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LiveChat for Managers: Measure your Customer Service ROI

We all know customer service is the core of a successful business. 24/7 support, talking with customers the moment they need it, and on the channels they most prefer. Happy customers come back to buy more products and recommend you to their friends. But if there's one question... read more

Olga Rogacka
6 minutes
Aug 26, 2019

How to Make a Rebranding That Solves Your Problems

Successful rebranding goes beyond aesthetics and coming up with a new logo to appear fresh and relevant in the ever-changing world. First of all, it should solve problems that the brand is currently facing. In the world of information overload and short attention spans, it can be... read more

Linda Cartwright
11 minutes
Jan 30, 2019

Embracing Halloween on Chat with Your Customers

The Holiday season is right around the corner. It means more chats, more sales, more… work! Am I right? If you follow our blog, you know already how to make the most out of your eCommerce store, but not to die from work overload. Mateusz gave us solid advice on how to handle... read more

Olga Rogacka
5 minutes
Oct 30, 2018

Best Software for Every Stage of Email Marketing

One of the most comprehensive marketing tasks is to make your email attract subscribers’ attention in their busy inboxes. According to VentureBeat, email marketing generates the highest ROI for marketers. That’s the reason why lots of businesses widely use this strategy.... read more

Inna Yatsyna
7 minutes
Oct 26, 2018

5 Landing Page Best Practices Proven to Convert in All Campaigns

A majority of businesses feel that generating leads is one of their top challenges, which isn’t much of a surprise considering: 61% of companies run 5 or less landing page tests per month 48% of landing pages contain multiple offers 75% of marketers struggle with optimizing... read more

Tyson Quick
6 minutes
Oct 5, 2018

How to Make Webinars a Powerful B2B Sales Tool

How many webinars have you attended in your whole professional life? How many of them were a good value for time spent on watching? You may have noticed a lot of companies, also your competitors, have been organizing live events. Webinars is a perfect way to generate new leads... read more

Margo Ovsiienko
5 minutes
Sep 12, 2018

How to Enhance the Quality of Business with Just 7 Simple Tricks

As we move towards a more digitized sphere in terms of marketplaces, competition in business gets stiffer every day. Whether you are a financial advisory firm or an online ecommerce platform, it is imperative that you bring in new tactics to improve the qu­ality of your business.... read more

Arif Rashid
6 minutes
Jun 21, 2018

[LiveChat Diaries] How Moving to an Open Space Office Changed the Way We Work

When I announced to my friends that my company is changing the office and we’re moving from a fancy villa to an open space building, they thought I was joking. How come that any modern company decides to bring to life the concept taken from dark times of office design, they... read more

Justyna Polaczyk
7 minutes
Apr 6, 2018

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Hosting Hackathons

Who said that work has to be dull? Working can also be a source of fun, especially if you work in a nice environment, you’re working on an interesting project and you have a chance to self-develop. It’s double-fun if you can prove yourself right and win a sweet prize! Wait a... read more

Justyna Polaczyk
5 minutes
Mar 23, 2018

Lessons About Corporate Team Building from Coinbase’s #1 Employee

Some posts are written to give a specific knowledge. For example, how to optimize your website for SEO. Other posts change your way of thinking, force you to question everything you know. Such posts and ideas inspire to find new, better ways of doing something and in the end,... read more

Justyna Polaczyk
8 minutes
Jan 25, 2018

Tried and Tested Growth Hacks for SMBs

It goes without saying that every small business owner out there is looking for ways to grow their business. It translates to finding more customers, making more sales, and in turn making profits. With the onset of digital commerce, a business is not limited to the customers who... read more

Suzana Joel
8 minutes
Jan 12, 2018

How to Use Internal Knowledge Base and Why is It Worth It

For new employees, talking with customers on chat can be a real nightmare. Not only do they need to get to know the product as fast as you can, but also need to learn how to deal with impatient customers. No matter how quick learner you are, you need to go through this road... read more

Olga Rogacka
5 minutes
Nov 27, 2017

How Reading Bad Guest Posts Helped Me to Become a Better Content Writer

Some time ago, we decided that it’s time to start to accept guest post contributions. It sounded like the best idea ever! Through the eyes of imagination, I saw our blog flooded with great posts all these great content writers would send us! I saw tons of valuable content... read more

Justyna Polaczyk
8 minutes
Oct 27, 2017

Content Marketing Calendar: An Essential Piece Of Your Marketing Strategy

How many times did you have a great content idea you forgot about days or weeks later? How many times did you have to reschedule a post because something more important came up? Everyone reading this probably knows that one of the best ways to grow your business is through... read more

Dario Supan
10 minutes
Oct 18, 2017