Best Customer Service Software for Small Business

4 min read
Aug 12, 2016
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Best customer service software

So you have a small business and you think that’s the reason your customer service will by some kind of magic be good? Sorry to disappoint you but it won’t be.

Even if you don’t have a lot of customers, you still need to put some focus on customer service. What I think could help you is having the best customer service software on your website, like LiveChat.

“But isn’t it necessary to have a big company with dedicated customer support to use LiveChat?” you may ask. Of course not. LiveChat is a product tailored to the needs of every business. The small one, like The Handwork Studio, a summer camp, and big ones like Go Daddy, a publicly-traded Internet domain registry and web hosting company.

So if you’re having a small company you can use LiveChat’s full potential. In this post I’m gonna show you how.

You’re mobile, so are we

You’re the owner of small business and I’m sure you do your best to stay in touch with customers, meaning you always carry your phone with you. You probably have your whole office in your pocket – phone numbers, emails, a synchronized calendar?

But once you actually leave the office, it’s hard for your customers to reach you – you can’t always pick up a phone and you forget to call back. That’s why you can have mobile chat and talk with customers wherever you go.

By doing so, you don’t lose any leads when you’re away. I bet it’s important for a business owner to not miss any opportunities and that’s what LiveChat, our customer service software, ensures.

You develop personal relationships

I guess you can agree that close relationships with customers are notable for small businesses. Just compare a small grocery store to the supermarket and you will understand.

People working in small businesses know their customers names and even more than that. They have the time and conditions to talk with customers like with their friends. And that’s how small businesses can win over big ones: through a friendly and personal customer service.

Here’s a quick explanation of LiveChat’s value from one of our customers, Laura Kelly, President and Owner of The Handwork Studio, a summer camp based in US.

Without selling to our families all the time, we are always looking for different ways to connect with them. LiveChat gives us an opportunity to speak with them, when THEY want answers. The immediacy of the software gives our busy families answers quickly. It also allows us to connect with them on a much more personal level. They get to know us better and trust us more because we can establish a relationship with them when they want.

You support and you sell at the same time

One of the benefits of having LiveChat on your website is that it helps you sell. You may think you use the chat only to answer customers questions, but while doing it, you sell your product.

Depending on your business, you can separate sales and support. ForSaleByOwner, Australia’s leading “by owner” real estate website is a great example.

They wanted to offer the best service possible to their customers, so they started looking for a customer service software that would allow customers reach out to them quickly and on the spot. Here’s how the owner of ForSaleByOwner, Colin Sacks, explains it:

“LiveChat helps us win new businesses by being able to help people ‘on demand.’ Customers love using it as they feel we are always near if they need us.

The company splitted their chat for two purposes: sales and support. You can do that for example by setting up a pre-chat survey asking customers if they are interested in support or purchasing. Depend on their answer, LiveChat directs them to the right person automatically. It shortens the way of the contact, in contrast to the phones when you have to click a few numbers and wait to get to the right person.

Put an office in your pocket and chat with satisfied customers

Today many people use messengers more than they even use social media. They write, they talk to friends, they also want to have an option to contact companies this way between their other tasks. Give them what they want and they will love to come back.

Also, if you don’t know if you’re good at chatting at all, you can always set up a post chat survey so customers can rate you. If the feedback is not so good, you can always come back to the articles on our blog to become better and better at chatting and dealing with difficult types of customers.

Remember, we are here to help 24/7.