Benefits of LiveChat and CRM Integration

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Mar 16, 2016
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CRM integration

Imagine you’re working in a restaurant and you have several customers who keep coming back. The thing is, you never recognize them. You don’t remember that this lady always orders gluten–free and when that man says: “That delicious tea – the same as always” you have no clue what he referes to.

These customers greet you with a smile and are happy to come back, but you don’t know that because it’s like you serve them with your eyes covered. The same can happen on chat when you don’t store information about your customers. Except it’s worse.

If you have LiveChat on your website, you probably know how useful it is for your business. It helps your customers contact you and drives sales. But LiveChat can provide much more than just chatting.

So open your eyes and get reading

Integrating LiveChat with CRM software

The system that allows you to gather and store information about customers is called CRM.
Integrating LiveChat with CRM software allows you to gather and store the information from all the customers that you have been chatting with.

So, if you use LiveChat without any CRM integration, I can say you don’t realize its potential. And if you’re an entrepreneur you probably like to use all the opportunities you have. Well, CRM is one of them. I think many people heard of it, but when it comes to integrating it with LiveChat they’re not fully aware of the benefits.

Let’s start with how CRM integrations work. The moment your chat agent receives a chat from a website visitor, data available about the visitor is automatically captured by the CRM. From name, email address and phone numbers, social media accounts to date and time of the chat, IP location and a copy of the chat transcript.

Here's how you can use this.

Recognize customers

In business and in marketing, the more detailed a picture of the customers you have, the better communication you provide.

You can use the data you gather from CRM to build customer profiles. All the information you get through the chat become a part of the visitor’s CRM profile.

For example, LiveChat integration with Infusionsoft allows your agents to move customer information collected during chats to Infusionsoft with just one click.

Then, agents can easily access customer profiles next time they return to chat. It means a customer doesn’t have to introduce himself every time he comes back to chat. Your agents recognize him and greet him. You can also recognize your CRM contacts and display information about them in the chat window. This way, your agents will be able to provide much more precise support, which increases customer satisfaction.

Make your agents work easier

Once the LiveChat and CRM integration has taken place, chat transcripts become a part of the CRM profile. There are many cases when an access to a history of conversations is useful. For example when your agents need to verify a previous chat transcript to research purchase history.

Or when a customer claims that he had a discount granted by another agent and you need to verify it. Everything is in place, and you don’t have to search the conversation history in the archive.

Note: If you have a lot of chats going on in the same time and you don’t have time to save information about your customers, for example the integration with Hubspot CRM allows you to also add customer information from archived chats.

Help your team sell more

Once a website visitor starts a chat on your website, he or she is a potential sales lead. You can activate your sales funnel with the lead data you gathered and you will be surprised with conversions.

By integrating LiveChat with CRM systems your sales rep can see everything they need to know without leaving their CRM. They have access to all of the data collected through chats, including social profiles information. They can use this information to tailor their communication to the needs of each individual prospect. They can also segment customers into groups and send them personalized campaigns.

The sales team doesn’t have to look for the information they need to do their job. They can call customers and send emails from CRM directly. They have everything in one place. It helps them save time which they can utilize to sell more.

According to John Basile, Business Developer at IdeaScale:

It’s well and good that chats are logged to our LiveChat account’s history, but with the Highrise integration, our chats are recorded right to IdeaScale’s shared Highrise account with a couple clicks. This means that our sales team can share important conversations and have them all at our fingertips when we’re communicating with our leads and customers.

Save time

Those who used Salesforce remember the times when it was all chaotic and hard to use. These times are long gone. Salesforce improved its usability and is hard to recognized these days. Now it’s seamless and easy to use. The same goes for LiveChat integration with Salesforce.

It enables you to add your customers as Leads and Contacts and pass related chat transcripts as Cases directly from the LiveChat panel. Therefore, your agents will be able to view and edit all the essential data about a customer during the chat to keep the record updated. It turns out, customers appreciate better usability and how they can save time thanks to it.

According to Nuno Amaral, Global Vice President of Technical Support:

We create a Salesforce case after each chat and then account for it based on the communication channel. Being able to spend little time creating a manual case in Salesforce after each chat is the biggest value.

Turn your businss into a sales powerhouse

CRM helps you recognize your customers and provide precise support. It helps you to turn a small business into a sales powerhouse. It also allows you to save time on manual things and focus on providing seamless support, improving your product and running your business.

If comparing your business to the restaurant I mentioned in the beginning, CRM ensures you will be a great waiter, providing a seamless service. And we all know a great service deserves a big tip.

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