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The Best Marketing Tool You Can Use [Video]

Word of mouth is definitely the best way to spread the word about your product. Let us show you how it works and how to take advantage of WOM. watch now

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41 Marketing Automation Tools – The Complete List for 2020

Marketing automation software can help you effortlessly scale various marketing tasks yet still deliver a personalized experience for customers. Currently, most automation platforms are focused on strengthening relationships across channels and personalization. Using this... read more

Gabriela Bartoszek
10 minutes
Apr 30, 2020

8 Steps for Switching to Remote Work in a Tech Company

For a company that has never attempted remote work, it takes weeks, months, or even years, to make that transition smoothly. However, with Covid-19, we don’t have that flexibility. We need to act quickly. That’s why the whole process won’t be perfect, and you should be fine with... read more

7 minutes
Apr 24, 2020

7 Reasons Why Giving Feedback at Work Fails

Being part of a team comes with various responsibilities. Of course, you have to do your part, but what about supporting others? Being asked for feedback often causes stress and anxiety. It gets even worse if you haven’t been asked to provide it. How do you give feedback in a... read more

7 minutes
Apr 21, 2020

How to Deal With a Difficult Team Member [Video]

There is always one, and we all had to deal with it once or twice in our lifetime. But we want to help you make sure you deal with that one difficult team member in a professional manner. watch now

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How to Stay Focused on Work After the World Has Stopped

The recent COVID-19 outbreak and sudden home isolation has turned our daily lives upside down. Healthcare workers and public service employees are facing an enormous workload. At the same time, the rest of society stays locked in their homes feeling like the world has stopped.... read more

11 minutes
Apr 8, 2020

6 Ways to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Content creation is not all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes the most basic step, like coming up with content ideas, can be the most difficult. If you’re a content writer who already has a decent number of posts under your belt, you know that to be true. It seems easy when you’re... read more

8 minutes
Apr 1, 2020

10 Steps to Achieve High Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a vague marketing term. It often provokes broad, yet hazy discussions or makes businesses focus too much on the details and overlook the big picture. What does it really mean? Are ‘satisfied’ customers enough to satisfy the business? The questions can go... read more

5 minutes
Mar 31, 2020

5 Marketing Lessons from Super Bowl LIV

Some Sundays are more special than others. Can they get any more unique than Super Sunday? I don’t think so. When you think about it, hardly any other sporting event can compete with the buzz generated by the Super Bowl. I come from a corner of the world where football has a... read more

8 minutes
Feb 3, 2020

How to Write a High-Converting Case Study

Most content marketers focus on traffic. They write more content for more keywords, all with the hopes of getting more sales, and the competition is getting fierce. There are only so many spots on the front page of Google, right? As a result, smart marketers are looking for ways... read more

Daniel Daines-Hutt
9 minutes
Jan 3, 2020

7 Ways Marketing and Customer Support Teams Can Collaborate

As companies are becoming more customer-focused, it’s crucial for customer-facing teams to align with other teams in the organization. However, in most cases, support teams work in silos and do not collaborate enough with teams like marketing, design or product. This makes it... read more

Himanshu Gupta
8 minutes
Oct 2, 2019

LiveChat for Managers: Measure your Customer Service ROI

We all know customer service is the core of a successful business. 24/7 support, talking with customers the moment they need it, and on the channels they most prefer. Happy customers come back to buy more products and recommend you to their friends. But if there's one question... read more

6 minutes
Aug 26, 2019