How Improving Customer Response Time Can Win a Customer

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Aug 24, 2016
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Customer response time

Jack was in the nearby food store and he faced some problems while making a transaction on the service counter. He was clueless, why his credit card was not working, whereas the very previous day, he had made a transaction using the same card. He reached out to the customer care through the toll-free number given on the card’s overleaf.

The agent who took the call was helpful and did not take more than seven minutes to make the credit card work again. Jack made the transaction, happily and was assured that the bank had meaningful concerns about their customers. Jack remained a loyal customer to the particular bank, onwards.

The above cited incident is a conspicuous example in the current customer service environment. Most of the customers look for an immediate response whenever something goes wrong, as researches have suggested that the customer experience mostly depends on the number of minutes, availing the service, purposefully, and not while bearing it with an unsolicited problem.

Let’s look at a little promptness gives a lot many productive results in customer satisfaction and how your customers find it significantly helpful when they get an immediate response.

Gravity of the customer communication

The customer communication has many meaningful touch points. It becomes a lot necessary for the service provider to take care of these cardinal points and provide the customers with more than they generally expect.

For example, a customer who is looking for a predictive dialer for his call center may find many brands available in the market but an essential thing to keep such a customer satisfied with a good service is, understanding his needs and here in case of predictive dialers, it’s about how the software uses the customer data in its best way.

Now, if a customer zeroes in two competitive brands to choose from then the final conversion will go for the brand that is able to communicate the product benefits in a better way.

At this very point, live chat and toll free numbers come up as an indispensable communication media that help the service provider to understand the gravity of the customer communication with a possibility with a higher customer satisfaction.

E-mails and text messages stay unread

Reaching out to the customers with a common mail is not enough and is getting obsolete now, gradually. Because customers have specific preferences and needs and it varies with demography and market. So, today’s customer is more aware and needs to be treated, individually. Yes, one can not deny that e-mails and text messages have their own benefits when it comes to access the customers in bulk. But conversion depends on the fact how one customer gets the minute details of the service and some satisfactory answers whether the service should be availed or not.

A better communication can only be achieved by one to one communication with the customers and this gives him a much better perspective about his preferences and an apt answer to this question whether your service is well designed according to your customer needs.

Importance of toll free numbers and live chat tools

To comply with the above mentioned ideas, live chat and inbound call centers have proved to be very consequential. A research done by Gartner, shows that the customer patience has thinned out and thinning more, gradually. So, when a customer reaches out to an agent for some help with a query in his mind, the extent of a good service depends on the fact how promptly he gets the response.

Live chat is a forward looking tool that helps a customer to get in touch with the service provider anytime, anywhere. The agent on the other side can guide the customer, accordingly. Live chat provides an immense possibility for a good customer base. Likewise, toll free numbers are also best media to make your service more accessible to the customers.

Such contemporary tools have many benefits and they prove to be helpful in making the brand image, increasing customer satisfaction and retaining customers.

Conversion rates matter a lot

At the end of the day, irrespective of any business the rate of conversion decides how well your business service is being availed by the customers. Services like live chat and toll free numbers keep the conversion rates healthy for your business because the customers find themselves well communicated and well understood.

Once the customers are in the orbit of your business service, it becomes a responsibility for the service provider to keep the communication channel with the customer running, flawlessly. Since the mutual communication between the customer and the service provider happens through various channels. It’s the effectiveness that decides how capable the particular channel is. A live agent responding to the customer queries is undoubtedly very effective and proves to be of great benefits when it comes to negotiating with a customer and close a call, fruitfully.

Features that bring innovation to your business

The customer service environment has gradually taken a virtual face. Thanks to the cloud technology that has made the services more reliable and innovation come handy with it. Every service that brings customers more awareness about the product or service has to be robust and reliable. The customer related data should be used in its best way to design and redesign your service based on customer insights. (Read the post about benefits of LiveChat and CRM integration).

Cloud technology helps to maintain the customer related data and it further helps to make the conversation more personal. And every conversation leading from professional to personal realm has greater possibility for your customer to remain loyal to your service. So, it is always advisable to keep a communication channel for immediate gratification of your customer’s queries.

Your Customers always have a say

As the vice president of British Airways, Donald Porter has suggested about customer service that, “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.”

In the same context, it is an essential thing for your business service to be able to fix things and via an effective communication medium. Be it live chat, toll-free numbers or inbound call centers, the idea is always to make your customer feel that his concerns are being taken care of, sincerely.