Cocky/Arrogant customers

Hello boys n’girls :wink: !

To know if what I’m doing is right, I wanted to ask y’all: How do you deal with arrogant customers in chat?
Do you ever ban’em? or y’all just saying he’s right till he stops?

I usually keep on saying he’s right until we get to a point where he finishes all the things to say after 40minutes. (fortunately, it happens very rarely, but it’s a bit of a pain you know)

Do you have any top secrets techniques to stop these kind of customers? :joy:

Thanks! Cheers everyone


Hi @Ema!

You should definitely check out this post: (it’s one of my favourites from our blog, the author is @Justyna).

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Haha, thanks for the mention, @Agnieszka :slight_smile:
I also recommend checking this post about how to get rid of unwanted trolls on your chats :wink:

I’ve also added a couple of real-life examples of our troll-chats and how we dealt with them.

Looking at our experience, if you have to get rid of such sons of nutcrackers, you should:

  • punch them with a professional canned response (e.g. This is company X. Are you sure you’re here to talk about our products/services?)
  • and then, if you visitor is still a pain in the neck, you simply BAN THEM :slight_smile:

However, it depends on how much time you have. When I was chatting and I had a quite fun troll, I’d let them jibber jabber as long as it was funny ;D
In such case though, you need to make sure you increase the number of your concurrent chats by one :wink:


Yea hahaha,
The Trollbuster is the best title ever seen in a guide.
You won that’s it.

Thanks tho, cheers! have a nice weekend

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