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LiveChat updates

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Livechat: Improved chat supervision is here
23 June 2020

Improved chat supervision is here

You want all your chats with customers to go as smoothly as possible. Our new chat supervision features get you closer to your customer support reps while they’re having conversations with your customers. Expect an improved workflow and higher customer satisfaction rates!

Communicate with a supervisor during the chat

Private mode allows your customer service rep to respond back to the chat supervisor. With this two-way communication, you will come to a resolution faster, improving your customer’s chat experience and cutting down on the average case handling time.

Take over the chat from your bot

Chat takeover lets you take over the conversation either from a bot or your customer service rep (the latter requiring the user role ‘admin’). Intervene with one click to quickly get the situation under control and support your customers without a need for moving their case from a chat to a ticket.

Livechat: Reply to SMS text messages with the free Twilio integration
9 June 2020

Reply to SMS text messages with the free Twilio integration

It pays to be everywhere your customers are.

Thanks to the Twilio integration with LiveChat, you can easily respond to customers who text you. Even better, SMS messages have a 98% open rate. Your messages will get noticed and customers can chat where it’s most convenient for them.

Chat just as you do when customers contact you through other channels. All you need to get started is a Twilio account and an eligible phone number (you can also get a number from Twilio).

Receive and reply to text messages using one or more telephone numbers. Route SMS messages from each number to the LiveChat group of your choice.

Go to the LiveChat Marketplace to get started with the free Twilio integration.

Livechat: Customer Insight – your Shopify store(s) at your fingertips in LiveChat!
20 May 2020

Customer Insight – your Shopify store(s) at your fingertips in LiveChat!

Our customers’ success is our success. To help you sell and help customers more effectively, we’ve created the Customer Insight for Shopify, which integrates even more Shopify features into your LiveChat Agent app.

The Customer Insight widget is your Shopify Admin panel right in the chat, so that all the information about your customers and their orders is right there at your fingertips. Without leaving LiveChat, you can see a customer’s cart, send Product Cards view previous orders, as well as manage orders and refunds. This means that when the customer comes to chat you can hit the ground running because you’ll see the full context the moment the chat starts.

Learn more
Customer Insight is available to install from the Shopify App Store.
Learn how to connect LiveChat to your Shopify store in our Help Center.

Livechat: Introducing Rich Greetings
5 May 2020

Introducing Rich Greetings

Words are not enough? No problem. Rich Greetings are finally here!

Make your greetings more captivating! Engage with your visitors using a bunch of new interactive blocks. Choose the type of greeting that works best for you and get creative.

Mix and match: text, images, buttons. Now, greetings are so much more!

Need to ask a quick question? Use Quick replies with ready-made answers for your customers. A perfect way to start a conversation on a specific topic. Use Quick replies to make your chat invitation more engaging and user-friendly!

With Cards, you can create greetings that are ready to interact with! Add animations to get visitors’ attention. Play with different types of buttons and use them to sell, schedule meetings, or lead your customers through your website. Introduce new features and products with buttons that take visitors straight to the right place.

The possibilities are endless! And there is more to come.

Learn more about Rich Greetings or jump straight to the app and start creating!

Livechat: Customize the chat notification sound with the latest desktop app
23 April 2020

Customize the chat notification sound with the latest desktop app

We love the “incoming chat” sound. Okay… some of us do. Anyway, you can now change it. How?

First, download the latest desktop app here.

In the new app, you can select one of many new audio files from our library or add your own custom sound for notifications.

What are you waiting for? Get the new app and make beautiful chat notification music.

chat notification sound customization

Issues with installation? Contact our Support Heros via chat!

Livechat: Greetings are now easier to set up and analyze
7 April 2020

Greetings are now easier to set up and analyze

While we develop new features, some that have been out for a while eventually need a tweak or two, or a more modern look. That’s what we recently did with chat greetings.

Greetings have a refreshed look, but more importantly, we’ve added a few new bells and whistles. Use the long-awaited ‘OR’ condition while creating new greetings, check the performance of your greetings at a glance, and quickly jump to reports to dig deeper and compare greetings over time.

We’re not done yet. There’s more to come.

Livechat: Chat widget got even better
7 April 2020

Chat widget got even better

More improvements for greater user experience!

The new Top bar

Your customers can now see important updates in the Top bar. It will show their position in the queue and inform them when an agent is assigned. The Agent’s bar you’re familiar with will be there as soon as an agent replies.

Top bar adjusts to the user’s activity and hides when not needed. The status is then shown in the widget’s Title bar thanks to new icons and animations! Customers will stay on top of all the essential information while scrolling through the chat history. They can always click on the Title bar to see the full message again.

Top bar improvements

A new look for buttons in rich messages

Buttons in rich messages are now adjusted to your chat widget’s color theme. An improved design made them more visible and more inviting to click. Soon we will enable even more personalization of the buttons. Stay tuned!

New buttons in rich messages

Learn more about rich messages, and try the new buttons now :)

Livechat: We’re on now!
25 March 2020

We’re on now!

We’ve migrated LiveChat’s website to a new domain name: This is a historic event for us and our whole team has been waiting for this moment for such a long time!

In the next couple of months, we’re going to migrate all of our services to, including the LiveChat Agent App. We’ll let you know about the specific timeline and all the other details in advance.

Yesterday’s changes shouldn’t affect most of our customers. However, if you’re experiencing any issues, please consider taking these actions:

👉 Make sure that the domain name is whitelisted or added to your trusted domains. Please don’t remove from your whitelist, as the Agent App continues to utilize for now.

👉 If you can’t log in to the LiveChat desktop app, please make sure you are using the latest version.

If you have any questions, we’re here to assist you.

Livechat: Check out our Interactive 2020 Customer Service Report!
25 February 2020

Check out our Interactive 2020 Customer Service Report!

Interactive Customer Service Report

Our new Customer Service Report is interactive. It’s based on data from 23,487 LiveChat customers across 30 industries and 150 countries. There are at least three reasons why you’ll love it. We’ve prepared various dashboards with the most important sales and customer service metrics.

Additionally, you can use filters to see the results in your industry and area and see how you stack up against your competition. You can save the dashboards and come back to the report anytime you want.

We’ve created custom sets for agents or managers and other ones concentrating on specific aspects, like time efficiency or effectiveness regarding ecommerce. We also prepared a dashboard specifically for comparing metrics from 2018 and 2019. Have fun with it!

View the report now!

Livechat: Improved bubble icon is here!
12 February 2020

Improved bubble icon is here!

We present you with the new and improved bubble icon. The new icon moves when visitors hover over it, immediately showing that the element is interactive.

minimized chat widget

We’ve seen how important such small details are for engaging visitors, so we’re thrilled to add this delightful new touch to the Chat Widget. We hope you and your customers will enjoy it!

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