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Livechat: Messaging Mode takes over the steering wheel
2 February 2022

Messaging Mode takes over the steering wheel

Availability can be a real struggle nowadays. We are often expected to give our full attention to so many things at the same time. And we still need to sleep now and then.

No worries, LiveChat’s got you covered! Messaging Mode is all you need to maintain engaging support during offline hours.

Messaging Mode is a feature that allows asynchronous communication with your visitors. Basically, they can send you a message even if you’re not available, and you can send a reply while they’re away from their desks. The chat history is loaded for both recipients whenever they go back to the conversation. Just like social messaging!

What you get with Messaging Mode:
  • Full time chat availability. Enable customers to start a chat and reply to messages whenever they want.
  • Connections that last. Manage your chats with customers by replying to conversations anytime.
  • Better insight on your chat traffic with heatmap report, which can now track data from chats started during offline hours.
  • Offline and online conversations combined into single chat history.
  • Natural customer experience. Business chats that perform just like social messaging.
  • More leads captured when you’re offline.

Interested in the modern approach to communication? Learn how to enable Messaging Mode.
Livechat: Apple Business Chat now offers quick replies
26 January 2022

Apple Business Chat now offers quick replies

Apple Business Chat now has a quick-reply feature which allows you to create customizable replies in your chat. Your visitors can choose one of the pre-set messages with a single tap on their screen.

Additionally, with this update, Apple Business Chat is now called Apple Messages for Business.

What you get from quick replies:
  • Set up a nice satisfaction survey with up to five customizable replies.
  • Emoji support — quick replies use plain text and emojis.
  • Ease of use — a single tap is all visitors need to send you a message.
Interested in integrating Apple Messages for Business with LiveChat? Visit our Marketplace to learn more.

Check out our Help Center guide for installation steps.
Livechat: Embrace the night with improved dark mode
22 December 2021

Embrace the night with improved dark mode

We’re proudly introducing an even darker mode in LiveChat. The new version covers all of the chat widget elements, including text areas, targeted messages, forms, rich messages, and buttons.
Improved dark mode in the chat widget Dark mode is a chat window modification that inverts colors, displaying light texts on dark backgrounds. The result is easier on the eyes, especially during nighttime, improving user experience and accessibility of your chat widget.

This update is only a first small step in a big plan to enhance our chat widgets. Expect more news from us soon!

See how to enable dark mode.
Livechat: Queued chats now display visitors’ questions
20 December 2021

Queued chats now display visitors’ questions

With our newest update, agents no longer have to guess queued visitors’ queries before choosing to chat with them.

Visitors can type their first message while waiting in the queue, and agents can immediately see it in the LiveChat app. Prioritizing pending chats got much easier, and the user experience that much better.

What you get with the queue update:
  • Much better experience for visitors as they no longer need to wait in a queue to state their query.
  • Interactive queues appear more attractive to visitors, increasing the number of chats you get.
  • Shorter chatting time. Agents will be able to prepare for visitors’ cases before picking them up from a queue.
  • Agents can quickly spot urgent issues, giving them more control over the queue.
  • Better engagement reduces the chance of customers leaving your queue. Visitors who stated their query will more likely stay on the line to get it resolved.

Find out more about the queue in our Help Center.
Livechat: LiveChat for Elementor brings new support widgets to your website
26 November 2021

LiveChat for Elementor brings new support widgets to your website

With our brand new integration now available for Elementor, you can boost your website with great support widgets.

Install a chat window to create a direct communication channel with your company. Add contact buttons in visible places to make it easy for visitors to reach you anytime they need. Display a certificate of quality support that your team is known for.

What you get with LiveChat for Elementor:
  • Seamless implementation of every feature available in the integration
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce websites
  • Quality Badge widget promoting your team
  • Contact buttons you can place in any way you find fitting
  • Cart and order information sent directly to LiveChat app
Boost your site with LiveChat for Elementor.
Livechat: Ask for email: set up an inactivity message
9 November 2021

Ask for email: set up an inactivity message

We are always happy to deliver features requested by our customers, and Ask for email is exactly such a feature. Now you can set up a message that will be automatically sent to the customer when an agent does not respond within a set amount of time, or when your agents are offline. Ask for email Ask for email allows you to set up an automatic message to inform the customers that your agents are busy at the moment and ask for contact information. You can also set up the time after which such a message is to be sent.

In Messaging Mode, this feature allows you to obtain or confirm the customer’s contact information when your agents are offline.

Check out the Ask for email tutorial in our Help Center.
Livechat: Searching for answers has never been easier
20 October 2021

Searching for answers has never been easier

“Fight for every inch” is one of LiveChat’s core values. We design our products with attention to the smallest detail, and the KnowledgeBase booster update is a great example of that.

The KnowledgeBase booster is a chat widget add-on that allows customers to search through articles in the chat window. We’ve updated the booster usability and look to offer a smoother experience.

The redesigned search bar now requires fewer clicks and is more intuitive, allowing you to access topics faster through a better-looking panel.

Interested in boosting your chat widget? Learn more in our Help Center.

Livechat: Video call your customers from the LiveChat mobile app
12 October 2021

Video call your customers from the LiveChat mobile app

With the SnapCall integration now available in the LiveChat mobile app, you can quickly jump on a video call on your phone, wherever you are. Demonstrate your product in your store, showcase a hotel room to a potential guest, or take soon-to-be newlyweds on a virtual tour around a wedding venue.

Video call your customers from the LiveChat app What you get with SnapCall in LiveChat:
  • Quick and easy installation, and no need for special software or equipment.
  • Digital calls, which means no need for phone numbers and no additional cost per call.
  • Free worldwide calls for customers.
  • Full control. Your agents decide on a case-by-case basis when to offer a voice or video call, or start a screen sharing session.
  • A smooth transition between chat and voice or video within the LiveChat agent app for agents and the chat widget for your customers.
  • Call statistics and history available in the SnapCall dashboard in the LiveChat agent app.
  • Audio recordings available in the LiveChat agent app after the call.
  • Available in LiveChat Agent app for desktop and web browser, as well as the LiveChat mobile app.
Get SnapCall.
Download the LiveChat mobile app from Appstore, GooglePlay or AppGallery.
Read more about the SnapCall integration.
Livechat: Rich Messages in Apple Business Chat
30 September 2021

Rich Messages in Apple Business Chat

Apple Business Chat lets your customers reach you from where it is convenient for them, and now we have made their experience even better.

Apple Business Chat now supports rich messages Apple Business Chat integration with LiveChat now supports Rich Messages, which means you can now send Quick Replies, Cards and Carousels also to the customers who contact you via Messages app.

This is especially good news if you use LiveChat with ChatBot. You can now send Quick Replies, Cards and Carousels in Apple Business chats and the customers will receive them in the List Picker format.

Apple Business Chat is available in Business and Enterprise pricing plans.

Connect Apple Business Chat with LiveChat.
Livechat: Use QR code to redirect customers to your chat
29 September 2021

Use QR code to redirect customers to your chat

Make communication even easier and let your customers reach you any time they need.

Get your chat QR code From now on you can use a unique QR code to redirect your customers to your chat. Just download the code and add it to your order or stick it on a package. When they scan the code with their phone, your customer will be immediately redirected to your chat page.

Customize the text next to your QR code to let your customers know how to use it.

Learn more about chat page.
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