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Livechat: LiveChat now integrates with Instagram
13 September 2022

LiveChat now integrates with Instagram

Ever wanted to reply to your Instagram followers from an elegant, convenient, and dedicated communication platform? Now you can! And we brought you some neat features to make it even spicier!

The integration forwards Instagram DMs, story mentions, and story replies directly to the LiveChat app. They show up just like a normal chat would, and you can seamlessly answer them along any other communication channel you’re already handling through the app.

You can even use Chatbot to benefit from automation and rich messages!

What you get with Instagram for Business:
  • A convenient way to answer Instagram DMs, Story mentions, and replies
  • Secure and stable connection based on Instagram and LiveChat API
  • Privacy-aware integration compliant with Instagram policies
  • Access to automation features with Chatbot integration
Capture the moment, get the integration