors. Maybe you’ve even had... read more

Malgorzata Sikora
4 minutes
Jun 10, 2020

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LiveChat Legal: Crafting Your Data Security Policy

There is no question that data security is important. If you run an online-related business, you should know how to apply good data security standards for your company. It was a difficult process for us, and now we’re ready to share that experience with you.  Let’s start... read more

Malgorzata Sikora
4 minutes
May 7, 2020

LiveChat for Managers: Measure your Customer Service ROI

We all know customer service is the core of a successful business. 24/7 support, talking with customers the moment they need it, and on the channels they most prefer. Happy customers come back to buy more products and recommend you to their friends. But if there's one question... read more

6 minutes
Aug 26, 2019

LiveChat for Managers: Features You Simply Can’t Miss

Many awesome products we use have plenty of features which sometimes we don’t realize. Just recently I found out that if we mistype a digit in an iPhone calculator, there’s no need to cancel with “C” or “AC” and start all over again. Swiping left or right at the top of the screen... read more

5 minutes
Jul 29, 2019

9 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Live Chat Support (and How to Correct Them)

Live chat is a great way of increasing customer engagement and boosting website conversions. When used well, it can enable you to offer excellent customer support, save yourself time and money, and increase your bottom line. That said, many businesses are routinely making the... read more

Aaron Agius
10 minutes
Jun 3, 2019

LiveChat for Managers: Plan your Team’s Work with These Features

Hey you, Manager! Ever wondered how to encompass people working on a chat? Or do you prefer leaving them all alone because they handle customers well anyway? They probably do, since chatting is easy. But with your help, it can be more efficient, and lead to better support and... read more

6 minutes
Apr 29, 2019

Embracing Halloween on Chat with Your Customers

The Holiday season is right around the corner. It means more chats, more sales, more… work! Am I right? If you follow our blog, you know already how to make the most out of your eCommerce store, but not to die from work overload. Mateusz gave us solid advice on how to handle... read more

5 minutes
Oct 30, 2018