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Olga Rogacka

Olga Rogacka

Editor in Chief, Success

About me

Editor in Chief of Success. I make sure the content we present on our platform is valuable for business professionals around the world. During my 6 years at LiveChat, I’ve gained experience in customer service, online business, and marketing. I mix that knowledge with a pinch of psychology (my secret ingredient) to write helpful articles for our readers.

I believe every successful business had some obstacles to overcome along the way. If you want to share yours, reach out to me! We can all learn from your story!

Outside of work, I’m a huge fan of weekend getaways. I’m in love with the Polish mountains where I can turn off my phone and enjoy the silence (I post pictures on Instagram afterward).

Favorite way of learning

Reading or listening to podcasts while making handwritten notes

Favorite saying

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

My articles

Sales Metrics and KPIs You Should Track

Curious about what makes some sales teams thrive while others struggle? Sales metrics might be the answer. Without a plan for which sales metrics to track, you could be shooting in the dark. You need a plan, a strategy, and a follow-through. See what key sales metrics to track,... read more

15 minutes
Nov 3, 2023

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