LiveChat for Managers: How to Use Reports to Plan Your Customer Service

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Jun 27, 2019
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LiveChat managers: use reports to plan customer service

Managing is not about bossing people around (but you already know that). It’s mainly about planning your team’s work and unlocking its full potential. Being a LiveChat Manager is a little like being a coach; a soccer coach for instance.

You plan your team’s tactic - you decide who is better in attack (sales) and who is better in defending (support). You measure your players’ running tempo - you think of what they can do to run 1s faster (respond faster). Then you place your players (agents) wisely where they are the most effective. You also learn from watching and analyzing a game on repeat (read chat archives). Sounds fun?

Let’s take these steps to the LiveChat app, Reports section, to be precise, and plan your customer service strategy.

#1 Total number of chats – your go–to analysis

Start planning your customer service strategy by checking out the total number of chats you had. Do that by going to the Reports section and choose “Chats” in the sidebar. You can see how many chats you had in general and at what point of the week you get the most of them.

You can use filters, for example “date” to spot a trend of changing chats week to week, or month to month.

Total chats reprt

You can also check the box 24-hour distribution. It will show you the chats in terms of hours. It’s easy to notice if you have any chat peaks during 24 hours cycle. During chat peaks, plan agents’ work the way they can focus on customers 100%. Let them do additional tasks later.

Total chats hourly

During chat peaks you may need more agents to handle customer cases. How many agents exactly? You can find that out from staffing prediction report.

Summary: Total number of chats report tells you how many chats you had on particular days of the week and how many agents you need in general.

#2 Staffing Prediction report - defining the number of agents you need on chat

Staffing Prediction report tells you how many agents you need at any point of the day to handle potentially the highest number of chats. It is calculated based on the maximum number of chats per hour from the last 4 weeks. How useful is it?

At LiveChat, we have 35 agents (aka Support Heroes) right now. Here’s what Grzegorz - our Head of Support - says about using staffing prediction report:

“Let's say I need to know if the shifts we set on Monday are correct. I go to the staffing prediction report, select "Monday" in filters, and immediately see how many agents I need per hour.”

Staffing prediction report

It’s not only useful just to handle chats and make those sales, but to make sure your agents don’t face too many chats and aren’t overwhelmed.

“If you want to have your finger on the pulse of your team well-being, it’s your go-to report. It has proved to be useful many times when we asked ourselves the question “do we have enough manpower?”

Summary: Staffing prediction tells you how many agents you need in a particular hour. It helps to plan agents’ shifts so they handle the right amount of chats.

#3 Response Times report - should your agents reply faster?

Imagine you step into the local store with the intention to buy something and there’s no one there to help you. You wait 1-2 minutes before somebody shows up. These 2 minutes feel like an eternity, don’t they? Don’t let your customers wait this long on your website.

If you claim there are agents available on your chat but no one responds, customers immediately get a bad experience. To see if your agents are keeping up with all conversations, go to the report: “Response Times”.

Response time on chat report

According to our Customer Service Report, the global average last year was 48 seconds. How to have better results? It all starts with wisely planning agents’ shifts, so they don’t face too many chats at once. If someone is new, they can also set up chat limits to handle 3 chats at once (we mentioned that the post about planning your team's work).

That brings us to the next important report: “Queued visitors.”

Summary: First response time tells you if agents have the optimum number of chats to handle or do they face too many chats.

#4 Find out if there’s a queue on your website

If there are many visitors on chat and not enough agents to answer, you experience queue and potentially angry customers (agents’ worst nightmare).

Check it out if the queue happened and when. Then, consider planning more agents’ shifts in those hours. Sometimes businesses face many inquiries during nighttime hours and they have no agents then. Consider providing 24/7 support, as this brings many opportunities to your business.

livechat queued customers report

Other times chat peaks might happen is when there is a big sale or during Christmas craze. If changing shifts for that time is not possible, consider hiring more agents for that busy time.

Summary: If you have queued visitors on chat it’s a sign that you need to adjust agents’ shift better or hire more agents.

#5 It all comes down to customer satisfaction

Chat satisfaction is the one metric that you should constantly check to see if your plan, strategy, and actions taken are leading you towards the right direction: customer success.

In the reports you can check chat satisfaction: the ratio of the good rates to all rates your agents get after or during a chat. It’s a crucial metric for every business. Satisfied customers will always come back and they might recommend you to their friends.

Chat satisfaction report

Last year, the global average of customer satisfaction was 82.26% (data for over 25k companies and 437M chats from Customer Service Report). Check yours by using custom period in the filters.

Summary: Customer satisfaction report gives you an overall look at the state of your customer service. You’ll see how your agents are doing and if your strategy is working.

LiveChat reports? You got this!

While the main goal for your agents is to make sure customers’ cases are resolved, your job as a manager is to focus on the background of ongoing conversations with customers.

This background is everything your agents need to provide stellar service: technical details in the LiveChat app, powerful usage of the features and the important data from the Reports.

Knowing all this, you’ll be able to come up with the best strategy for your team.
And given your organizing and planning skills, I’m sure you’ll do it right.


Good luck with planning your customer service strategy! Remember, in case of any questions, leave a comment or write to our Support Heroes on chat. We’re always here for you!