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Introducing Our New Visual Identity

Maciej Serafinowicz
4 min read
Apr 15, 2020
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Rebranding is always a tough decision. Especially when you’re about to replace your logo after showing it to millions of users over 10 years. Eventually, we decided to go through with it. Here’s why and how.

This is another step that is a part of a bigger design change. Last year we introduced a new style of graphics for our websites. That black-and-yellow-ish sketchy theme you see. Now it’s time for our product logos to catch up. 

LiveChat design style

Why it was time for a change

LiveChat ChatBot HelpDesk KnowledgeBase rebranding
LiveChat rebranding

We needed a flexible visual brand identity to support us in the creation of new products in the future. 

The Process

We thought about hiring a top branding agency to do a comprehensive analysis and rebranding. We even invited several companies to present what they could do for us. But as a bootstrapped company, we had no pressure from the outside to hire any contractor. Finally, we decided to do it ourselves like we usually do.

We started the project by listening. We conducted several interviews to find out where the company is and where it’s heading. We collected a lot of information and came out with one main insight: our core values are simplicity, reliability, and a human approach

Next, we arranged one room to become the LiveChat Brand Studio so that we could simply stick our findings and inspirations on the wall. Then, it was time to translate it all into something simple – the logo.

We want our brand to stay relevant over time. We didn’t want to overcomplicate things for the sake of looking fresh and up to date. The idea was to make something so simple that it would be good for the long term. We sketched and sketched until the final idea took shape. 

Rebranding behind the scenes

Our new set of logos reflects our values – simplicity and keeping it real.

Our product naming convention is straightforward – ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase, and, of course, LiveChat. But more so, our products stand for what they really are. LiveChat offers live chat. So its logo is a classic chat bubble symbol. Other products follow that rule. 

Jedrzej Rayski, Graphic Designer at LiveChat

We’re looking forward to the future while also respecting our roots. The new logo is actually a transformation of the old one. We took the word outside of the bubble and kept a similar roundness for an outline-based shape. The font stayed the same, as did the color convention – orange and black. That was a starting point for our other logos. 

New logos rebranding

Our products are evolving quickly. They work together to offer more and more capabilities to our customers. Now our visual branding captures that.

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