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Online Marketing

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Marketing is an ever-evolving discipline. Tactics come and go. Some of them disappear completely, while others adjust to the changes caused by emerging technologies and tools. One of the trends that have been gaining traction in the last couple of years is personalization.... read more

8 minutes
May 14, 2020

Should You Be Marketing on TikTok?

Just two years ago, it felt like the social media landscape was entrenched, and it wasn’t going to change anytime soon. Instagram and Snapchat have been in the game for nearly a decade now. Facebook and Instagram have been out there even longer. While not as popular, Pinterest... read more

8 minutes
May 8, 2020

41 Marketing Automation Tools – The Complete List for 2020

Marketing automation software can help you effortlessly scale various marketing tasks yet still deliver a personalized experience for customers. Currently, most automation platforms are focused on strengthening relationships across channels and personalization. Using this... read more

Gabriela Bartoszek
10 minutes
Apr 30, 2020

What is Dark Social and How Can It Help My Business?

Dark social.  What jumps into your mind when I say those words? If you’re like most of the people in my office, the first thought is that it must mean something related to the dark web. You know, something that is cryptic, secretive, and maybe even borderline illegal. ... read more

7 minutes
Apr 6, 2020

8 Essential Metrics for an Effective Email Campaign

Effective email campaigns are a part of every successful marketer’s toolbox. For an email campaign to be effective, you need to know if it is working. If you don’t know, not only could you be wasting your time but you also could be creating a negative perception of your company.... read more

5 minutes
Mar 16, 2020

What Does Customer Service and Marketing Have in Common

Most companies have many different departments, like sales, human resources, marketing, customer service, and so on. Not so long ago, we didn't care that much about how they communicated with each other. A steady flow of information, or ways in which the work of one department... read more

7 minutes
Mar 12, 2020

How to Use Analytics to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that 93% of B2B marketers use email for content distribution? What’s more, 40% of marketers agreed that email newsletters are crucial for the success of their overall content marketing strategies. If it’s done right, email marketing can help businesses boost their... read more

8 minutes
Oct 21, 2019

How to Reply to Negative Reviews: A Short Guide for Business Owners

Everyone has an opinion. Thanks to the Internet, everyone can share what they think in an open forum. Yelp, Google Reviews, Houzz, and more serve as the review platforms for customers of restaurants, auto shops, and home services. Transparency might be intimidating for small and... read more

Drew Page
9 minutes
Aug 14, 2019

How to Use Videos for Effective Customer Support

Video marketing has simplified communication between companies and customers. The flexibility it provides makes video a powerful yet profitable digital marketing tool. Even the support executives today actively use video feature in their daily routine. It allows them to instruct... read more

Koushik Marka
6 minutes
Dec 31, 2018

How to Make Webinars a Powerful B2B Sales Tool

How many webinars have you attended in your whole professional life? How many of them were a good value for time spent on watching? You may have noticed a lot of companies, also your competitors, have been organizing live events. Webinars is a perfect way to generate new leads... read more

Margo Ovsiienko
5 minutes
Sep 12, 2018